David Fathi Photographs Street Life In France

| Photography | January 30, 2013

David Fathi Photographs Streets France

There’s something about David Fathi‘s street photos that I love. Perhaps its the darkness, his quick reactions, his ability to frame an image, the lack of artifice, the insistent hope of capturing a beautiful moment amidst the everyday, the every night. More than likely it’s all of these and the fact that he seeks to capture what he feels as opposed to talk about what sees.

Fathi is a young French photographer based in Paris and it was through Gonzalo Benard‘s new Tumblr blog called The Spotlighted Salon that I found him. If you’re interested in photography or have work you’d like to be exhibit online I’d advise you to check it out. Benard is an incredible photographer and has started this project specifically for emerging and creative art photographers.


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