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Daniel Terna’s ‘My First Wife Stella’ Photographs Take Us On A Journey Through Family History

| Photography | February 27, 2015

Daniel Terna Photograph Woman Eating Apple

My First Wife Stella Child Playing On Cooker

Girl Holding Orange On Street

Forest Bridge In Oregon

Man Playing Accordion On Street

Man Pointing Gun At Camera

Old Man On Boat

Daniel Terna‘s photographs from ‘My First Wife Stella’ are part of a still and moving image project, a reflection and reinvention of a journey that happened over 40 years ago when his father, and his wife, took off on a road trip along Route 1, a north-south state highway that runs along most of the Pacific coastline of California for nearly 700 miles. A road known for its scenery and made famous by the Beat writers Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. 

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Jack Latham’s Photographs From ‘A Pink Flamingo’

| Photography | February 27, 2015

Jack Latham Photograph Mormon Bible

Pink Flamingo In Mid West Plains

Ruined Shack In Snow

Hitching On American Highway

Small Town America

Sunset In Mid West

Tattoos Bare Chested Man

Jack Latham‘s photographs from ‘A Pink Flamingo’ take us on a journey along the Oregon Trail – a route that is both physical and metaphorical – that has become part of American history and embedded itself into the dreams of those looking for something better on the horizon of somewhere else.

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Bridget Griggs Paintings Are Rooted In The Beauty Of Life

| Art and design | February 27, 2015

Bridget Griggs Painting Primitive Woman

Flat Faces And Things

Cardinal City In Canada

Embracing Mother Earth

Infinity Fish Through The Universe

Love Is Free Painting

Bridget Griggs‘ paintings are rooted in life rather than academic training, her pictures a spontaneous expression of her life as a single mother, clown, model and actress. In this sense she’s an outsider artist, her aesthetic drawn from within rather than without, her influences and inspirations continually flowing from everything she does, encounters, becomes, rather than the formal history of painting.

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Ke Peng’s ‘Primal Planet’ Photographs Take Us On A Journey Into An Imagined Childhood

| Photography | February 26, 2015

Ke Peng Photograph Woman Resting Bamboo Mat

Primal Planet Chinese Girls

Lotus Flowers On Table

City View Of Hunan

Mother And Daughter In China

Old Chinese Man Sitting In Bedroom

Women Looking Out Over Pearl River

Ke Peng‘s photographs from ‘Primal Planet’ take us on a journey into her imagined childhood, a reconciliation of sorts, an artist looking for the roots of her being in a place she left at an early age. From Hunan province in central China to the Special Economic Zone of Shenzen in the South.

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Helio León’s Photographs From ‘Lepanto’ Explore The Post-Porn Movement In Barcelona

| Photography | February 26, 2015

Helio Leon Photograph Of Mans Torso

Lepanto In Barcelona Apartment At Sunset

Asleep On Mattress In Blue Room

Couple Embracing Under Red Light

Naked Women On Couch Smoking

Post Porn Art In Barcelona

Alligator Shoes And Pink Socks

Helio León‘s photographs from ‘Lepanto’ explore a subject I had never heard of until I met the artist at an alternative art cabaret I run every week in Cork. Post – Porn.

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Colin McCallum’s Paintings Are A Digital Riff On Consumerist Culture

| Art and design | February 26, 2015

Blue Orange Pixelated Cityscape

Perfect Wave Pool

Luminous Yellow Lines

Colin McCallum Painting Prism

Synchronicity In Digital Landscape

Patterned Foyer Design

Colin McCallum’s paintings are a vibrant riff on consumerist society, his pictures a remix of the visual overload that pulsates and stimulates us a daily basis as we work our way through the day; watching, looking, seeing, thinking. All of it wrapped up in a digital perfection of our desires that’s transmitted from TV screens, computers, electronic billboards, advertising billboards, packaging and glossy magazines.

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Kyler Zeleny’s Photographs From ‘Ready, Set, Squat!!!’

| Photography | February 25, 2015

Kyler Zeleny Photograph Halloween Zombie

Bum in Tights At Party

Ready Set Squat With Sad Christmas Tree

Daisy Chain Headband On Stoner

Beer Can Trash After Party

Girl Wearing Fox Mask

Electric Green Portrait Of Girl

Kyler Zeleny‘s photographs from ‘Ready, Set, Squat!!!’ set out on the same journey as the photographer Will Hartley, with both artists documenting their experience of living with squatters in London over a period of months. However, both take different paths. Hartley’s pictures a document on squatters in the city while Zeleny’s are a more intimate series of anti-aesthetic photographs that reflect a dissonance, a resistance to the logic of capitalist society and its obsession with accumulating an every increasing number of things. That they are squatters is happenstance. What seems to be more important is the attitude.

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Julie Evanoff’s Primitive Paintings Are Totemic

| Art and design | February 25, 2015

Julie Evanoff Painting Plugging Head

Bearded Man With Crow On Shoulder

Necklace On Goat

The Heads Under The Sun

Wishing Well With Hanged Man

Two Heads On Dog Body

Julie Evanoff‘s totemic paintings are iconic, primitive and reach down into the primal nature of our being, her pictures seeking to encapsulate the nature of being, the emotive fire that burns within our bellies, the mystery of life that we have been looking to understand since the beginning of time.

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Roman Drits Photographs Capture The Immediacy Of Experience

| Photography | February 24, 2015

Roman Drits Photographs Girl Towel Hair

Feeling Womans Skin

Breast Under Half Light

Seagull Sitting On River Bank

Man Asleep In Afternoon

Naked Woman Standing By Window

Womans Back In Mirror

Roman Drits photographs are concerned with experience and the immediacy of life around him, in particular how he’s experiencing a new cultural and social environment after moving from his native Latvia to Germany. 

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Andrea De Ranieri’s Paintings Are Rooted In Italian Modernism

| Art and design | February 24, 2015

Andrea De Ranieri Painting Grey Concrete Landscape

Purple Sky Above Olive Path

Gold Fence And Factory Walls

Blue Fields In Enamel Contrast

Orange Road Through Italian Abstraction

Lunar Surface In Grey Textures

Andrea De Ranieri‘s paintings follow in a long tradition of Italian modernist design, his palette predominated by blues, blacks, whites, greys, with the occasional flicker of gold, his compositions simple and forthright while his materials are robust and durable.

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Harriet Sharp’s Photographs From ‘A View To A Death In The Morning’

| Photography | February 23, 2015

Harriet Sharp Photograph Hunter Standing Moors

A View To Death In The Morning

Forest Vale In Wales

Fog On Moor At Dawn

Mountains In Wales

Misty Morning In Wales

Pine Forest At Dawn

Harriet Sharp‘s photographs from ‘A View to a Death in the Morning’ take us into the Welsh mountains and forests, with rangers from Natural Resources Wales, on a mission to cull deer. A job that is undertaken every winter in the forests of this beautiful country.

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Janne Lehtinen’s ‘Night Shift’ Photographs Are A Beautiful Evocation Of A City Asleep

| Photography | February 23, 2015

Janne Lehtinen Photograph Of House At Sunset

Night Shift On Construction Site

Billboard At Night Time

Empty Street In Finland

Silent Playground Under Florescent Light

Wild Christmas Tree By Finnish Forest

Car Dump In Forest

Janne Lehtinen’s photographs from ‘Night Shift’ are a beautiful evocation of life asleep, when all are in their beds and the city is silent, quiet and ominous.

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Tatyana Grud’s Paintings Are Firmly Rooted In Post-Expressionism

| Art and design | February 23, 2015

Tatyana Grud Painting Naked Woman

Life Model Staring Out Window

Lady Sitting With Seagulls

Impressionist Still Life With Paint Brushes And Torso

Couple In National Forest LA

Womans Back On Grey Background

Tatyana Grud’s paintings, of which there are few, take us back to the 19th Century, their aesthetic firmly rooted in the Post-Expressionist landscape. In particular the works of Paul Cezanne, Émile Bernard and Paul Gaugin, all of whom dragged the nude out of the romantic mists of the industrial age and into a primitive and colourful Fauvist world that laid the foundations for 20th Century Modernism.

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Sean Proctor’s ‘Livin On Love’ Photographs Are A Testament To The Power Of Love

| Photography | February 20, 2015

Sean Proctor Photograph Man Leaning Against Sink

Livin On Love With Woman And Child Playing

Man Changing Light Bulb

Men Working Under Truck

Family Dancing In Living Room

Woman Smoking Cigarette By Door

Kid Opening Van Door On Frozen Street

Mother Packing Lunch For School

Sean Proctor‘s wonderful photographs from ‘Livin On Love’ are a testament to the power of love despite everything, his pictures of the Parsons family uplifting and poignant while remaining a shocking indictment of the reality that faces many millions of people after the financial crash in 2008.

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Will Hartley’s ‘In Between Dreams’ Photographs Take Us Into London Squats

| Photography | February 20, 2015

Will Hartley Photograph Stoned London

In Between Dreams In London Squat

Breakfast Hugs In Red Room

Squatting Couple In Small Room

Lovers In Garden In Summer

Naked And Asleep In Derelict House

Man And Dog In Living Room

Will Hartley‘s photographs from ‘In Between Dreams’ take us on a journey into London squats and a group of people he made friends with while living with them over an extended period of time. Like Ash Thayer‘s series’ This Land’ – which documented her life in a squat in the East village in Manhattan in the 1990’s – Hartley gives us an intimate portrait of life on the margins of society, of people who rely on each other to make ends meet, get through the day, their needs suffocated by the state and the relentless march of Capitalism.

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