Cornelia O’Donovan’s Paintings Are Magical Folk Art

Cornelia O'Donovan Paintings Folk Art

Cornelia O'Donovan paintings The Day is Gone

Cornelia O’Donovan‘s paintings are the latest in her exploration of form and medium. Originally a print maker she has also done alot of work in collage, illustration, textiles and ceramics. Her work has a melancholia about it, the colours are muted, flat, the mark making raw and emotional. Yes there is much feeling emanating from her pictures, a contemplative aura, a sense of the outsider, of folk art, of times past, a narrative that seeks to understand human relationships and our connection to the natural world.

I love her paintings, They have a craft like quality to them, a sense of magic, as if they mirror a fairy world of our childhood fantasies. Here’s what she has to say about her work:

A narrative artist and prolific print maker Cornelia O’Donovan creates intriguing images built up using collage, pencil, paint and ink producing work using a remarkable unity of composition due to a skill in counterpoising moving and motionless figures which is counterbalanced by the absence of all perspective, the fondness for symmetry and lack of light and shade.

But something else really emerges the more it is seen – the energy and playfulness, the inventive theatre of imagination. Some marks have a very raw quality like a hastily drawn directions map, trying to find something, the marks hovering between description and abstract expressions.

Cornelia’s work references stories, myths and literature and focuses on personal reminiscence, the complexities of human relationships, emotion and memories.