Harold Hollingsworth Paintings Are Playful Abstractions

Harold Hollingsworth Paintings Abstractions

Harold Hollingsworth’s paintings are playful abstract compositions that owe as much to the aesthetic of pop art as they do to contemporary street art. His work has a dynamic quality about it, a juxtaposition of formality and expression, of structured, flat typographic elements and a complex abstract layering of paint.

Both elements create the impression that we are looking at a montage, a snapshot, a re-interpretation of walls covered in the ephemera of consumerist culture. You might say that he takes the detritus of modern advertising and subverts it to create beautiful abstract paintings that revel in the joy of expression, form and colour. Here’s what he has to say about his work and what abstraction means to him:

Abstract art is far from speaking to those things that unite us, to what we all have in common, as it is generated precisely from giving the greatest vent to those things that make us individually different and separate from each other; and it is by this very process that it re-energizes our shared culture. It is a way of saying I can be a formalist, but I am also tickled by the games of artists from Duchamp to Damien Hirst