Andrea Mary Marshall’s Drawings Explore Identity, Female Sexuality And Consumer Culture

Andrea Mary Marshall Drawings Female Sexuality

Andrea Mary Marshall‘s drawings are part of an ongoing series, that includes photography, paintings and video, that explores identity, female sexuality and consumer culture. Often making self -portraits and using her past experience in the fashion world Marshall makes a mockery of the ideal woman and is provocative and satirical in her approach to the vanguards of the industry.

After looking through her work I found myself going back to her drawings. Her economy of line is wonderful – definitely influenced by the many classes she took as a fashion student – yet look a little closer and you’ll notice details that grate against the perfection; the addition of large nose rings, big ugly cigarettes, scowls, the rough way she treats the subjects faces with colour and even a play on that most modernist of ideal women ‘Olympia’.

Here’s what she has to say about her work:

My artwork focuses on self portraits that explore the intersection of identity, female sexuality, and consumer culture through the lens of the ‘ideal woman.’ Using painting, photography and video, I create alter egos that provocatively engage well-recognized representations of the female archetype. These characters represent the dichotomy between vulnerability and dominance, fear and freedom; one part Madonna, one part whore. They embody my self exploration of this duality placed within the larger dialogue between history and contemporary culture. Melding themes of religious iconography, sexuality, fashion and fetishism, I strive to represent a broader, subversive female experience that challenges the familiar images and archetypes of our society.

She currently has a solo show ‘Gia Condo’ until 16th February, 2013 at The Allegra LaViola Gallery, 179 East Broadway, New York