Carmel Benson’s New Show ‘Connect’ @ Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin From 7th March – 30th March, 2013

Carmel Benson Prints Connect

Carmel Benson‘s prints have a mythic quality to them, each composition a metaphor, a spiritual connection, a conduit to our inner selves. Her use of simple semi – abstract figurative elements, in particular birds and people, only serve to impose this notion of a pagan primacy, a innate connection to nature that goes beyond our physical perception of the World around us.

Benson’s use of strong colour, light and flat iconic forms heighten this sense of collective awareness, a visceral connection that we all share without knowing quite why. These are prints that speak to all of us and are well worth going to see if you’re in Dublin in March.

You can see her new show ‘Connect’ is running from 7th March – 30th March, 2013 @ Graphic Studio Gallery, Through the Arch, off Cope Street, Temple Bar, Dublin.