Adrienne Symes Paintings @ Olivier Cornet Gallery From 20th February – 22nd March, 2013

Adrienne Symes Paintings Low Tide Varengeville

French Seascape Paintings

Adrienne Symes new painting series, ‘Low Tide at Varengeville’, will be showing at the Olivier Cornet Gallery in Dublin from 20th February – 22nd March. Water has always been a recurring theme in Symes work and for these paintings she travelled to Varengeville-sur-Mer – a small village by the sea in Northern France – as part of a contingent of Irish artists to take part in a project called ‘Varengeville – Une Perspective Irlandaise’ in August, 2012. This exhibition is her contribution to that exhibition.

Varengeville is no stranger to artists. Many famous painters including George Braque, Joan Miró and Claude Monet have visited the village to paint its picturesque landscape and now Symes can be counted in this illustrious list of artists, her meditative paintings a worthy addition to the history of this region of France.

The exhibition runs from 20th February – 22nd March, 2013 @ The Olivier Cornet Gallery, 1 The Wooden Building, Exchange Street, Upper Temple Bar, Dublin