Erik Von Ploennies Paintings Are Modern Primitivist Compositions

Erik Von Ploennies Paintings Are Primitivist

Erik Von Ploennies paintings appeal to me,as modern primitivism often does, with its mix of  graffiti imagery, text, paint, graphite and charcoal. What also interests me is him, the artist, and the road he has taken to get to where he is now. The fact that he doesn’t come from ‘AN ART’ background. No, none of that art college institutionalisation for him.

He’s a qualified electrical engineer whose life was changed after a trip to the Guggenheim Museum in New York, in 1994. That changed everything. Or more specifically it was Vasily Kandinsky’s, ‘Painting With White Border’ that changed the course of his life. How wonderful, a painting that can change a man’s life.

Three years later he moved to New York to begin his career as an artist. And here we are. And here’s what he has to say about his work:

My work is a collage of painting, poetry, and storytelling, layered together through a series of improvisational sessions. Much of the content comes from my everyday life experiences. The end result can be convoluted, abstract, humorous, or dark. It’s similar to a dream, where things get mixed together in strange ways.