The Incredible Free Universal Construction Kit

F.A.T. Lab And Sy-Lab Free Universal Construction Kit

This is just too bloody cool. If you’re into Lego, tinker toys or generally love making stuff with kids then you’re going to love the Free Universal Construction Kit that has been designed and developed by F.A.T. Lab and Sy-Lab.

It’s a collection of 80 adapter bricks capable of connecting ten different construction toys from K’Nex to Lego. The kit allows for new forms of interoperability between otherwise closed systems, incompatible objects, encouraging more creative potential for children. In other words you can make hybrid objects with otherwise redundant pieces

There is a catch though. The kit isn’t being physically produced rather they’re releasing a free downloadable .STL file that you can print via a 3D printer. Okay, so what’s a 3D printer? Well with 3D printers, you can effectively turn a digital file into a physical object, either by feeding the printer a design or by scanning an object with a 3D scanner. The machine will then build the object layer by layer – even creating moveable parts and using different colors – which means less waste and an endless amount of design possibilities.

Creator Jamie Zigelbuam says:

This is a big one. A Golden Nica contender. So much ammo for ‘physibles,’ and such a fine example of what the future holds — new ways of corporate culture jamming.

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