Denis Dubois Collages Are Fake Vintage Surreal Images That Satirise Contemporary Consumer Culture

Denis Dubois Collages Are Fake Vintage Surreal Pictures

I love these fake vintage collages by Denis Dubois. On first look you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re 19th century cartoons by Honoré Daumier or some lost Surreal collages from the likes of René Magritte, Hannah Hoch and Max Ernst. But they’re not. They’re actually digitally created collages designed to look like old lithographs that make a mockery of both man and machine.

If you look closely you’ll quickly realise that Dubois is making fun of our reliance on technology, on machines. Infact one could say he’s making a blunt point about the dehumanisation of man. There is something of the Frankenstein about his images. Dubois calls himself a manufacturer of images, he himself parodying his process as a mechanical purveyor of pictures that express an alternative reality, a place utterly consumed by consumerism and the endless pursuit of technological advancement.