An Interactive 360° Aerial Panorama Of The World’s Highest Waterfall

Dima Moiseenko Aerial Photography Of A Venezuelan Waterfall

If you’re scared of heights then you’re going to love this! It’s a vertigo inducing aerial panorama of Angel Falls and nearby Dragon and Cortina Falls in Venezuela. As you can see, the photographs are beautiful but I have something even better for you if you happen to have a good broadband connection. If you have then check out AirPano.

Click on the ‘High Resolution’ viewer (the ‘Low Resolution’ viewer is okay too). Once you’ve got your panorama viewer up then just sit back and fall headlong into the highest waterfall in the World. Infact, it’s so tall that the water doesn’t even hit the bottom instead the flow turns into a dense fog during its half mile flight.

The panorama I’ve linked you to above is from the first part of a two day trip in which the photographer, Dima Moiseenko, struggled with weather and other unexpected conditions to get the right shots. If you love the image here’s a lovely new desktop background for you.