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Nick Ballon’s ‘Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid’ Photographs Take Us Into An American Myth

| Photography | 23 hours ago

Butch Cassidy And undance Kid Bolivian Landscape

Nick Ballon Photograph Of Devils Pit

Aramayo Family House In Bolivia

Butch Cassidy Bowler Hat

Gravestones Of Butch Cassidy Sundance Kid

Rio Tupiza In The Wild West

Former Place Of Oruro Tupiza Train Line

San Vicente And Artificial Football Pitch

Nick Ballon‘s photographs from ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ manage to be both a beautiful landscape study of Bolivia and a series of pictures that reflect on a legend made famous in the eponymous 1969 film starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford – and if you haven’t seen it you simply must – that tells the tragic story of two of the American west’s most famous outlaws.

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Agatha A. Nitecka’s Wonderful Photographs Taken On The Film Set Of ‘The Selfish Giant’

| Photography | December 19, 2014

Agatha A. Nitecka Photograph Of Boys On Couch

The Selfish Giant In Bradford

Boy In Field With Horses

Boys Playing Scrap Yard

Lying In Muddy Field With Horse

Rusted Car Wreck In Scrap Yard

Two Bradford Boys Looking For Copper

Climbing Out Of Dirty Drain

Agatha A. Nitecka is a wonderful photographer whose sweeping range of pictures take us from film sets in Northern England to Russia and art galleries to Ukraine, her aesthetic always anchored in the beauty of natural light and space while her deep sensitivity creates a charged atmosphere that is utterly captivating. There is so much to look at. So I chose her film stills. In particular the work she did on the 2013 British film, ‘The Selfish Giant’, directed by Clio Barnard.

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Timothy Callaghan’s Paintings Are Beautifully Crafted Graphic Pictures

| Art and design | December 19, 2014

Timothy Callaghan Painting Of Truck In Backyard

The Skeleton Crew Of Bicycles On Street

Flower Pots Around Chair

Summer Cocktails On Patio

Work Room For Painting

Snow Covered Car Infront Of Shop

Plants Sitting On Dish Cloth

Timothy Callaghan‘s beautiful graphic paintings are brilliantly coloured and immaculately simple, each brushstroke deliberate, careful, his compositions wonderfully crafted to give us a sense of the beauty in the ordinary, of his neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio; the back streets, his workroom, plants and summer drinks on the patio.

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Jan Postma’s Photographs From ‘The Affirmation Of Ordinary Life’ Are A Paean To The Beauty Of The Ordinary

| Photography | December 18, 2014

Jan Postma Photograph Of Cat Wearing Scarf

Affirmation Of Ordinary Life Under Duvet

Abbey Road On Vinyl

Cleaning Cut On Foot

Canal House In Netherlands

Evening Light In Dutch Room

Sunset In Park With Friends

Some photographers are hard to get a handle on while others have no digital footprint to follow. Both are difficult to talk about. Jan Postma belongs in the second category. There is very little information on him however his photographs speak for themselves. ‘The Affirmation of Ordinary Life’ is a wonderfully candid series of pictures that wallow in the ordinary, are a paean to the sense of living, to being part of the universe, a sentient human dancing to the tune of life.

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RJ Shaugnessy’s ‘Stay Cool’ Photographs Of LA Kids At Play

| Photography | December 18, 2014

RJ Shaugnessy Photograph Of Teenagers Kissing On Top Car

Stay Cool Sign Being Carried Across Road

Girl Climbing Santa Monica Signpost

Girl Skating Under A Blue Sky

Teenagers Greeting Bus Of Tourists From Telephone Pole

Erecting Sign On LA Freeway

Putting Up Stay Cool Sign Under LAPD Notice

Millenial Sunset Over California

RJ Shaugnessy‘s photographs from ‘Stay Cool’ should be an anathema to me, they should be the subject of my ire, my rage at a younger generation who have grown up in a digitally connected world that has turned them into narcissists, kids who are self aware, image conscious and live out their lives in a lifestyle culture, their very understanding of the world, of themselves a creation of the marketplace. Yet for all of this self awareness, of pretense, of artifice, of knowingly cool picture making, of beautiful LA kids playing out a romantic myth that belongs in a glossy magazine, I love them.

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Francesco Garieri’s Paintings Are An Unsettling Vision Of Humanity

| Art and design | December 18, 2014

Francesco Garieri Painting Of Place On Road

Clock Face Boys

Demented Blackboard With Screaming Man

Modern Art Depression

Human Sheep In Technological Crisis

Tribal Destruction With Red Face Paint

Francesco Garieri‘s paintings are a visceral commingling of styles, a collision of rich explosive colour, contorted animal forms, graffiti and collage, his pictures an expression that pours from the heart rather than the intellect, a fast scribbling rendered in an energetic series of marks, scratches and smears that collude to form an unsettling vision of humanity.

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Kourtney Roy’s Beautiful ‘Fixed In No-Time’ Photographs Mask A Deep Malaise

| Photography | December 17, 2014

Kourtney Roy Photograph Of Woman By Steamboat

Fixed In No Time By Swimming Pool

Farm Girl Leaning Against Truck

Blonde Sitting On Bed

Cowboy With Model In Pick Up Truck

Woman Sitting By Swimming Pool With Legs In Water

Woman In Red Dress Walking Up Stairs

Kourtney Roy‘s photographs from ‘Fixed In No-Time’ echo the work of Cindy Sherman, her self portraits a mask for a deeper malaise, the artist playing the role of women neutralised in a timeless film still, out of step, without a story, caught in an infinite boredom as if their personalities are subsumed by a societal construct; the housewife, femme fatale, farm girl. Each photograph both a picture of the artist and the image of an everywoman. An impossibly beautiful model captured in an infinite banality of nostalgia.

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Ari Gabel’s ‘Skatopia Summer’ Photographs Take Us Into An Anarchic Skater Park In Ohio

| Photography | December 17, 2014

Ari Gabel Photograph Of Train Hopper

Skatopia Skater Park In Ohio

Banged Up Pick Up Truck

Teenagers Hanging Out Drinking

Girls Watching Skateboarders

Kids Skating And Swimming In Pipes

Skater Portrait Infront Of Graffiti Wall

Ari Gabel‘s photographs from ‘Skatopia Summer’ take us onto an Appalachian farm in rural Ohio owned by pro skater Bruce Martin who built an 88 acre skate park where hardcore skating, punk rock and hillbilly culture collide. A site known for its anarchic atmosphere and annual music festivals Bowl Bash and Backwoods Blowout.

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Emilie Lagarde’s Paintings Live In A Mythological Realm

| Art and design | December 17, 2014

Emilie Lagarde Painting Of Naked People Wearing Masks

Ghosts Lying On Forest Floor

Godly Women Awaiting Birth

Naked Man Crawling Behind Bush

Naked Man Leading Horse Through Magical Forest

Woman Giving Birth In Woods

Tribes Sitting In Woods During Burning Season

Emilie Lagarde‘s paintings are intensely dark pictures drawn from dreams and nightmares, fairy tales and Jungian archetypes, each image living in a parallel universe, a mythological realm that invokes an emotional trauma, a deep love that is umbilically connected to the natural world of the past. A place that no longer exists.

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Ken Grant’s Photographs From ‘The Close Season’ Take Us Into Merseyside

| Photography | December 16, 2014

Ken Grant Photograph Of Southport Drinking

Pigeon Boy On Wicker Basket

Drinking In Pub Watching Football

Kop Boys With Child

Teenagers Bush Drinking In Park

Liverpool Christening In Small Flat

School Girls Smoking In Cafe

Newly Weds On Merseyside

Ken Grant‘s photographs from ‘The Close Season’ give us a window into life on Merseyside, in Liverpool, over a sustained period during the 1980’s and 1990’s. It’s a poignant social document that follow the lives of people he knows, people from his community, who live in a part of Britain that has been decimated by unemployment after its docks and traditional manufacturing industries were made obsolete in the second half of the 20th Century.

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Pierre Wayser’s Photographs Take Us Through Four Decades Of A Life Affirming Trip

| Photography | December 16, 2014

Pierre Wayser  Photograph Of Lovers On Pavement

Womans Naked Shoulder

Bright Eyes Looking Into Light

Woman Behind Curtain Holding Breasts

Legs Sticking In Window

Man In Film Noir Lighting

Woman Packing Suitcase On Bed

Where to start with Pierre Wayser and his photographs? They are as enigmatic as he is. A mindblowing series of pictures that take us through four decades –  from the streets of Paris to the jungles of the Philippines – of landscapes and nudes, street photographs and candid moments, a convergence of a life affirming trip through this wonderful world.

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Jenny Gray’s Paintings Border Abstraction And Graphic Design

| Art and design | December 16, 2014

Jenny Gray Painting Of Collection Of Curios

Better Strata In Earth

Industrial City And Sea

Destination To Oregon Green Fields

White Barn On Tilled Land

Objects And Goods In Shopping Bag

Jenny Gray‘s paintings are a commingling of abstraction and graphic design, her pictures a balanced, textured and brightly coloured distillation of the world around her; architecture, the landscape, old barns, old signs, typography, the desert, printed ephemera and vintage textiles.

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Jeremy Pollard’s Photographs From ‘A Study of Bob, Martha’s Vineyard’ Are Extraordinary Portraits

| Photography | December 15, 2014

Jeremy Pollard Photograph Of Man With Zippo Lighter

Man Sitting In Back Garden

Man Smoking Cigarette On Beach

Fishing With Crate Of Beer

Winter In Marthas Yineyard

Bird Watching In Cape Cod

Sitting On Bed And Playing With Toy

Reflection Of Man Smoking In Mirror

Jeremy Pollard‘s photographs from ‘A Study of Bob, Martha’s Vineyard’ is an extraordinary series of portraits of a man I know nothing about. I can’t find out anything about Bob. I can only surmise from these pictures that he’s an elderly man living in Martha’s Vineyard, is disabled and loves smoking cigarette, bird watching and walking the beach.

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Bego Anton’s ‘Dust Under Our Feet’ Photographs Cast A Mythical Eye On Iceland

| Art and design | December 15, 2014

Bego Anton Photograph Of Elf Hunter

Dust Under Our Feet In Iceland

Troll Mountain In Arctic Winter

Elf Diploma From Research School

Icelandic Folklorist Of Hidden People

Horse Walking Through Snow

Looking For Elves In Snow Storm

Purple Icicles On Rocky Ground

Bego Anton‘s photographs from ‘Dust Under Our Feet’ take their title from a line by Yeats but concern the little people, the Huldufólk, of Iceland. The pictures are part of a story told by a Basque photographer looking for elves, trolls, fairies, monsters and ghosts in the arctic cold of this magical island.

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Kirsty Warmen’s Paintings Are A Battleground Between Abstraction And Figurative Art

| Art and design | December 15, 2014

Kirsty Warmen Painting Of Downtown New Zealand

Streetscape With Fashion Model

Bare Bottom Lady In Kitchen

Sugar Rush On Beach

Woman Portrait By Rivers Know This

Death And Decay In Womb

Kirsty Warmen‘s paintings are a struggle, a collision, a desire to find figurative clarity through an abstract aesthetic, a constant battle between paint, process and subject, each picture looking to reveal humanity through a series of energetic markings; lines, loose forms and bold compositions.

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