Finok’s Paintings Are Rooted In Brazilian Graffiti

Finok Paintings Called Fotos

Raphael Sagarra AKA Finok is one of Brazil’s most well known graffiti artists and has, since 2008, been painting on canvas, his work known for its bright vibrant colors, rich patterns, linear gradients, use of symbols and his signature cartoon like characters.

Inspired by the rich culture of Brazil; its different cultures, music, religion and Indian origins Finok has been developing his own unique visual language that distils these disparate elements through a graffiti aesthetic to create a series of paintings that take us into a symbolic dream world that straddles urban culture and traditional Brazilian iconography.

Combining acrylic, latex and spray paint, in his portraits and repetitive characters, Finok’s paintings are instantly recognisable, each picture an ongoing exploration of graffiti art and symbolic gestures, a further step towards an aesthetic that reflects both the cultural history and the urban explosion and industrialisation of Brazil over the past 20 years. Here’s a little about him from his website:

São Paulo, 2002. Raphael Sagarra is 16 years old when he observes some youngsters of his neighborhood Cambuci climbing up to heady heights yet again. They spray and paint leaving their letterings up there at house facades. It isn’t the height that intrigues him, but its repeating character and the concomitant circulation of the strokes.

Thus, Raphael Sagarra attends to classic graffiti. He goes by Finok and quickly developes his signature style: big eyes that make his figures remind of cartoon characters and a remarkable color selection that bases on all shades of green.
Also with his graffiti crew VLOK, colors inhere a major role.

Today, Finok is 27 years old and a renowned graffiti artist in South America and the USA. For all that, Finok states that he still has a long way to go