Peter Missing Punk Artist Performs @ Mutant Cabaret

Peter Missing Foundation Feature

Over the last few months I've been hosting a Mutant Cabaret, a series of nights in which members of our collective perform slam poetry, music, performance art, video and photography work. To date it's been very successful as a space for artists and people interested, in what's going on under the surface of our plastic shiny throwaway culture, to participate, get involved, … [Read more...]

Xavier Guardans ‘Windows’ Photographs Of Kenyan Tribespeople Are Extraordinary

Kenyan Tribesman

Xavier Guardans photographs from 'Windows' are an exception to my rule. Portraits are always interesting to look at, the human face is endlessly fascinating, but too often they become repetitive, the same, blur into one another.¬†And thus you rarely see them here. However, Guardans has managed to avoid this by making a series of deceptively simple pictures. There is no context, … [Read more...]

Melissa Mason’s Paintings Are Frenetic, Vigorous And Vibrant

Playful Colour

Melissa Mason's paintings are vigorous and energetic, frenetic even, her pictures capturing a human intervention, that give us a sense of speed, of action, of play, of hurried movement on the picture plane. In many ways these paintings encapsulate the internal mindset of the artist rather then the external expression of the world around her. … [Read more...]

Ian Teh’s ‘The Vanishing’ Photographs From The Three Gorges Dam Are Heartbreaking

Woman Rain

Ian Teh's photographs from 'The Vanishing' give us an insight into the terrible human consequences of relentless industrialisation and in particular the affects the building of the Three Gorges Dam in the Hubei province, on the Yangtze River, in China. Over one million people have been displaced and relocated due to this project, their histories, stories, traditions and culture … [Read more...]