Arnaud-Franc’s Paintings Are An Expression Of The Figure In Space

Arnaud Franc Paintings Called Disposition

Arnaud-Franc’s paintings are an expression of movement of the figure in motion, dancing through a bright and joyous field of colour.

They are beautiful paintings, graceful, work that reminds us that there is much joy in life and our passing through it, both physically and metaphorically, can be a rich experience if seen in the right light.

It’s always a pleasure to come across an artist who goes back to the figure, who realises that there is so much more to discover, to see, to express in a new way that which we have not seen before.

Arnaud-Franc sees the pictorial plane as a space in which the figure expresses itself in movement, a spontaneity achieved by bold mark making and tactile textures delivered in rich colours that distort, extend and exaggerate limbs, gestures, poses. It is a physical exertion that extenuates the freedom of his subjects, highlights a wild choreography and an inner truth about the figure in motion.