Greg Guillemin’s The Secret Life Of Super Heroes Looks At What Super Heroes Do When They’re Not Saving The World

Greg Guillemin Secret Life Super Heroes Prints

Greg Guillemin’s ‘The Secret Life Of Super Heroes’ print series is a smart, irreverent look at what our super heroes do in their down time when they’re not saving lives or fighting super villains. What’s clever about Guillemin’s pop art/Lichtenstein inspired prints is that he uses the same framing techniques as a cartoonist but adds a twisted humour into his compositions. In short what you end up with is Batman and Robin getting off with each other, Wonder woman scratching her bum, Batman washing his teeth, Spiderman hitting orgasm and Superman picking his nose.

It’s all good fun and so well executed. What’s more the prints are only $20 which you can get over on his portfolio site. I’m sure you or someone you know would love to own one.