A Coq Au Vin Recipe That Brings Love To The Table

coq au vin recipe

Today our wonderful resident cook gives us a classic French dish for a wonderful weekend of comfort so if you’ve never tried it go for it. It’s divine in its simplicity. You just have to add the love.

Coq Au Vin is a classic French braised dish that is sure to warm the cockles of your heart and is the perfect dish to cook this Valentines weekend (because let’s make it last that little bit longer!). French food, the proclaimed ‘Food of Love’, always brings umm’s and aah’s to the dinner table as it’is generally indulgent with no hold back on any fat laden ingredients such as butter and cream. However, this French Classic is not the calorific shock that may be expected despite the fact that real butter is essential for the taste.

So, why not plan a little French themed evening this weekend. This dish is really easy to pop together and you can even make extra and freeze it for a little midweek indulgence. Plus it’s an excuse to crack open a bottle of Burgundy.

Serves 4
1 chicken (breast, legs and thighs cut off)- or buy separate thighs/legs/breast from supermarket
100g pancetta
2cup red wine (burgundy)
1/4 cup cognac
1 cup chicken stock
1 each carrot/celery/onion
2 clove garlic
50g butter
Handful each button onion/mushroom
1 sprig thyme
1 bay leaf
1 tbsp flour
6 black peppercorns
Bunch scallions

Wash and chop veg into cubes. Cut chicken into above mentioned pieces, add to bowl with veg, half wine, garlic, thyme, bay and peppercorns. Marinade at least 1 hour.
Fry pancetta and mushroom in remaining butter.
Boil onions for 2 minutes, cool, then fry to brown.
Remove meat, dry it off with paper towels and brown in some oil. Add cognac and flambé. Add veg and bacon/mushroom to the pan.
Dust with flour, add marinade and remaining wine and stock simmer gently 5 minutes then add to casserole and seal with lid.
Cook for about 40 minutes at 170′c. Ensure that the chicken is cooked, season with salt and pepper, stir and sprinkle with parsley to serve.