Alex Heilbron’s Paintings And Drawings Are Bright And Playful

Alex Heilbron Paintings Drawings

Alex Heilbron‘s paintings and drawings are bright, playful compositions influenced by Modernist painters and pop culture, her work flirting between realism and and sensual abstractions. Heilbron is a lover of bold line and strong colours that produces fresh, uninhibited work that seems to bask in the joy of its own making. This is work that is unashamedly about art, about the history of visual language and isn’t afraid to cite its influences. They are pictures that delight in the past while reflecting on the new.

What’s more Heilbron is a busy artist publishing drawings, running art spaces, exhibiting internationally, painting murals as well as doing her own studio work. There’s much more to come from her.

Here’s a statement about her work:

Alex’s work speaks to the relationship between contemporary paintings, and the dichotomy of pop culture and pop art. Her practice diffuses these barriers in an unpretentious manner while creating a structure and sensibility that allows her to work within her own constraints. The bright, off-putting textures of paint and playful comic-style lines along with her use of negative space in a cut out composition create a narrative referencing 70’s style cartoons and modernist paintings