Benjamin Hammond’s Drawings Of Real Fake Nudes Are An Ingenious Gift Idea

Benjamin Hammond Drawings Real Fake Nudes

I loved this idea the minute I came across it. Artist Benjamin Hammond needed a way of making presents without spending money. Presumably because he, like many artists, doesn’t have much cash lying about. Making art is a hard slog. So he turned to what he does best, drawing, and decided to set up a website called ‘Real Fake Nudes’. Ingenious really. You submit a photo online and he draws you onto a nude. Simple, funny and best of all is that you get to decide how tasteful or not you want it. He has three sections:


  • Genitals partially covered
  • Natural pose
  • Dash of pubic hair possibly visible
  • Suitable for living room in liberal household

Not So Tasteful:

  • Genitals exposed
  • Strong pose, almost presenting
  • Pubic hair visible
  • Suitable for living room wall in student accommodation


  • Genitals erect/entered
  • Powerful confronting pose
  • Pubic hair – least of your worries
  • Not suitable for any wall that I know of

Brilliant. And don’t start shrilling. It’s smutty but so what. Who cares. It’s the way he says it, he has that real English way of putting things. But then again he is English. Nothing said, just implied. The site is really well designed and of course you could always send your friends picture in. It would make a great card.

Best of all they’re pretty reasonable starting at a single nude (digital copy) for $20, a nude couple (digital copy) for $35 and you can also get the signed originals for alot more; $150 and $165 respectively. So have a think about it. Know anyone that would like one?