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Nick Turpin’s Street Photography Revels In Satirical Humour

| Photography | November 21, 2014

Nick Turpin Photograph Of National Portrait Gallery Painting

Airplane Shadow Flying Across Office Wall

Office Workers Walking Past Construction Workers

Colour Coded Tourist And Bus

Exploding Drink Can In Public Park

Office Worker Sleeping On Wall

Man Sunbathing On Street

Nick Turpin‘s street photography reveals much about him and his sense of humour – light hearted and tinged with satire – his eye focussing on the incongruity of daily life, the madness of urban routine, the interaction between people on the street and the ironic truth that we both conform to stereotypes while remaining individualistic, idiosyncratic and mad in all its glory.

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Lorena Ros ‘Heroin Russia’ Photographs Highlight The Growing Drug Problem In Russia

| Photography | November 21, 2014

Lorena Ros Photograph Of Drug Users

Buying Drugs On Russian Street

Injecting Heroin Into Vein

Drug Addict With Injection

St.Petersburg Needle Exchange

Russian Heroin Addicts Waiting For Fix

St Petersburg Prostitution For Drugs

Lorena Ros photographs from ‘Heroin Russia’ highlight one of the largest social issues in Russia today namely the growing problem of drug abuse with the numbers of users ranging from 3 – 6 million people. Most of them young. A whole generation victim to an addiction that is not being dealt with by the government who in turn refuse to allow users to be treated with methadone.

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Reo Rauch’s Paintings Play Between Social Realism And An American Comic Book Aesthetic

| Art and design | November 21, 2014

Neo Rauch Painting Of Men Wearing Dinner Jackets

Burning Sky Above Socialist Industrial Landscape

East German Farming Family

Mountain On Fire While Children Are Playing

Nude Sitting In River Reeds

Jesters And Musicians On Sage

Men Painting And Writing Outside

Neo Rauch’s idiosyncratic paintings seem out of step in our brave new world of corporate art, rather they hark back to social realism and in particular an East German aesthetic. His pictures full of heroic and romantic characters, Northern European landscapes, propaganda posters, a subdued colour palette, nostalgic colour schemes and clean design elements, all of which combine to engender a strange surrealism, a vision of a political entity that no longer exists but is interwoven into the psyche of German consciousness.

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Katharina Poblotzki’s Photographs From ‘I Can See You When My Eyes Are Closed’

| Photography | November 20, 2014

Katharina Poblotzki Photograph Of Woman Waking Up

I See You When My Eyes Are Closed

Couple Hiding Behind Leaves

Hand Between Tights And Legs

Woman Wearing Towel After Bath

Funfair In Winter Snow

Girl Screaming With Glass Of Drink

Katharina Poblotzki‘s photographs from ‘I can see you when my eyes are closed’ take us through inbetween spaces of inconsequentiality, the everyday moments of waking up, whispering, showering, shouting, being oneself as we pass through life. As it is.

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Monika Merva’s ‘Origins Of Emotions’ Photographs Search For Meaning In The Ordinary

| Photography | November 20, 2014

Monika Merva Photograph Of Old Hand

Origins Of Emotions With Two Bloody Knives

Man Gutting Fish On Plastic Table

Glass Bowl Of Peaches

Fried Eggs Sitting On Red Plate

Woman Lying In Bath

Dead Rabbit Lying In Hole

Broken Egg Splattered On Floor

Monika Merva‘s photographs from ‘Origins of Emotions’ search for meaning in the most ordinary of places; in family and friends and household objects, routines and daily rituals and the beauty of nature in its all encompassing form. Each picture an attempt to capture the beauty in the ordinary and the surprises found in the commonplace.

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Diary Of An Irish Performance Artist: That Was Summer That Was…

| Life in a cultural petri dish | November 20, 2014

Irish Performance Artist In Tinfoil Mask

This was one of the most beautiful Summers we ever had weather wise, many sunny warm days where one could imagine oneself tripping across sunlit beaches towards gentle wavelets. Feeling the warm glow of heat on your back…
So don’t think I am going to give you such a scene…no way…

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Dan Busta’s Photographs Attempt To Encapsulate A Conceptual Story Within A Single Frame

| Photography | November 19, 2014

Dan Busta Photograph Of Biblical Flood

Bombed Out Swimming Pool

Boy Scout Holding Burning Teddy Bear

Adultery Sees Men Smashing Through Wall

Runaway Sitting In Blue Room

Man Running Away From Car Accident

Girl In Multi Coloured Room

Dan Busta is primarily known for his portrait and advertising photography however his conceptual stories are far more interesting in that each image attempts to encapsulate a single emotion, a narrative, that is wholly contained within the picture frame.

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Alina Rudya’s Photographs From ‘Schtsch’ Are Melancholic Pictures Of Suburban Life In Ukraine

| Photography | November 19, 2014

Alina Rudya Photograph Of Ukrainian Apartment Blocks

Black Crow Sitting In Snow

Run Down Bar In Kiev

Dark Street In Soviet High Rise Building

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeders Hanging From Tree

Rabid Dog On Ukrainian Street

Flying Birds In Winter

Father With Child On Sled In Snow

Alina Rudya‘s photographs from ‘Schtsch’ are some of the most melancholic I have come across. They offer no hope, no sense of freedom, liberty or imagination rather they lock us into a world that has resigned itself to its fate, lost in a myriad of apartment blocks in a suburb of Kiev in Ukraine.

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Tamara Gonzales Paintings Are Rooted In Religious Culture

| Art and design | November 19, 2014

Tamara Gonzales Painting Of Mythological Man

Hammer Of The Gods

Aboriginal Man In The Desert

Sky Walker In Religious Icon

Red Dragon On Lace

Yellow Lunar Human In Space

Pipe Smokers In Abstract Thought

Tamara Gonzales paintings have grown out of religious iconography, street art and a painterly abstraction, her pictures born out of her love of Baroque churches, rose windows, altars, excess, gaudiness, veiling and craft, her art a juxtaposition of rich tradition and contemporary urban culture.

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Adam Geary’s ‘Light Years’ Photographs Are An Abstract View Of The Urban Landscape

| Photography | November 18, 2014

Adam Geary Photograph Of White Cross On Blue Wall

Light Years On Red Tarmacadam

Yellow Flowers Around Tree On Street

Monochromatic Plastered Wall

Concrete Globe By Sea Front

Yellow Stripe In Car Park

Adam Geary‘s photographs from ‘Light Years’ take us on a journey through the city, his camera zooming in on the quiet abstractions of everyday urban life; graffiti on walls, car park lines, yellow flowers strewn under a tree, concrete globes casting a shadow on the waters edge. All of his images cropped hard to pull them out of context, to relieve ourselves of their meaning, to induce a quietness, a moment of reflection amidst the frenetic life of the city.

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Andre Inacu’s Photographs From ‘In The Forsaken Garden Time Is A Thief’ Explore His Parents Relationship In Romania

| Photography | November 18, 2014

Andre Inacu Photograph Of Man In Window

In The Forsaken Garden Time Is A Thief

Dinner Time In Romania

Wedding Couple Having Lunch

Couple Hanging Out Apartment Window

Woman Walking Through Door

Family And Kids 1980s Portrait

Couple Reading Mass Card

Andre Inacu‘s photographs from ‘In the Forsaken Garden Time is a Thief’ are a personal story yet seeks to speak of the universal, of a couple growing up together in Romania, a country that has undergone great political and social upheaval over the past 50 years.

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Robert S Neuman’s Paintings From ‘Lame Deer’ Make An Expressionistic Connection To Native American Indians

| Art and design | November 18, 2014

Robert S Neuman Painting Of Teepees

Lame Deer Study Of Montana

Indian Reservation Near Little Big Horn

Medicine Tail In Montana

Lapwai Fire Sky

Yellow Tail Of Teepee Poles

Red Teepee In Indian Reservation

Robert S Neuman has been painting for over 60 years, his work a continuing series of pictures that refute fashion and trends in favour of a highly individualistic language that fuses form and content and is marked by bold gestures that echo early German expressionism and the strong colours and geometric symbols of Joan Miro and Paul Klee.

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Marta Berens ‘Crystal Structure’ Magical Photographs

| Photography | November 17, 2014

Marta Berens Photograph Of Girl Singing

Crystal Structure With Clouds Reflected In Water

Forest Of Shadows In Poland

Beach In Polish Winter

Girl Dancing On Garden Leaves

Beach Grass Along North Sea

Girl Shivering By Cold Beach

Marta Berens photographs from ‘Crystal Structure’ are mysterious pictures that conjure up both darkness and magic, the sense of otherworldliness that is imbued in the natural world, that surrounds us, unseen, opaque, forgotten unless we allow ourselves to be enveloped by its extraordinary power.

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Charles H. Traub’s ‘Still Life In America’ Photographs Articulate America Through Painterly Pictures

| Photography | November 17, 2014

Charles H. Traub Photograph Of Fashion Billboard

Car Wreck In American Colours

Still Life Mural In America

American Signpost In Suburb

Mural Peeling Off Coffee Shop Wall

Shoe Shiner Sitting On Chair

Super Size Fries On Bench

Charles H. Traub‘s photographs from ‘Still Life In America’ attempt to articulate the vast breadth of America through a series of pictures that don’t look to document but rather stimulate the viewers memories, thoughts and fantasies, a picture of a place and its cultural mythology rather than the actuality of it.

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Trixie Pitts Pastel And Graphite Drawings Are Joyful Expressions

| Art and design | November 17, 2014

Trixie Pitts Drawing Key Biscayne

Central Park Expression

Woman Escaping With  Baggage

Bird Of Paradise Study

Ice Dancers Skating At Christmas

Thinking Man In Green Jacket

When I came across Trixie Pitts paintings and drawings I was immediately drawn to her energy, the marks she made on the canvas and paper, the vitality and sheer exuberance of her process, of making pictures. An expression of what was before her whether it was a landscape or a portrait.

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