Alexandre Ciancio’s Collages From ‘Walkabout’ Explore How Space Is Built By People

Alexandre Ciancio Collage From Walkabout

Alexandre Ciancio’s collages from his ‘Walkabout’ series are a graphic exercise in spatial awareness that explore the relationship between people and space, how people relate to their environment and how space is built by people.

The deliberate negation of objects from these collages, of all sense of place, and Ciancio’s use of flat colours gives these compositions an architectural quality that allows us to see people as the foundation blocks of our environment, of a space. Ciancio’s experience as an architect, furniture designer and graphic designer are all utilized in these stripped down utilitarian collages and led him to winning 1st Jury Prize in graphic design at the My Provence Festival in France. Here’s what Ciancio said about the series:

A walkabout, ie a multitude of people gathered in one place can be characterized by a container (location) and content (the crowd). With this definition it is thus possible to establish rules of the game: design images where all the spatial data are erased in favour of flat colours highlighting the different crowds and their relationship to space.

This rule is applied with six old black and white photographs, the various inhabitants of the images are highlighted by the lack of spatial information and the bright colours used to give depth to the images while giving them a degree of internal consistency .

These images are assembled diptych opponent whenever a frontal pose to pose in perspective. This dualism invites us into the image space and observe each of their people, their expressions, their eyes…