Dan Mountford’s double exposure photo illustrations are beautifully crafted

Dan Mountford illustrations and double exposure photo portraits defy the notion that excellence comes with age. He’s only 21. Extraordinary. As an artist he works in a wide variety of disciplines including photography, illustration, editorial and motion design and these pictures are a good example of his range of work.

Unlike many artists who use double exposure photography in their work Mountford is an analogue guy. There is no digital manipulation going on here. No. Most of the images you see here were created in the darkroom, in the old fashioned way, by placing one negative on top of another to develop a third image.

However, asides from the process of creating his work what’s most interesting about Mountford’s images is his choices of subject matter; the use of architecture, religious iconography, animals and flora and fauna. It is these disparate subjects – brought together through a complex process of manipulation and cross pollination – that give his work a beautiful sensibility for he is able to distil the complexity of each component into a well crafted, simple image that evokes a dreamlike space or as he calls it:

a visual journey through our minds, in quiet, where the reality of everyday life does not come.