Emily Haasch Collages Are An Exercise In Design Aesthetics

Emily Haasch Collages Exercise Design

Emily Haasch‘s collages are an exercise in design aesthetics rather than the creation of an image for the sake of it. You might say her work is formal, her treatment of material, form and texture very precise, organised, controlled. She has said herself that what principally motivates her is the use of materials as opposed to the final image. It is process over content. For that alone her collages are worth studying, examining, for they are a lesson, a study, in the tactility of material and the structure, the architecture of an image.

Here”s what she has to say about her work in Make Space:

Although the act of collecting materials is very fleeting, experiential, and process-based, I am more interested in their usage and further transformation from their original (or found) context. Within a lot of my work I tend to explore structure through certain architectural forms and liken the process of layering and subtly manipulating paper to that of building a house. I am also interested in the physical gestures and visual cues present in an image, and how play and manipulation of such transforms its presence.