Edel Rodriguez Illustrations Are Heavily Influenced By The Colourful Revolutionary Posters Of Cuba

Edel Rodriguez Illustrations Revolutionary Posters Aesthetic

Sometimes when you’re trawling through the net looking for good art to show your readers you come across an artist whose work blows you way. Edel Rodriguez illustrations do that to me. They leave me speechless. They are magnificent.

Brought up in Cuba in the 70’s Rodriguez was heavily influenced by the colourful revolutionary posters and parades of  his country before leaving with his family on the boats out of Havana to America. After training in New York he ended up as art director in Time magazine for over a decade before going out on his own to do his own thing; illustrating books, working freelance and exhibiting on a regular basis.

He works in various mediums such as paint, printmaking, pastel, drawing and digital often combining them to achieve his signature style. His work ranges from conceptual to portraiture to landscape and he’s won numerous accolades and clients including The New Yorker, Time Magazine, MTV, Pepsi, U.S. Postal Service, Nike, Rolling Stone, Playboy, National Geographic Traveler, The New York Times, The New Republic, Billboard Magazine, Los Angeles Times and a whole load more.

Less words the better. His images say it all.