Dan Bradica’s Photos Of Constructions Are Disruptive Temporary Sculptures

Dan Bradica Photographs Constructions

Dan Bradica photographs Constructions paper tower

Dan Bradica‘s photo series, ‘Constructions’ is as much about artifice as it is about the natural environment. His simple concept of juxtaposing synthetic with natural materials in both a managed and natural landscape concentrates our mind, our view of what nature is, our perception of what is natural and what is not. Each of his temporary sculptures are at once diametrically opposed to the space they’re installed in yet similar in their geometry, their form. It’s an interesting idea, all the more so because Bradica works site – specifically which brings an added dimension to his work.

Here’s what he has to say about his work and process:

My work involves disrupting the appearance of the natural environment to explore its relationship with artifice, control, and classification. I create photographs of temporary sculptures made from synthetic materials in managed forest preserves. Each sculptural form takes a shape complementary to its surroundings appearing in contrast to a depiction of the landscape that acknowledges the maintenance and control of civic land.

This project is a result of a personal desire for an idyllic wilderness within reach of my Midwestern home. With this work, I explore contained and illusive spaces that are shaped by their geographic location, yet appear separated from their immediate surroundings. This work attempts to examine our perceptions and interpretations of nature, further investigating our place within the ecosystem.