Daehyun Kim’s Moonassi Drawings Hint Towards The Divine

Daehyun Kim Moonassi Drawings

I’ve posted up Daehyun Kim‘s Moonassi drawings on a previous occasion. I found them while surfing online and they arrested me. The same thing has happened again. And I can’t help myself but show you more. I want you to look and study and think and ruminate and admire the sheer talent and contemplative sense these black and white drawings possess.

Although trained in the traditions of Korean painting Daehyun Kim has taken the concept of emptiness and embraced a minimalist aesthetic – which plays an important part in Asiatic imagery – to create these wonderful pictures that are empathetic, tender, playful, beautiful and hint towards a divine, a nature that we are part of.

His work is a reminder that we must give time to the more philosophical aspects of our lives, that the daily struggle is only a part of the journey. Here’s a short statement of fact from him:

I draw something I’d like to draw and I can draw well. I draw people because that’s what I’d like to talk about…