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Karl Gunnarsson’s Photographs From The Wilderness Years

| Photography | 2 hours ago

Karl Gunnarsson Photograph Of Surreal Supermarket

Wilderness Years In Sweden

Billboard Advertising To Wild Flowers

Dinosaur Screaming In Suburbia

Jean Advertising In Snowy Field

Broken TV Sitting On Dirt Ground

There’s something intrinsically strange about Karl Gunnarsson‘s photographs particularly from his series ‘Wilderness Years’ which he took shortly after moving to Sweden from Iceland back in 2009.

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Tammy Mercure ‘Cavaliers’ Photographs Celebrate The Confederacy

| Photography | 4 hours ago

Cavaliers Lighting Cigarette With Flame Thrower In America

Tammy Mercure Photograph Of Rodeo Cowboys

Biker With Animal Skulls On Motorbike

Tattooed Man With Dog In Car

Man Wearing Hamburger And Fries Shirt

Gun Sign In Southern States Of America

Girls On Mobile Phones At Sunset

Tammy Mercure‘s photographs from ‘Cavaliers’ celebrate the Southern States of America, that weird and wonderful melting pot that we in Europe are in awe of, are gob smacked by, its sheer cultural vitality and the breadth of its often violent history making up a people very different from their brethren on the East and West coasts. This is a civil war conundrum. A place rooted in the confederacy, that has been marked by the slave trade, the plantation class, Native American culture, French colonialists, the poor Scottish and Irish immigrants and everything that wells from that; music, art, carnival, food, religious extremism, bigotry, libertarianism, voodoo. A colourful place that lives on the edge of our imagination.

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Stephen Rowe’s Paintings Are Born In Aboriginal Art

| Art and design | 7 hours ago

Stephen Rowe Painting Of Aboriginal Landscape

Blue Lake Bound By Red Sand

Australian Homeland In Dots

Lookout From Broken Hill

Pointillist Hills On Fire

Ruby Sky In Outback

Stephen Rowe‘s paintings are born in Aboriginal art but have been influenced by a life that has seen him professionally racing motocross bikes, pursuing a ballet career for over 17 years and working as a carpenter. This varied artistic life – that led him from the Australian outback to LA – has contrived to create these large abstract pointillist pictures that breathe the earth of his homeland while looking towards the traditions of Western European Art.

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Constantin Schlachter’s Photographs From ‘Gyrovagi’s Trajectory’

| Photography | January 29, 2015

Constantin Schlachter Photograph Of Man And Stars

Gyrovagi's Trajectory Of Couple And Microbes

Fox Looking For Food Under Moon

German Army Soldier Looking At Shooting Star

Woman Thinking About Winter Landscape

Fire Watchtower Under Grey Sky

Walking Through Rock Crystals

Constantin Schlachter‘s photographs from ‘Gyrovagi’s Trajectory’ recall a moment in Christian history that has been forgotten by those of us that have little knowledge of Church history.

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Lola Hakimian’s Photographs From ‘Au Plaisir La Douleur’

| Photography | January 29, 2015

Lola Hakimian Photograph Of Man Smoking Cigarette

Pleasure And Pain On Wrinkled Mattress

Plaited Horse Tail In Stable

Woman Holding Breast In Hand

Candle Sitting On Plank In Wood Fire

Antique Globe In Corner Of Room

Lola Hakimian‘s photographs from ‘Au Plaisir La Douleur’, or ‘Pleasure Pain’, explore the juxtaposition between indeterminate violence and gentleness in real life, in real time. These are not posed images, nor conceptually conceived, rather they are a series of photographs imbued with a very prosaic dichotomy. A tension that exists in the everyday banality of our lives.

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Adrian Kay Wong’s Paintings Are Big, Bold And Graphic

| Art and design | January 29, 2015

Adrian Kay Wong Painting Of Park Fight

Boy And Girl In Embrace

Play Time For Basketball Players

One And Two Sports Players

Two Boys With Baseball Caps

Sons And Fathers Having Time Together

Adrian Kay Wong‘s paintings are big, bold and graphic, his pop colours and simple geometric forms instilled with the vibrancy and life that comes with youth; hanging out in the park, playing basketball, being cool, the compositions distilled right down until they reach a state of cartoonish abstraction.

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Paolo Morales Photographs From ‘These Days I Feel Like A Snail Without A Shell’

| Photography | January 28, 2015

Paolo Morales Photograph Of Old Man Getting Massage

These Days I Feel Like Snail Without Shell

Arms Reaching Out Under Cherry Blossom Tree

Boy Crouched Infront Car Lights

Boys By Playing In Snow

Old Couple Sitting In Front Of Car

Religious People Standing In Prayer Circle

Boy And Girl Stretching Arms up Into Sky

Paolo Morales photographs from ‘These Days I Feel Like a Snail Without a Shell’ investigate the photographic virtues of observation and participation in a world in which dislocation and loneliness are more evident than ever, our society fragmented, people isolated, forced to live out their lives in a bubble of their own making. Imprisoned by their fears, anxieties and desperate need to be loved.

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Henrik Emtkjær Hansen’s Photographs Of ‘The Wadden Sea’

| Photography | January 28, 2015

Moored Boat On Northern Sea

End Of Road At The Wadden Sea

Henrik Emtkjær Hansen Photographs Of Landscape

The Wadden Sea In Denmark

Misty Morning Over Sea

Solitary Bench In MIst

Wild Grass By Ocean

Danish Snowscape And Road

Henrik Emtkjær Hansen‘s photographs from ‘The Wadden Sea’ take us to the world’s most modified coastline, with its man made systems of dikes and causeways, and into an area that stretches from Den Helder in the Netherlands in the south west, past the great river estuaries of Germany to its northern boundary at Skallingen north of Esbjerg in Denmark.

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Essi Zimm’s Paintings And Collages Take Us Into A World Of Fairytales

| Art and design | January 28, 2015

Essi Zimm Painting Of Folklore Masks

Bears Gathered Around Fire

Cat Scratching Collage

Foxes Walking Through Fairytale Forest

Wolf And Child In Forest

Essi Zimm‘s paintings and collages take us on a vibrant trip into folklore, stories that live on the edge of our consciousness, in the borderland of our dreams where archetypal characters live out their fates according to cultural morality.

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Gavin Mullan’s ‘No Consent’ Photographs Reflect On The Legacy Of Shell In Mayo

| Photography | January 27, 2015

Gavin Mullan Photograph Of Anti Shell Protester Tattoo

No Consent Traditional Irish Kitchen

Glengad Mayo Landscape And Sea

Irish Camping Bed In Old house

Farm Yard In Ireland

Corrib Gas Building Site

Turf Shed In Mayo

Corrib Protester With Coffee

Gavin Mullan‘s photographs from ‘No Consent’ take us to Co.Mayo, in the West of Ireland, and into a small rural village called Glengad. The scene of an ongoing protest against Shell over the building of a pipe that will pump gas from the Corrib gas fields – 83 kilometres off Erris Head – to an inland refinery where it will be cleaned and depressurised to be sold for export.

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Katarina Janeckova’s Paintings Are Overtly Sexual

| Art and design | January 27, 2015

Katarina Janeckova Painting Woman And Bear In Art Gallery

Girl And Bear In River

Dreaming Of New Mexico In Desert

Bear And Woman Having Sex In Bathroom

Perfect Place To Live With Giant Rabbit

Thirsty Dreams Of Sexual Desire

Washing Up Sex In Dark Kitchen

Katarina Janeckova‘s paintings are overtly sexual and energetic, strange pictures of her and a bear – and occasionally a giant rabbit – in various positions, in public and private spaces; an art gallery, at the kitchen sink, in a bathroom, en plein air. Each image a potent mix of sex, domination, romance and mystery all wrapped up in a mythological landscape. A wish fulfilment dressed up as an X-rated folk story.

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Alexander Gronsky’s ‘Pastoral: Moscow Suburbs’ Photographs Explore The Liminal Space Between City And Countryside

| Photography | January 26, 2015

Alexander Gronsky Photograph Of Rubbish Dump

Pastoral Moscow Suburbs With Woman Walking

Kids Playing On Construction Waste

People Sunbathing On Moscow River Bank

Couple Having Picnic In Suburban Forest

Kids Playing Around High Rise Building Site

Sunset Over Russian Suburb

Alexander Gronsky‘s photographs from ‘Pastoral: Moscow Suburbs’ garnered much attention when they first appeared in a book of the same name in 2013. Like many contemporary landscape photographers – in particular Chinese artists such as Bo Wang – Gronsky explores the liminal space between the city and the countryside, his pictures taking us into the ever expanding Moscow suburbs and its environs, a place in which people re-imagine the future by hanging onto pastoral activities of the past; picnicking, swimming, playing and walking.

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Marja Pirilä’s Camera Obscura Photographs Bring The Exterior Into The Interior

| Photography | January 26, 2015

Marja Pirilä Photograph Of Boy Sleeping

Interior Exterior Of Finland

Camera Obscura Sleeping With Books

Girl Sleeping And Dreaming Of Car

Boys Sitting In Bedroom

Inside Laundry Outside Town

Upside Down Roof Inside Room

Girl Wearing Princess Dress

Marja Pirilä‘s camera obscura photographs from ‘Interior/Exterior’ are magical images that bring the personal into the public, physical reality into a dream world, and turn an ordinary room into a surreal space in which everything is possible.

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Jenny Hager’s Paintings Coerce Us Into An Alternate Universe

| Art and design | January 26, 2015

Jenny Hager Painting Of Full Lunar Eclipse

Citizen Athena Lost In Space

Moment In Time While Floating In Universe

Watch Tower Deconstructed In Geometric Plane

Phoenix Rising Out Of Broken Glass

Architectural Abstraction In Red

Indian King On Blue Horizon

Jenny Hager‘s paintings invite us, coerce us, into an alternate universe, her slashing dizzy geometric forms opening up a path an unknown world of our own making, each picture a visual precipice onto which we make a stark choice; leave the safety of our viewing platform or jump into a universe in which anything is possible.

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Yiannis Kostavaras Photographs From ‘After Hours’ Take Us Into The Darkness Of Athens

| Photography | January 23, 2015

Yiannis Kostavaras Photograph Of Newspaper Printer

After Hours Fish Market

Bored Taxi Driver Sitting In Car

Athens Baker Making Bread

Kitchen Porter Working At Midnight

Weighing Dough In Greek Bakery

Butchers In Meat Market

Yiannis Kostavaras photographs from ‘After Hours’ – a co-project with fellow artist Pavlos Tsigas – take us into the night time world of Athens and introduce us to the world of newspaper printers, meat market workers, fishmongers, wholesale flower sellers, taxi drivers, bakers and all those who make their living while the rest of us are asleep or partying. The unseen, the unknown, the people who keep the world ticking, moving 24 hours a day.

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