Théo Gosselin’s Cinematic Photographs Of Life On The Road

Womans Eyes

Théo Gosselin's cinematic photographs of life on the road with his friends are romantic pictures that light the fire of our desire to escape, to wander, to leave the mundanity of our lives and hit the road to nowhere, to be in the moment, to live in the wide open spaces of the world, to touch the sky and dive deep into the waters of the human spirit. … [Read more...]

Tal Avitzur’s Robot Sculptures Are Wonderful Sci-Fi Objects

Smiling Robot

When Tal Avitzur sent me in photographs of his robotic sculptures I was so excited, they made me smile, delight washed across my face, I was intrigued and thrilled to be looking at pictures of bizarre bots that stoked the fires of my inner child and rekindled my admiration for anyone who can use their hands to turn junk into beautiful retro sci-fi objects. … [Read more...]

Brendan Austin’s ‘Mirage’ Photographs Are Spectacular

Land Mirage

Two years ago I came across the photographer Brendan Austin. His landscape pictures enthralled me, his ability to create images that sang of the world as a beautiful place, of magic and wonder both technically accomplished and wonderfully realised. And in these photographs from 'Mirage' he asks us to contemplate and ruminate on the spectacle of the imaginary, of the tricks that … [Read more...]

Jenny Kemp’s Abstract Paintings Of Biological Organisms

Biological Nose Forms

Jenny Kemp's paintings are born from a desire to represent our feelings, emotions, ideas and unseen phenomenon through abstract biological organisms, her pictures a series of psychedelic intersections that use dense colours and organics forms to question us, to ask us, to contemplate our relationship to the natural world and each other. … [Read more...]