Dayna Thacker’s Collages Investigate Our Thought Systems

Dayna Thacker Collages About Thinking

Dayna Thacker collages implied agreement by tenant

Dayna Thacker‘s collages investigate the thought systems we create in order to make sense of the world and ourselves. In other words the connections we continually make between the physical and psychological world and how each shapes the other.

Her work is very different from other collage artists I have seen heretofore; they’re mathematical, precise, metaphorical. There’s something very unnatural about her images, there’s little humanity in them yet paradoxically they’re all about humanity, the big philosophical questions, the existential questions we try to avoid for fear of terrifying ourselves.

Here’s what she says about her work:

My interest lies in the systems that humans create for themselves in order to make sense of the world and our place in it. Philosophy and the various religions of the world are systems that I find fascinating, but there are many others. Science, geometry, mathematics, poetry, literature, mythology, fairy tales, music; all are the result of humans trying to puzzle out the mystery of existence, and they all describe a different part of the same story – and though the methods differ they often reach strikingly similar conclusions. Many of these systems are complex and far-reaching, created by deep thinkers. But many are of our own personal design, created to explain, organize or cope with situations in our individual lives

Another aspect of my work is the difference between the conclusions we reach with the logical, reasoning, conscious part of ourselves, and the ones that appear suddenly from our intuitive subconscious. We accommodate an incredible amount of informational input in this modern day, and very little of it is from the natural world with which we evolved. Most of it is information we ourselves have created and compounded, and the resulting blizzard of swirling facts and useless trivia is mind-boggling. Yet, although culturally we give ourselves very little time to be quiet and still, to mentally digest, our subconscious manages to take it all in and occasionally give back a flash of insight.

Our inner and outer selves interact, inform and create the other: physical and spiritual, logical and intuitive, intellectual and psychological, conscious and subconscious.