Ben Jones Illustrations Are Modernist In Style

Ben Jones Illustrations Modernist

I adore Ben Jones illustrations, his work a fusion of print and collage, his compositions made up of found images and stylised designs that bring to mind the great posters of the Surrealist, Dadaist and Constructivist period. There is something very old school yet utterly contemporary about Jones illustrations; each a beautiful composition made up of Victorian and modernist imagery, each a love letter to times past.

Another important facet of Ben Jones work is his obvious love of literature and cultural history which he consistently references and feeds into his illustrations. Here’s what he has to say about the work:

My work is a combination of print making and collage. My process starts with initial sketches which are translated into a lino-cut or screen-print, then from my prints I collage with the them or collage directly on top of the print using found imagery. I love the way that the texture and graphic shapes of printmaking contrast with old found Victorian etchings.

I have a passion for Polish film poster art and Surrealism. I try to capture some kind of emotion or tone in my work to carry the idea of the illustration forward much as the Polish poster artists did. Most of my work is inspired by literature and I feel that this comes from the rich history of text and image.