Denis Huneau’s Ink Drawings Are Wonderful

Denis Huneau Drawings Ink

Denis Huneau’s drawings are rendered with a wonderful line that brings me back to the illustrations of my childhood; energetic, full of vitality and imbued with a rich narrative that sings of the page. Huneau’s use of black in his drawings teeters on the edge of oblivion, his delicate figures just holding on to the light, a  juxtaposition – between bold blocks of black ink and delicate lines – that breathes life into his drawings.

Huneau sees his drawings as poetic, an expression of the everyday. Here’s what he has to say about his work:

Denis Huneau’s work is imbued with poetry. The poetry of everyday life, the poetry that comes from people, from animals, from cats, chicken, rabbits, from clouds, from colours, and from his own imagination.
There is nothing affected about his expression mixing the swell of watercolours with the fine line of pen and ink. Straightforward, authentic images showing true humanism. And that is precisely where all their modernity lies.