Dennis Hollingsworth Paintings Are Materialist And Conceptual

Dennis Hollingsworth Paintings Are Conceptual

Dennis Hollingsworth‘s paintings are both materialist and conceptual, abstract and figurative, textural and painterly. In short he makes us question the very nature of painting.

His work is structural, the compositions formal yet his technique of dropping paint and scraping it creates a rich dense texture that is almost sculptural. Infact, in some ways he works like a sculptor fashioning his own tools to achieve specific results such as daubers made of balled up knit fabric, origami-like pincers and brushes that are cut and thinned into specific shapes.

This duality in Hollingsworth’s work, painter and sculptor leaves us, the viewer, with a question. How do we view the work? He demands we re-focus our way of seeing; a painting-sculpture, an artwork that refuses to be defined in the traditional sense.