Dino Valls Paintings Are Allegorical Portraits Created Using Figurative Techniques From The Renaissance

Dino Valls Paintings Renaissance Figurative Techniques

Dino Valls paintings are psychological portraits that defy contemporary art in that reference the past masters of the Renaissance rather than the great artists of the 20th Century. His work centres on the human psyche, the darkness within, by using figurative techniques to project a conceptual picture full of symbolic content.

My painting serves to bring darkness, anxiety, torment. What I do as an artist is to delve into the darkest and most unknown of man.

These paintings are clearly well executed – there is much to admire in Valls craft – but there is more to them than that. They are well thought out allegorical paintings in which the protagonist is the embodiment of a psychological state, a mirror in which we see ourselves; our anxieties, a reflection of the modern human condition. They are strange objects that can keep you spellbound for hours as you try to work out the meanings behind each symbol. As for Valls he has this to say about art:

a work of art weighs as much as the volume it displaces in the unconscious