Ben Giles Collages Of Flowers Are Full Of Blooming Joy

 Ben Giles Collages Of Flowers

I’ve posted up a series of Ben Giles’ flower collages for two reasons; one, because the leaves are falling off the trees and after the summer we’ve had there hasn’t been much chance to see anything blooming, even the blackberry season was dismal. Secondly, because his collages are so rudimentary, so lacking in artifice, are old school and have so much joy in them.

He obviously has a thing about flowers and I for one am glad. Why not. Bring it on Giles the more flowers the better. We need as much colour and vibrancy as we can get in the cold, wet, miserable months ahead.

I’ve only posted up his flower pieces, he’s done a number of other series too – with no flowers and they’re rather funny.