Eva Magill-Oliver’s Collages And Drawings Are A Wonderful Evocation Of Time Past

Eva Magill-Oliver Collages Drawings

Eva Magill-Oliver‘s collages and drawings are a wonderful mix of pencil and ink on paper. Her compositions subtle interventions, as if she’s attempting to capture a half forgotten memory of a place, a pastoral scene she once visited. It is at once playful, intriguing, and we are left to wonder, to re-imagine the landscape as a place full of abstract textures, patterns and emotions.

Oliver sees this work as a meditation on her time spent living in France, as a space between where she was and where she is, a transitional period in which she is suspended between two cultures; American and French. Here’s what she has to say about her work:

Nature has always provided me with a source of inspiration and equilibrium, and continues to be a major influence in my most recent body of work. These landscapes are representations of my current transitional state after returning to the United States following several years living abroad in Paris, France. It is an undefined and temporary time in which I feel suspended between two countries, cultures, and languages. These works are a meditation of this phase when the routine of daily life can often seem unfamiliar in a very familiar environment. They allow me to take account of this interim period and help me to understand its significance.

The majority of the pieces are created with pencil, ink, and include my own drawings that have been cut and reassembled in a collage style. I enjoy the control and delicacy of drawing and the simple, strong lines achieved with ink. Collage offers an element of design and facilitates the piecing together of ideas to form an entirely new vision. Each piece draws from personal photographs and memories of Boulogne-Billancourt, France and the Southern United States. Elements of both cultures have changed and shaped me personally and will continue to be explored and reflected in my art.