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Mirka Laura Severa’s Photographs From ‘King Bansah’ Tell An Extraordinary Story

| Photography | 51 mins ago

Ghanian King On Coronation Day

Mirka Laura Severa‘s photographs from ‘King Bansah’ remind us that life and people are always far more complex and extraordinary than we give them credit for. Nothing is simple., Life is complicated and sometimes the responsibilities that are given to us demand that we make sacrifices, compromises and do the best we can with what we have. These pictures exemplify that. Reinforce it.

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Brian McDonald’s Collage Paintings Are A Satirical Riff On Consumerist Society

| Art and design | 4 hours ago

Brian McDonald Collage Painting Trust Me

Brian McDonald’s collage paintings riff off the now, immerse themselves in the sea of contemporary pop culture and come out breathing a punk attitude that is both dissonant and satirical, his pictures a biting attack on the status quo and the great monolith of consumerist society.

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Tatjana Schloer’s Photographs From ‘Welt’ Are Full Of Intense Play

| Photography | 23 hours ago

Tatjana Schloer Photograph Girl Making Faces

I love Tatjana Schloer‘s photographs from ‘Welt’. They’re full of life, her pictures celebrating the ferocity and intensity of a child’s life, each image full of all the passions that accompany kids through their daily life; the fears, joys, troubles and play that confront and expose them to the wonders of the world they have only entered into. A world that we take for granted as we get older.

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Jane Hilton’s ‘The Brothel’ Photographs Take Us Into The Nevada Desert

| Photography | March 26, 2015

Jane Hilton Photograph Trust No Man

Jane Hilton‘s photographs from ‘The Brothel’ take us on a trip through the Nevada desert and into brothels like Madame Kitty’s Cathouse as well as a pimp convention in Chicago, each picture opening a window into a part of American culture that has always fascinated Europeans, a culture that lives on the extremity of everything we know and experience.

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Anna Hymas Paintings Are Full Of Energy And Joy

| Art and design | March 26, 2015

Anna Hymas Painting Three Vases

Anna Hymas is both a painter, illustrator, children’s writer and designer, her use of bold bright colours and energetic gestural markings imbuing her wide range of work with a joy and unbridled brio that is spirited, alive and vigorous.

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