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Roxana Azar’s Photographs Are Poems Without Words

| Photography | 13 hours ago

Orange And Purple Net

Roxana Azar Photograph Of CDs

Green Ferns In Sunlight

White Gloves With Yellow Minerals

Mirrored Flowers By Window

Photograph Of Crumpled Eye On Paper

Yellow And Blue Petal Patterns

I came across Roxana Azar‘s photographs through the Belgian artist Wouter van de Woorde. Their work is seemingly disparate but both artists have much respect for each other and both transcend the traditional forms of photography. Seeing it as painterly, of creating a poetry without words.

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Paul D’Amato’s ‘Barrio’ Photographs Are A Searing Indictment Of Inequality In America

| Photography | 15 hours ago

Paul D'Amato Photograph Of Gang Fight

Girl Lying In Puddle In Chicago

Street Basketball In Barrio

Mexican Couple Kissing Infront Family

Girl Screaming In Shopping Trolley

Mexican Coming Out Party

Mexican Gang Member From Pilsen

Wedding Day With Mexican Bride In Car

Paul D’Amato‘s photographs from ‘Barrio’ are a searing indictment of inequality and the growing gap between rich and poor. For over 14 years he spent his summers taking pictures in the Pilsen and Little Village in Chicago, in what was then then the city’s largest Mexican neighborhood.

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Jonas Wood’s Paintings Transform The Banality Of America Into A Reverential Portrait Of Modern Society

| Art and design | 18 hours ago

Jonas Wood Painting Of Man On Patio

Couple Sitting On Sofa

Hollywood Apartments And Trees

Art Studio With Basketball Pictures

Woman Sitting With Pet Parrot

Parrot Wallpaper Pattern

Jonas Wood’s paintings transform the banality of suburbia and contemporary America into a reverential portrait of modern society, a western mediocrity full of colour and light, furnishings and television, sport and celebrity. It’s the work of a gifted artist who revels in creating a world as a film set, a Truman show in which we slip through unnoticed, unquestioning, unthinking.

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Michael Crouser’s ‘Mountain Ranch’ Photographs Take Us Into The World Of Colorado Cowboys

| Photography | July 22, 2014

Michael Crouser Photograph From Mountain Ranch

Cowboy And Rancher From Colorado

Mountain Ranch Cowboy On Horse

Irrigating Field In Colorado Field

Rolling Hay In Summer

Texas Farm Hand In Storm

Cowboy In Working In Cow Pen

Michael Crouser‘s photographs from ‘Mountain Ranch’ take us into the timeless world of the Colorado cattle ranchers, his pictures both a document and a paean to a way of life that’s fast disappearing under the relentless march of urbanisation and technological advancement.

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Roger Minick’s ‘Sightseer’ Photographs Of American Tourists Are Hilarious

| Photography | July 22, 2014

Woman With Scarf Yosemite National Park

Roger Minick Photograph Of Couple In Hawaiian Shirts

Couple At Bryce Canyon National Park

Tourists At Niagara Falls Wearing Anoraks

Man At Cadillac Ranch

Sleeper Tour Bus Of Tourists

Bearded Man At Yosemite National Park

Family At Crazy Horse Monument

Roger Minick has been one of America’s preeminent photographers for decades but its his ‘Sightseer’ series that grabbed my attention, if only for their snapshot of time past, of people doing what they’ve been doing for millennia, visiting places of interest on their holidays.

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Elizabeth Huey’s Paintings From ‘Endless Immersions’ Live In A World Of Emotional Trauma

| Art and design | July 22, 2014

Elizabeth Huey Painting Of Woman Reading Newspaper

Bungalow Love With Endless Immersions

Plein Air Abstractionist

Empyreal Caverns Walk

Yoga Camp At Meditation Centre

Sexy Lady With New Shoes

Shakespeare In Park Theatre

Elizabeth Huey‘s paintings from her series ‘Endless Immersions’ exude an innocence yet underneath their delicate skin lies a fraught world of emotional trauma, a collision played out in a landscape that is at once tranquil and tense, psychological scenarios that are hidden beneath her warm colours and languid figures.

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Aubrey Hays ‘Wish You Were Here’ Photographs Are A Playful Riff On Environmental Disaster

| Photography | July 21, 2014

Aubrey Hays Photograph Of Rainbow In Irish Bog

Waving From Mountainside With Waterfall

Red Hand Waving From Iceland

Wish You Were Here In Geyser

Hand Sticking Out Of Beach Rock

Saying Hello From Mountain Summit

Waving From Sand Dune

Aubrey Hays photographs are rooted in her rural upbringing in the vast wilderness of Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and a Navajo Reservation in rural Arizona and it’s this deep emotional attachment to the earth that has given this wonderfully funny series of pictures from ‘Wish You Were Here’.

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Wouter Van De Voorde’s Photographs From ‘Hume Sunrise’ Are Atmospheric

| Photography | July 21, 2014

Hume Sunrise In Australia

Wouter Van De Voorde Photograph Of New South Wales

Australian Polluted Landscape

Horse Eating By Lake

Meandering Stream In Early Morning

Sunset At Australian Quarry

Mist On Water At Sunrise

Wouter Van De Voorde‘s photographs from ‘Hume Sunrise’ are atmospheric pictures that are reminiscent of a Dutch landscape; flat, moody, silent and still. So perhaps it was no surprise to find out that Van Der Voorde is from Belgium and originally trained as a painter. His formal training encouraging him to see the world through an emotional prism. The colour, forms and composition of the landscape a reflection of himself.

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Daniel DeLuna’s Paintings Live In An Abstract Conundrum

| Art and design | July 21, 2014

Daniel DeLuna Painting Of Orange Cross

Speakers Making Noise On Blue Background

Pathway To Yellow Boards

Stripes Of Fire

Twin Moons Of Red

Geometric Maze Of Blue

Daniel DeLuna‘s paintings live in a space of contradictions and as such reflect the ambivalence many artists have in a world that is saturated by the digital images of a technological world.

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Tina Itkonen’s Photographs From ‘Ultima Thule’ Take Us Into Inuit Life

| Photography | July 18, 2014

Tina Itkonen Photograph Of Greenland Cabin

Inuit Hunter In Snowstorm

Eskimo Girl In Greenland

Inuit Boy On Bed

Eskimo Washing Line With Bear Furs

Eskimo Mens Lunch

Greenland Seascape With Glaciers

Tina Itkonen‘s photographs from her project ‘Ultima Thule’ – which means ‘My place in the far North’ – explores the Polar Eskimo culture of Northern Greenland. Originally from Helsinki in Finland Itkonen has been fascinated, like many are, by these aboriginal people who having been living across the Arctic circle for millennia, in tune with the elements in the most fragile of places. A harsh, desolate, freezing land of ice, snow and wind.

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Daniel Ali’s ‘Sumo School’ Photographs Take Us Into A Japanese Tradition

| Photography | July 18, 2014

Daniel Ali Photograph From Sumo School

Fight Training In Northern Japan

Sumo School In Japan

Sweeping Sumo Ring

Young Wrestling Students At Class

Dohyō Ring For Practice

Sumo Training In School

Daniel Ali‘s fascinating photographs from ‘Sumo School’ take us to the Northern tip of Japan and into a training school for young aspiring Sumo wrestlers who have decided to leave home and follow the way of the Sumo, a martial art that goes back millennia, in the hope of one day becoming Sumo champions and celebrities in their homeland.

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Samantha Wall’s ‘Indivisible’ Portraits Are Exquisite Drawings

| Art and design | July 18, 2014

Samantha Wall Drawing Of Woman With Afro

Veiled Woman From New Orleans

Gia With Long Hair From Indivisible

Portrait Of Woman In Graphite

Indivisible Woman From America

Lady Squinting With Long Hair

Freckled Face In Charcoal

Samantha Wall‘s beautiful drawings from her series ‘Indivisible’ are much more than portraits rather they seek to express the space between the interior and exterior expression of the individual, the essence of humanity that exists when the biological is pared back to reveal the essence of the person.

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Isabella Ståhl’s Photographs From ‘Left Behind’ Are A Love Letter To Sweden

| Photography | July 17, 2014

Isabella Ståhl Photograph Of Man Washing In Lake

Swedish Landscape Left Behind

Sitting In Red Car At Sunset

Women By Barbeque Smoking Cigarettes

Wild Horse On Ditch

Woman Closing Curtains In Evening Light

Baby In Field With Cat

Isabella Ståhl‘s photographs from ‘Left Behind’ are a love letter to her homeland, to her family and friends in Sweden. Now living in New York and pursuing her photography career Ståhl has kept Sweden close to her; the open landscape and natural beauty of Scandinavia all part of her being.

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Joe Leavenworth’s ‘Native Son’ Photographs Take Us On A Journey Through A Fictional Memory

| Photography | July 17, 2014

Joe Leavenworth Photograph From Native Son

Men Sitting In Dirt Talking

Rotten American Flag On Washing Line

Boy With Basketball In Evening Light

Couple Waiting For Bus

Man Looking Into Sun

Man Driving Pick Up Truck

Letter From Mother To Son

Joe Leavenworth‘s photographs from ‘Native Son’ are a fascinating document of a journey through Georgia, through time and memory, of a search for the photographers sense of being, of where he came from, of roots that remain hidden in the mists of time.

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Lautaro Cuttica’s Figurative Paintings Are Wonderfully Expressive

| Art and design | July 17, 2014

Lautaro Cuttica Painting Of Paradise

Philosopher Thinking At Coffee Table

Women Lying Down In  Underwear

Swimmers Standing In Room

Dancer Resting After Exercise

Two Women Resting

Franco Sitting In Argentina

Lautaro Cuttica‘s paintings are wonderful figurative pictures that bring us into an architectural world that is both precise and expressive, his colour palette, layered textures and use of charcoal and acrylics creating a dichotomy that exudes energy, wild abandon and desire. A viscerality that urges us to enter his world of carefully rendered rooms and delight in his languid figures who seem to love doing nothing more than hanging out and taking it easy in a colourful tropical paradise.

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