Gregory Scott’s Impositions Photos Are Playful Hybrids Of Photos And Paintings

Gregory Scott Impositions Photographs Mix Photos Painting

Gregory Scott‘s ‘Impositions’ photo series are an extension of his painting practice. Having first painted from photographs Scott reversed the process and began to incorporate paintings into photographs using his own body to extend the painted figures beyond the canvas.

In this series he has pushed the narrative element of the image by playing with illusion in an attempt to visually capture human emotions and feelings and make us question the very notion of what is real. Above all these pictures are about play, humour and making light of an otherwise serious subject. That of the human condition. As he says himself:

I am a painter and a photographer. My early paintings were often based on my photographs. So, the two mediums have always been connected for me. A number of my figure paintings featured tightly cropped compositions that resulted in canvases of people missing various parts of their anatomy; heads, legs, arms. A quick “what if” study photo of myself filling in the missing body parts in these paintings was the “a-ha” moment that led to my Impositions work. These images explore different approaches for imposing paintings within photographic images.

I attempt to accomplish three goals with my artwork: for it to be engaging, meaningful, and accessible. To accomplish this I build in multiple layers of interpretation. To make it engaging I explore elements of trompe l’oeil, illusions, and altered realities to entice the viewer into paying attention. At the same time these techniques explore our perceptions of what is ‘real.’ Is a photograph more real than a painting? Is video more real even though it is low resolution? Rather than enter the well-worn discourse on photographic truthfulness, I’m more interested in the tendency for people to be convinced by an obviously manufactured fantasy.”