Bill Noir’s Collages Have A Wonderful Dadaist Aesthetic

Bill Noir Collage Are Dadaist

Bill Noir’s collages are the work of a purist, a true Dadaist aesthetic that looks beyond vintage imagery, bright pop colours and American ephemera.

These are artworks by an artist who has embraced the collage artform in all its limitations and boundless possibilities. It is anarchic, surreal, the juxtaposition of images and geometric shapes opening up a narrative that is nonsensical yet full of alleys and pathways that lead us into the world of our own imagination.

Perhaps it’s Noir’s interest in making Super 8 films and zines, pinhole photography and printmaking that give his collage work such a unique voice, a considered artistic style that is refreshing, delightful and unique. Noir lets his work speak for him, it’s easy to find but he himself is not. He is an enigma whose influence can be seen in the collage work of many artists everywhere.