Hattie Stewart’s Doodle Bombing On Magazine Covers Is Anarchic, Absurd And Wonderful

Hattie Stewart is a doodle bomber, an illustrator that takes that irresistible urge to deface something, anything, and turn it into a wonderful, energetic, bright blast of sunshine and cartoon madness. This is anarchic drawing at its best, a rush of adrenalin that has shaken up the fashion and print world by storm with the likes of I-D, Marc Jacobs, Diesel, Playboy and Interview caught in Stewart’s spell of colourific joy.

Stewart’s work is quintessentially English, rooted in characters from The Beano and The Dandy and, like all budding cartoonists of the 70s and 80s, her love of these cheeky upstarts led her down the path to where she is today, an illustrator who has managed to bring her light hearted satire into the glorified, esteemed world of the fashion industry.

But make no mistake these are not offhand drawings done while waiting for the bus rather they’re deliberate and self-conscious, deftly rendered, a well crafted riff off the magazine cover she’s working on. This is what gives her work that injection of cheeky humour and absurdity, this is what the fashion houses and publishing companies are all clamouring to her door for – wonderful artworks that brighten up our day.