David Olive’s Paintings Are Visceral Portraits That Explode On The Canvas

David Olive Paintings Are Visceral Portraits

David Olive‘s paintings – his visceral portraits – are exactly as he describes them. They’re a way out, a means to explode, scream, shout, fight against, with, on. Take his picture of a man vomiting, how much more base can you get than that, chucking up all over the place? You can’t. It’s great. It’s common, it’s real, it’s a headlong dive into the shit.

You can tell by his brush strokes and the mix of paint on his canvases that he’s moving fast, that there’s no time. It’s furious work that lets rip. And it shows. It’s why, when I came across his work, purely by accident, that I had to post them up.

Here’s how he explains his work:

I am a very silly person/artist living near austin, TX. I have worked in independent film as a writer, and director of photography. i like painting most.
my goal when i paint is to remove the will. I keep trying, but have never been successful. Technique and clever ideas do not concern me. I just want it to get it out.