Emily Ferretti’s Paintings Are Delicate Still Lifes

Emily Ferretti Still Life Paintings

Emily Ferretti’s paintings are more like illustrations than anything else, her still life’s of plants delicate, a mere whisper in oil paint. However there is something compelling about her work, a real feeling, a connection between her subject and the canvas.

How simple her subjects, yet how difficult to render them. I’ll never forget attempting a similar still life in art college, it was a complete disaster, trying to whittle down the essence of the plant, the barest line, colour, form. It isn’t easy, yet Ferretti is more than able to give us a vivid, bright, reflective image of such an ordinary object. It’s a tone she’s set in her work since the beginning of her artistic career. As she says herself:

I find the most ordinary subjects most compelling and interesting. In my pictures I aim to exaggerate and exploit the characteristics of familiar things …so they become suspended between tangible and dreamlike states. It is important to me that the audience feels they are looking at something very familiar in a completely new way.