Justin Kaneps Photographs From ‘In Our Veins’ Take Us Into Appalachia

Mine More Coal Feature

Justin Kaneps photographs from 'In our Veins' take us into Appalachian country a place that I have visited before through a number of photographers including Jamie Carayiannis whose pictures highlight the impact of mountaintop removal mining in Virginia, Lauren Schneiderman‘s documentary about a particular coal mining family living in a small village in Boone County in West … [Read more...]

Juno Calypso’s Photographs From ‘Joyce’ Explore Hyper-Femininity

Birthday Buffet

Juno Calypso's photographs from 'Joyce' are a series of self portraits that take great joy and pleasure at flagrantly pushing the boundaries of the form and giving us a dark comical portrayal of hyper-femininity. A caricature of womanhood as seen through the lens of western materialism and the insatiable desire created by marketing companies to sell the perfect image of the … [Read more...]

Bill Armstrong’s Photographs From ‘Film Noir’ Take Us Into Infinity

Yellow Dress

Bill Armstrong's photographs from 'Film Noir' are a continuation of a series he's been working on since the late 1990's called 'Infinity'. It's an ongoing project which has seen him explore the large issues that concern us all; death, love, redemption, freedom and spirituality, through a unique process of collaging appropriated images and re-photographing them out of focus with … [Read more...]