Aron Demetz’s Sculptures Of The Human Figure Are An Elemental Tour De Force

Aron Demetz‘s sculptures focus on the human figure, not those of antiquity but those of now, of our time. So why the figure? Has that not been done? What can be renewed? What new form can figurative sculpture take? Well look. Closely. Demetz is an artist who seeks to discover new ways of looking at the human form forcing us to take stock of what we think we know and asks us to reconsider, to look further, to look harder.

It is clear from looking at his work that Demetz is a highly accomplished craftsman. His technique and ability to fashion the figure out of a single piece of wood is remarkable however he goes further. He’s not satisfied with the aesthetic value of a perfectly carved man, woman or child. His is a process of connection, of the interaction between us and our environment; how we are formed by it, how it effects us and how we effect it. This is no static relationship rather it is a fluid ongoing interaction that changes indefinitely, it is the relationship between time and place. One might say that Demetz is both a figurative sculptor and an explorer of space.

As an explorer Demetz needs to have a deep knowledge of his material, needs to know it’s limitations, and with that he’s able to push it to the extreme, burn it, char it, use resin on it. Through this process he reflects the power of the elements over humankind and the energy that de-materialises us. These are profound ideas that this wonderful work proposes to us. Makes us question, think, contemplate. His work brings us to a time when wood was perceived as a sentient, living being. This is work that seeks the truth of our existence in the world, man and nature as one. Here’s what he has to say about his work:

Next to stirring life, hope and renewal the sculptures also express something archaic and primitive, a being which visibly evokes a mummified figure and which immediately makes the spectator think of rot and death. Therefore, these works trigger off a reflection on the body as a biological and vital structure with its moods, its smells, its heat and its limits. The works spread a twine of visceral energies which enshrouds everyone who enters the meanders of this primitive cosmos.