Andreas Schimanski Paintings Explore Space, Structure And Surface

Andreas Schimanski Paintings Explore Space

Andreas Schimanski‘s paintings represent the re-emergence of abstract art in painting and photography, his work exploring the notion of space, structure and surface. For Schimanski the image and how we, the viewer, perceives that image is all important. To this end he is constantly creating and re- creating images designed to be seen in series and cycles, every composition related, linked or connected to the next.

This is all about concept, of what art is and about, it’s language of colour and form. Schimanski’s work always probing, asking questions of us about the very act of image making and our relationship to the pictorial plane.

Here’s what he has to say about space:

The exploration of space is a major concern of my work as an artist, whether in architecture, video, social sculpture or in painting. Space in itself doesn’t exist. It is rather an abstract description of our environment in regards to culture, geography, politics, economy or language. Speaking about space mostly refers to the physical space defined by two opposing planes. Such a space possesses a volume that can be described as a hollow or solid volume, as an opposition of a positive and negative form.

The space does define itself through “inside” and “outside”. Solid, it does not only carry an imprint of its interior but also an imprint of the surrounding space. As much as this formation describes a space within space, my artworks are interwoven into their surroundings. They are imprints of the movement within the society and culture by which they are socialized.

The space I am interested in is not static, material, topographically or physically defined – it is not a container but much more synchronous, overlapping and interleaved. We move in a world of interconnected structures. Space as a network is by far not unfamiliar to us – as in the form of the internet or as the shrinking geographical space of in the age of hyper-mobility. Standing at the top of a 18-story building in downtown Manhattan, I look down on thousands of habitats in which simultaneously everything occurs from birth to death, from love to murder – all imaginable human acting that can happen at one single moment in time.

Schimanski has created a wealth of work that is worth examining if only to keep us questioning our own ideas around the creation of an image. Check out the rest of his work. It’ll surprise you.