Andy Rudak Cardboard Cities Photo Series Depict Strange And Imagined Cityscapes

Andy Rudak Photographs From Cardboard Cities

Andy Rudak‘s latest photo series is made entirely out of cardboard. Yep, that’s right, what you see here are strange images from his ‘Cardboard Cities’ project which he made in conjunction with set – builder Luke Aan de Wiel. The cityscapes are strange, imagined, dark filmic stereotypes of London, New York, Mumbai, Paris and Tokyo. They are devoid of people, over run by animals.

Rudak says about the series that he was looking for a serenity, a stillness:

I knew I wanted the shots to portray a scene of serenity, I had decided I wanted these scenarios to be void of any obvious human presence so I used an animal for each shot as the main focal point. From this I was drawn to the idea of the taxidermy animals. I felt they were crucial to achieving the feeling of serenity I was after.

What I love most about the work – besides the fact that the sets are all made in cardboard – is his use of animals in each shot. The lack of humans makes the work all the more spooky, dreamlike, fantastical and scary. Serene? I’m not sure about. The dark freaks me out.

He’s currently working on a book that recounts the process of construction and an exhibition of the work will be on tour over the next few months.