Asger Carlsen Photographs Of Baconesque Figures Are Grotesque And Hilarious

Asger Carlsen Photographs Baconesque Figures

Welcome to the surreal world of Danish photographer Asger Carlsen whose Baconesque figures are both grotesque and hilarious at the same time, are strange, twisted, impossible mutant bodies that look like they’re the by product of a Frankenstein laboratory.

What’s most fascinating about Carlsen’s photographs is that he treads a fine line between documentary and art, his figures rooted in the real world yet distorted by his own surreal vision, his pictures confuse us and question the format and usefulness of the medium itself.

Carlsen’s interests lie more in conceptual art, in sculpture, than the craft of photography, the camera and photoshop merely a tool to create a new and arresting aesthetic that forces us to contemplate the truth of what we see. In an interview with Lay Flat Carlsen he had this to say about his work:

I want my works to look like sculptures, or photographs of such. My work comes from photo sessions done in my studio and I see this process more as collecting material for my process – like buying oil paint to put on a canvas. I was influenced by the work of Francis Bacon and Hans Bellmer and by the surrealistic movement.