Lisa Sorgini’s Photographs From ‘Into The Mouth Of The Wolf’ Take Us To Rural Italy

Elderly Italian Couple

Late last year I posted Lisa Sorgini's photographs from her mixed media project 'Toska - Reimagining Memories', a series that sought to reinvent the past, to remould the pictures of a loving memory into an alternative world devoid of pain and love lost. These photographs from 'Into The Mouth Of The Wolf' come from a different place, they are documentary in nature yet they too … [Read more...]

Ron Jude’s ‘Lick Creek line’ Photographs Take Us Into The Wilderness

Idaho River

Ron Jude’s photographs from 'Lick Creek line' take us into the wilderness of Northern Idaho and onto the trail of a fur trapper who we follow into the unknown, the forest and snowy landscape inarticulate, fragments of a place that is both wild and untamed yet intersected by human activity, by the cultural and social networks that are deeply entrenched in the land, in the earth. … [Read more...]