Augmented Reality: A Film On Projection Mapping

Dane Luttik Film Called Augmented Reality

‘Augmented Reality’, is a short film documentary by Belgium filmmaker Dane Luttik that explores projection mapping; what it is, how its used and how far its come. So what is it? Well as any video or installation artist knows the underlying concept is simple; software to direct projections onto three-dimensional objects, shapes, anything but a flat screen.

Arguably the most proficient artists using this software today are Visual Label AntiVJ – who I’ve posted about before – a group that use mapping to explore art and live music in an incredible way. And it is to AntiVJ that Luttik turns to in his film – a crash course in AntiVJs work including; Eyjafjallajökull, their installation at Nuits Sonores and 3Destruct. Artists Joanie Lemercier, Konstructiv and Ilan Katin provide additional insights about this still evolving technology.

AntiVJ have offered to do an online interview with our skills exchange so if you have any questions you’d like to pose to them please email them to me.>