David Cooley Mixed Media Paintings Of A Psychedelic World

David Cooley Paintings Mixed Media Psychedelic

David Cooley’s paintings are of a psychedelic world that glories in heavily patterned textures and fabrics that look like backdrops to a 1970’s mushroom party. The construction of his compositions is as fascinating as his multi-dimensional paintings in that he uses a cut-and-paste style combined with fabrics and patterns to which he adds acrylics, pens, spray paints and resin.

It seems to be a stupendously slow process. To begin with he finds and collects printed materials or fabric and then mounts them to wood panel. Then the resin is applied. After that he creates a base pattern by putting down multiple layers of paint with a small dental type instrument. After the layers are dried he then uses a combination of spray paint, airbrushes and brushes to paint the final image.  It all sounds like the work of a man who has the patience of a Zen Buddhist.

From what I’ve read about him he isn’t so concerned with profound artistic or philosophical statements he’s more interested in creating work that is fun or simply aesthetically pleasing. And in this he certainly succeeds.