Eric Petersen’s Illustrations Are Graphic Perspectives Of People Alone

Eric Petersen Graphic Illustrations People Alone

Eric Petersen‘s illustrations are about as graphic as you can get. Expression is deliberately eradicated to give his images a cold feeling, an emptiness, into which we are expected to fill with our own narrative and emotions. His work is heavily influenced by instructional graphics, pulp illustration, advertising and the vintage comics of the 1940’s.

To create his digital illustrations Petersen draws uniform lines on a computer to strip away the human element of the picture. He then focusses in on the perspective of the images and uses unnatural colours to create a voyeuristic and unsettling atmosphere. Here’s what he has to say about his work:

My subject matter typically consists of people alone in an environment with their thoughts. I aim to create a sense of ambiguity and allow the viewer to imagine their own narrative. My style is influenced by instructional graphics and the look of vintage comics of the 1940’s. I am interested in the combination of a purely functional illustration style with an emotional scene.