Annegien Van Doorn’s Playful Photographs From ‘Interlude: A Temporary Interruption Of The Ordinary World’

Bricks On Road

Tyres In Pipes To Look Like Eyes

Pipe Spewing Plastic

Rubbish Bins In Football Goal

Interlude Temporary Interruption Ordinary World

Annegien Van Doorn Photographs

Traffic Line Intervention

Play lies at the heart of artistic practice and in these photographs from ‘Interlude: A Temporary Interruption of the Ordinary World’ by Dutch artist Annegien Van Doorn play is fundamental, is a subversive act that questions our relationship with space and the objects that inhabit it.

Van Doorn brings objects to life, creates situations in which time and reality are stopped and rearranged into new relationships that ask questions of us, force us to reassess their role in objective reality, life turns into still life as we become active participant rather than passive spectator.

This exploration of play has led her to create beautiful images that create their own order on life, a world in which the banal becomes enchanting and captivating, space becomes a well of mystery out of which we can divine a new way of perceiving the world about us. Here’s what she has to say about her work:

Whenever I enter a space, I fixate on the objects. Every object has a history. Everything is made by someone and placed somewhere with a certain reason. I’m fascinated by the idea that an object, although made with a clear function, can turn into something else.
I like playing with this idea by rearranging everyday objects in new settings. Small events are transformed into the monumental and the familiar becomes something extraordinary. By capturing these scenes on a photo or video camera, the objects become unleashed from their original purpose and obtain a new meaning.