Evan Robarts Sculptures Are Made With Found Objects And A Sense Of Joy

Evan Robarts Sculptures Found Objects

Evan Robarts sculptures come out of play, experimentation and failure, all elements that we at mutantspace love, believe that all art springs from, a constant need to experiment, to try, to make, to create within whatever limitations we place upon ourselves.

Robarts uses found objects and industrial materials; melting popsicles, brooms, gas canisters, hockey sticks, hangers, crystallised basketballs, tricycles and cement to make work that’s part of an ongoing journey through childhood, an attempt to recapture the joy of youth in the knowledge that it is a quixotic quest, an impossibility. Work that simultaneously highlights our growing detachment from youth and the longing desire to revisit and recapture the past.

However his search is not entirely wasted. What he creates along the way is wonderfully fun, invigorating, smart and exuberant; a series of sculptures that remind us that all materials, trash, rubbish, whatever, have the capability of becoming something wonderfully unique, vibrant and aesthetically pleasing. His is a world of perpetual motion, of possibility, of joy.

Here’s what he has to say about his artistic proves:

I am trying to evoke both happiness and sadness: an emotional yin-yang. One of the themes I explore in my work is the unencumbered joy of youth that is inevitably lost. It is this intangible feeling of bliss coupled with its simultaneous loss which I am trying to communicate. In a sense, it is an oscillation between these two emotions that I am striving for