Berit Myreboee’s Paintings On Aluminium Are Ethereal

Berit Myreboees Paintings Aluminium

Berit Myreboee’s paintings on aluminium are ethereal objects, images that are at once mysterious and otherworldy. Much of her subject matter revolves around women and more lately the coastline of Australia which she has likened to that of her native Norway, her paintings walking the line between photography, painting and print.

Myreboee’s process begins with a photograph which she then photocopies, transfers to an aluminium panel and then deconstructs with highly pigmented oil-based paints.

In the transfer and painting process, I’m changing and taking away a lot of things.I like the feeling of working with my hands on the metal

Her blurred images bring to mind the portraits of the great German painter Gerhard Richter while her light-stripes evoke the work of Francis Bacon who used the process of blurring and defocusing to create an expression of movement, time and energy.