Claire Desjardin’s Paintings Are Wonderfully Abstract And Colourful

Claire Desjardin Paintings Abstract Colourful

Claire Desjardin‘s colour field paintings are wonderfully expressive compositions that are rooted in the organic forms of nature. Her bright palette and robust use of acrylic creates a visual terrain in which we lose ourselves, riff on memories, thoughts and feelings.

Originally a graphic designer Desjardin’s spent many years honing her painting craft until the moment came to quit the mind numbing rat race and fulfil her passion for painting. Since then she has been busy selling, exhibiting and working with large clothing companies such as Urban Outfitters who reproduce her art on merchandise and selling it under her own signature label in their shops worldwide.

Her personal mantra is that each of us is the maker of our own destiny and her bold, colourful work exudes this energy. Here’s what she has to say about her work:

Currently I sense a pull back in time towards the ’80s and ’90s. Perhaps this nostalgia is reflected in the perceived simplicity of my work… its organic nature is rooted in the past, but, at the same time is expressed by a very contemporary approach. I can’t help but feel that the colours I’m drawn to are very much grounded in the present. They may be influenced by earlier days, but their vibrancy speaks of the here and now.