Aleandro Tubaldi’s Photographs From ‘Tunis Noir’ Seek To Capture The Poetry Of The City

Aleandro Tubaldi‘s photographs from ‘Tunis Noir’ are part of a diverse body of work that encapsulates his work in film and photography. Having first studied literature in Rome Tubaldi moved to London where he studied film and then it was onto Brazil where he fell in love with both the country and Caipirinha, a delicious cocktail made with cachaça, sugar and lime.

During his time in the Americas Tubaldi made two feature length documentaries: ‘Chi Animale?’, that focused on rural life in central Italy, and ‘The Wide Door’, filmed in a Brazilian female detention centre and selected for the 36a Mostra Internacional de Cinema de Sao Paulo. By 2012 he found himself spending more time taking still pictures and in 2014 moved to Tunis where he currently lives and works.

It’s Tubaldi’s deep curiosity and willingness to delve into different cultures and societies that informs his work, the images, whether moving or still, part of a neverending exploration, a questioning of what it means to be human in a complicated world. And ‘Tunis Noir’ is no different. Here we have images from the frontline of a new dawn. A moment of great socio-political change that is fanning across North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. It’s into this maelstrom that Tubaldi brings us. His camera revealing a beauty and love amidst chaos. Here’s what he has to say about the project:

I was always fascinated by cities, their irregular breath, their poetry and their burning life. I like to observe how beauty has different faces in each one of them. The project is a portrait ‘noir’ of the city of Tunis, a discreet and violent tale of how this place, as well as the whole Arabic world, is living, during these years, a process of religious radicalisation that was thought to be over.

One side is a homage to the light Tunis, painted with tones and atmospheres of the cinema of the 40’s and 50’s: its busy markets, narrow alleys of the Medina, streets full of life, faces and smells, and it’s inhabitants who have, in the wells of their eyes the charm and the feeling of a secret life. On the other side, behind the images, the sensation of a world that is changing.

The project wants to focus on young generations, in their daily life, the photographs seeking to capture the bitter taste of restlessness.