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Marcin Lachowicz’s ‘KL Birkenau’ Photographs Take Us Into A Nazi Death Camp

| Photography | September 19, 2014

Holocaust Survivor At Auschwitz Birkenau

Snowy Steps At Birkenau

Marcin Lachowicz Photograph Of KL Birkenau

Winter Trees At Concentration Camp

Watchtower At Nazi Death Camp

Gas Oven Used During Nazi Genoicide

Reflection On Nazi Holocaust

Marcin Lachowicz‘s photographs from ‘KL Birkenau’ take us on a journey into one of the most infamous buildings in the world, Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, accompanied by Jacek Zieliniewicz who was 17 when he was arrested and deported to the camp in 1941.

Having survived the brutal camp regime, a death march in the Spring of 1945 and the eventual defeat of the Nazis he moved to the French Occupation Zone before returning to his hometown, Janowiec, in Poland. Now in his 80s Zieliniewicz broke his silence about his traumatic experiences at the hands of the Nazis and got involved in the various international educational programmes that keep the memories of the holocaust and the death camps alive today. Programmes that remind us of who we can become and what can happen if enough people do nothing.

Birkenau was constructed on the same site as Auschwitz in October 1941 in order to ease inmate congestion. It’s extension was originally to house 150,000 forced labourers however that soon rose to over 200,000. When Hitler invaded Russia in the Summer of 1941 Soviet prisoners began arriving by the trainload. By the winter of that year over 10,000 POWs were housed on the site. By March 1942 there were only 945 left. Three months later most were dead from starvation or disease.

1942 also saw the escalation of the genocidal mania of the Nazis. At the Wannsee conference in January of that year the ‘Final Solution’ was decided upon and the ever efficient Nazi bureaucratic machine began work on implementing the largest mass extermination in human history. In the three years that followed between 2 – 4 million people were murdered at Auschwitz – Birkenau alone. And Zieliniewicz was one of the few survivors.

With funding from an organisation called Maximilian Kolbe Werk – which supports former concentration camp and ghetto prisoners in Poland and other countries – Lachowicz created this beautiful, poignant and ultimately lonely document of a man travelling back into his own personal hell in order to educate us in evil. To remind us that this can never happen again.


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Frederik Buyckx’s Photographs From ‘Jesus de los Pobres’ Tell The Story Of A Religious Incarnation

| Photography | September 19, 2014

Frederik Buyckx Photograph Of Religious Man

Evangelical Church Service In Garden

Jesus Of the Poor

Church Service In Living Room

Prophet Sitting With Disciple

Jesus Sitting On Bus

Religious Healing Of Blindness

Frederik Buyckx‘s photographs from ‘Jesus de los Pobres’ give us a fascinating insight into religion and in particular the Catholic faith in South America where for centuries it has given birth to figures who believe they are blessed with a spiritual power that can be used for the betterment of the people. A faith that has its roots in indigenous culture.

The Jesus figure in this series is a Nicaraguan man called Marco Antonio Arauz. As a child he had visions and from that moment on was always treated a special child by his parents. At the age of 33 – the age at which Jesus died – he decided to tell people he was Jesus. On a mission, this self titled ‘Jesus of the Poor’ now travels across the country by bus curing people of cancer, making them walk again and helping them with their battles against drugs and alcohol. And he has followers. Many of them. They call him ‘Maestro’ while he calls them ‘Amigos’.

Naturally he has enemies. He’s called a quack, a charlatan and a manipulator however he continues on his mission, speaks to his flock via Whatsapp and email. A truly modern prophet of God.

Buyckx treats this essay with a sensitivity. There is no sense of incredulity in the pictures rather he simply takes beautiful portraits, of this man and his followers, as he criss crosses Nicaragua spreading the word. It is a strange document. And indicative of what this young Belgian photographer spends his life dong, looking for new experiences, losing himself in another world outside his controlled European environment.

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Jooyoung Choi’s Paintings Are From A Fantastical World Called ‘The Cosmic Womb’

| Art and design | September 19, 2014

Jooyoung Choi Painting Of Cosmic Womb

Blue Helping Hands In Space

Cosmic Womb With Woman In Shower

Pleasure Vision In South Korea

Holding Hands In Universe

Easy To Wear Space Suit

Jooyoung Choi‘s paintings are from a place called ‘The Cosmic Womb’, each picture a mythological fragment of a world governed by Queen Kiok, humanoid creatures called Tuplets – such as Lady K, Aidee Three, Emo Flowers (No. 36), KunYook Six, Novem Nine, and Haneul-Sek aka Blue Girl – and one earthling from New Hampshire who represents the artist herself.

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Israel Ariño’s Pinhole Photographs From ‘Espacio Imaginario’ Take Us Into An Alternative Universe

| Photography | September 18, 2014

Israel Ariño Photograph Of Ladders In Sand

Ghostly Windmill On Hill

Floating Umbrella On Sea

Pinhole Photograph Of Imaginary Space

Old Wooden Pier

Road Light Into The Distance

Woman On Beach

Israel Ariño‘s photographs from ‘Espacio Imaginario’, or ‘Imaginary Spaces’, is a wonderful example of how pinhole photography can create an alternative universe, another way of looking at the world, a mirror that reflects a reality that is at once strange and familiar.

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Adriano Zanni’s Wonderful Street Photographs Intrude On Personal Moments

| Photography | September 18, 2014

Adriano Zanni Photograph

Circus Fire Breather

Girl Street

Italian Cafe Life

Looking Through Window

Whispering Crowd

Train Platform

Adriano Zanni‘s photographs make us feel like we’re peeking, looking in on a scene that we’re not a part of, each picture obtrusive, as if we’ve inadvertently come across a situation that catches our eye, if only for a moment.

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Sarah ‘Kenikie’ Palmer’s Paintings Explore The Banality Of TV

| Art and design | September 18, 2014

On The Sofa With Friend

Sarah Kenikie Palmer Painting Of Television

Game Show From TV

Peach Faces On Reality Television

Tennis Players In Darness

Two Women Sitting Down And Waiting

Title Sequence On TV Programme

Sarah ‘Kenikie’ Palmer‘s paintings explore a subject we talk about endlessly yet very rarely examine. Television. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t make some remark about the latest programme we’re watching or tune into some self important TV critic pontificating on one media device or another. It’s endless. It’s sad. It’s pathetic.

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Thomas Chene’s ‘Truth And Consequences’ Photographs Are A Poignant Reflection Of Lonlieness

| Photography | September 17, 2014

Thomas Chene Photograph Of Woman Floating In Water

Truth And Consequences In Smalltown America

Tarot Card Reader With Cardboard Sign

Pylon In Nevada Desert

Chinese Takeaway Bill On Table

Small Town America Aerial View

Thomas Chene‘s photographs from ‘Truth and Consequences’ started with a quote from the American writer Don DeLillo, ‘The city was full of people looking for the man or woman who could save them.’ This sad and poignant line led him across the US looking for that image, a visual metaphor that reflected a lonely, fragile people waiting for a revelation.

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Allison Jarek’s ‘Unions And Crossings’ Photographs Take A Transcendental View At The World

| Photography | September 17, 2014

Leaf Buds On Tree In Spring

Allison Jarek Photograph Of Tree Tunnel

Crossings And Unions Of Nature

Tilled Field In America

Forest Path By Stream

Gentle River Through Forest

Transcendental Nature Among Trees

Allison Jarek‘s photographs from ‘Unions And Crossings’ are born out of her desire to create a series of pictures that ask us to re-examine our relationship to nature and the world around us.

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Odilia Fu’s Ink Paintings Explore Cultural Identity

| Art and design | September 17, 2014

Odilia Fu Ink Painting Of Los Angeles

Pandas Playing By Sea

America In China

Hong Kong Ink Drawing Of Birds

Leopard Walking Under Cherry Tree

Mountain Deer With Volcano

Young And Furious Leopard

Odilia Fu‘s ink paintings combine Chinese calligraphy, ink and acrylic on Xuan paper to reflect her years living in America as well as her upbringing in Hong Kong – where my family lived for over 17 years – a place born out of British Imperialism.

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Simone Lueck’s ‘The Once and Future Queens’ Photographs Look At The Age Of Glamour

| Photography | September 16, 2014

The Once And Future Queens Of America

Simone Lueck Photograph Of Woman In Underwear

Grandmother Wearing Green Hat

Lady Wearing Glamour Clothes

Woman Posing As Queen Of The  Jungle

Old Lady In Bubble Bath

Lady Posing Behind Washing Line

Simone Lueck‘s photographs from ‘The Once and Future Queens’ is a fascinating riposte to our obsession with glamour and youth, with our desire to be the movie star, the sex symbol, the fantasy that everyone adores.

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Kazuo Sumida’s ‘Memories of My Father: A Journey to Siberia’ Photographs Retrace A Soldiers Story

| Photography | September 16, 2014

Kazuo Sumida Photograph Of Russian Soldiers

Memories Father Journey To Siberia

Russian Children With Dogs

Siberian War Graves

Siberian Soldier Wearing Sunglasses

Winter Forest In Russia

Siberian Road To War Camp

Kazuo Sumida’s photographs from ‘Memories of My Father: A Journey to Siberia’ retrace his fathers steps from being a soldier in Manchuria during WWII to be being imprisoned in Siberia for a number of years after the war. He brings us with him on a pilgrimage to a place, a hell, that his father endured before returning home to Japan to start again.

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Giselle Borrás Paintings Have A Beautiful Energy

| Art and design | September 16, 2014

Giselle Borras Painting Of Human Figure

Yellow Fairies Dancing In Wind

Yoga Painting From Columbia

Columbian Abstraction Based On Cubism

Siphides In Colour

Sylphides Flying Through Air

Giselle Borrás paintings have a beautiful energy, a balance and a formality that harks back to the cubism yet draws from eastern meditation and in particular yoga. And while these bright, energetic figurative pictures overwhelm the viewer with their bold lines, textures and blocks of colour they are ultimately a quiet celebration of the figure, each painting wallowing in her admiration for the human body.

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Yanina Boldyreva’s ‘Broken Space’ Photographs Are Full Of Existential Angst

| Photography | September 15, 2014

Russian Woman With Scarf

Yanina Boldyreva Photograph Of Wolves

Broken Space With Light In Window

Trees In Winter

Dove Flying In Snow

Man In Siberian Snow Storm

Rain Falling On Leaves

Yanina Boldyreva‘s photographs from ‘Broken Space’ are terrifying images, are bleak, full of an existential angst that permeates through every facet of the picture frame.

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Melissa Butler’s ‘Carousel’ Photographs Are About Family And Place

| Photography | September 15, 2014

Melissa Butler Photograph Of Man On Pier

Fishing Rods Lying Against Shed

Man Standing In Forest

Empty Table At Breakfast

Adirondacks River In New York State

Red Wooden House In Shadow

Ducks Paddling On Water

Melissa Butler‘s photographs from ‘Carousel’ are about family, place and how that visceral connection deeply affects ones life. Is the fulcrum around which everybody spins.

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Angelica Paez’s Collages Take Us On A Journey Through Photography Ephemera

| Art and design | September 15, 2014

Angelica Paez Collage Of Cut Bread

Man Surfing On Celebrity Hair

Woman In Clam Hat

Animal Kingdom In Old Mans Heads

Night Time In The City

Legs Caught In Vintage Typewriter

Flash Flood With Women Under Unbrellas

Angelica Paez‘s collages take us on a journey through ephemera, her work utilising everything from vintage photographs to old paper, advertisements to etchings. However its her use of old photographs that make the most interesting pictures with their surreal play of celebrity portraits, cityscapes and vintage typewriters.

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