Ally White’s Paintings Explore Suburbia

Ally White Paintings Explore Suburbia

Ally White’s mixed media paintings are a welcome addition to the growing number of artists who are exploring the inertia that surrounds suburbia, a place in which people lie rooted to an estate, a place of convenience, the shopping centre. A subject that lends itself well to fantasy and television, outlandish thoughts and strange desires.

Suburban living is a theme that has been tackled by all artforms; TV, film, visual art and music and has become the dystopian symbol of the 21st Century, of contemporary consumerist society; a place of nightmares as depicted in the paintings of Andrea Joyce Heiner and others. Here’s what Ally White has to say about her work:

My paintings are a re-imagined portrayal of living in contemporary southern suburbia. They are intuitive responses to everyday surroundings that are transformed into unfamiliar and fictional situations. The image emerges through a process of erasure, mending and embellishment of paint and collage.

White is only young and has so much more to give us. I wish her all the best and look forward to keeping in touch with her work as time goes on.