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Carlotta Cardana’s Wonderful Photographs of 21st Century Mod Couples

| Photography | August 22, 2014

Mod Couples In London

Carlotta Cardana Photograph Of Mopeds

English Style In 1960s

English Retro Fashion And Decor

Plush Leather Interior Of Hotel

Brighton Pier Couple

Couple Enjoying Cricket And Tea

Carlotta Cardana’s photographs from ‘Modern Couples’ capture the spirit and vibe of the Mod couples she met after moving to London a number of years ago.

This quintessential British style fascinated the young Italian photographer and she soon found herself getting into its rhythm, its beat and the cool bravura of this wonderful subculture that was born in the 1950′s, peaked in the 1960′s and has continued to flourish over the decades with its modernist, clean sharp look.

Being a Mod is a way of life. It’s more than a style. It’s an immersion into a modern aesthetic that is complete in its totality. And these pictures exemplify that absoluteness. These couples could have stepped out of a time machine. The 21st Century is a distant future to them. Each looks like my parents did 50 years ago. But there they are. Here and now.

It’s extraordinary. Their constructed identities working with each other as well as within the formal structures of Mod culture. There is a beauty about it. A preciseness. A coolness that brings to mind literature, smoky bars and jazz. And it’s this very depth that Cardana explores allowing each couple to pick the location and construct the world out of which they want to appear. Here’s what she has to say about the ongoing project:

While their style is what catches the eye at first, my interest in developing this project goes well beyond their appearance. The subculture and all of its elements – the fashion, the music, the scooters – only provide the framework for this series. From an outsider’s point of view, I am trying to get a glimpse of their identity beyond the “mask” and to portray them for who they are, rather than for what they wear. I decided to focus on couples because I am fascinated by the way their identities blend together to produce something larger than the sum of its parts.


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Reed Young’s ‘Brownsville, Brooklyn’ Photographs Take Us Into A New York Housing Project

| Photography | August 22, 2014

New York Gang Members

Reed Young Photograph Of Crips Leader

Jewish Tailor In New York

Street Preachers In Brooklyn

Brownsville Portrait Of Kid

UPS Delivery Security Man

Brownsville Projects In Brooklyn New York

Reed Young‘s photographs from ‘Brownsville, Brooklyn’ take us into one of the most dangerous projects in New York, a small area of the city with the highest concentration of low-income public housing in America, a neighbourhood that has resisted the wave of gentrification that has swept through the five boroughs of the city.

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Galen Cheney’s Paintings Are Physical Pictures Rooted In Urban Decay

| Art and design | August 22, 2014

Galen Cheney Painting Of Night Time

Supplicant In Neon Blue

Paint On Plaster And Wood Panel

Freuds Wall In Green

Yellow Lights In Bush

Spinning Top In Cave

Galen Cheney‘s paintings are physical pictures, grab you, seduce you with their bold urban marks and scratches, rich colours and textured surfaces, her scrapers and knives digging into the image to create a lexicon that’s rooted in graffiti, frescoes, the ancient drawings left on the caves of Neanderthal man and the peeling, eroded walls of an industrial age. A history lived on a worn surface, painted over and over again, glimpses of the past seen through new lines, colours and forms.

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Bastienne Schmidt’s Photographs From ‘Topography of Quiet’ Take Us On A Metaphysical Journey

| Photography | August 21, 2014

Bastienne Schmidt Photograph Of Pyramid

River Reflection In Sunlight

Topography Of Quiet In Tyre Tracks

Hose Lying In Water

Wind Blown Grass On Beach Dunes

Gold Lake Seen From Airplane

Surf Foam In Storm

Bastienne Schmidt‘s photographs from ‘Topography of Quiet’ are only part of a series that explore the nature of travel on both a physical and metaphysical level. It’s an ongoing narrative in which Schmidt attempts to articulate her journey through film, paint and graphite.

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Brigette Bloom’s Photographs From ‘Kaya’ Look For The Sacred In The Desert

| Photography | August 21, 2014

Nude Lying In Desert Brush

Brigette Bloom Photograph Of Songbird

Coyote On Rock In Nevada

Kaya With Naked Woman In Desert

Nevada Desert Sky

Woman Sitting Naked On Rocks

Naked Woman On Turtle Back

Painted Photograph Of Dead Tree

Brigette Bloom‘s photographs from ‘Kaya’ take us into the Nevada desert on a psychedelic trip that seeks to connect us with a primal energy, a oneness, an emotional cataclysm that uses technology to capture the sacred. Each image an experiment, an attempt to manipulate the photographic process in order to create an impression that leaves a lasting touch, taste, of the desert.

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James Tebbutt’s Paintings Of A Plastic Universe

| Art and design | August 21, 2014

James Tebbutt Painting With Mickey Mouse

Death Do Us Part With Woman In Bikini

Energy In Colour And Patterns

1960s Patterns In Red And Pink

Lavender Bridge With Comics

Imperfect Flowers With Asian Script

James Tebbutt‘s paintings are a bubblegum reflection of a plastic universe, a world of consumerist folly, a breakdown in traditional forms and a merging of new ones. This is art as mash up; American and Japanese comics, Art wrapped up in an advertisement aesthetic, internet images seen through news filters. It’s an art rooted in now, in pictures that already have life, that zing and spit, subdue and comfort, throw magic dust in our eyes and seduce us in like a materialist siren on the edges of a consumerist bliss.

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Elizabeth Weinberg’s ‘Of Recklessness And Water’ Photographs Take Me Back To The Wild Beaches Of West Mayo In Ireland

| Photography | August 20, 2014

Elizabeth Weinberg Photograph Girl Underwater

Legs In Water On Beach

Man Breathing Underwater With Bubbles

Couple Resting In Lake Water

Friends Swimming In Surf

Recklessness And Water In New York

Body Surfing At Beach

Elizabeth Weinberg‘s photographs from ‘Of Recklessness and Water’ maybe of people swimming on the beaches and lakes of New York state but they bring me back to west Mayo, Ireland. To the wild beaches I spent a week on only a few short weeks ago; swimming, surfing, diving. Her pictures have the same energy and enthusiasm I experienced as I jumped into the Atlantic. The waters cool and inviting, the light nuanced, the submersive play all encompassing, invigorating.

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Adrian Storey’s Photographs From ‘No Ghost In The Machine’ Look At A Different Side Of Japan

| Photography | August 20, 2014

Japanese Man Giving Finger

Japanese Man Dressed Up As Nazi

Adrian Storey Photograph Of Drunk On Street

Uchujin Beauty And Beast Nails

Woman Vomiting Blood In Station

Naked Beggar On Tokyo Street

Nazi Protest In Tokyo

Adrian Storey‘s photographs from ‘No Ghost In The Machine’ give us a different look at the land of the rising sun, a glimpse at the fringes of organised society that lies beneath the politeness we associate with Japan. Going by the moniker of Uchujin – which means alien – Storey has lived for many years in Tokyo plying his trade as a photographer and film maker, his status as an expatriate, as an outsider, feeding his work.

In these pictures, some of which are bizarre, we hover on the edge of a society that is tightly ordered, we see the hidden moments, the private scream of those that are desperately hanging on in a megalopolis in which the individual is totally consumed by the capitalist machine and the weight of its own history, a country that’s in turmoil, is trying to pull itself out of an economic slump and seeking to regain its position as an eastern tiger, a powerhouse in Asia. This constant documenting of aliens, of outsiders that live on the edge of accepted norms are a reflection of Storeys own life, of living in a foreign land that is both familiar and utterly strange. Here’s what he has to say about the series:

[It's] a reaction to the ‘sugar coated Hello Kitty fantasy land, samurai, geisha, the most polite people in the world with a special love and care for nature and its uniquely unique’ school of thought on the land of the rising sun


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Chase Langford’s Paintings Are Born In Cartography

| Art and design | August 20, 2014

Chase Langford Painting In Red

Arcadian Trio Map

Landmark In Pacific Ocean

Cornwall Earth And Stomes

Durango Landscape With Mountain

Volcanic Earth And Stones

Chase Langford‘s paintings are born in cartography, in a lifetime obsession with maps, in the geometrical reinterpretation of the world we inhabit; the cities, roads, mountains, rivers and oceans that we traverse, the planet as a two dimensional surface of symbols, motifs, colours and abstract lines.

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Werner Amann’s Photographs From ‘Techno Nineties’

| Photography | August 19, 2014

Ecstasy Head At Rave

German Rave After Party

Techno Nineties In Berlin

Relaxing With Cigarettes And Beer

Werner Amann Photograph Of Ravers

1990s Dance Fashion

Drug Couple At Night Club

After Party Comedown In Berlin

Werner Amann‘s photographs from ‘Techno Nineties’ bring me back to my youth, to a decade of great change, when the sun was finally rising after the dour 1980′s. To a revolution in music, fashion and art. To the cusp of a digital age. A moment before time got colonised by the internet, mobile phones, search engines and digital technology.

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Nathalie Detsch Southworth’s Paintings Are Mythical Pictures

| Art and design | August 19, 2014

Sirrush From Babylon

Nathalie Detsch Southworth Painting Of Ancient Fabric

Dog With Music Playing

Swarm Of  Birds Hanging From String

Gold Calligraphy On Blue Arabic Background

Sumerian Dream In Desert

Music Of Chance In Trees

Nathalie Detsch Southworth’s paintings are mythical pictures that seek to connect us back to our origins, to the beginning of civilisation and the cradle of humanity, each image a commingling of calligraphic markings, symbols and flat bold colours that are reminiscent of tiles, mosaics and religious murals on the walls of ancient temples.

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Megan C Ledbetter’s Photographs From ‘Loveland/Hateland’ Take Us On A Journey Through An Imagined Landscape

| Photography | August 18, 2014

Megan C Ledbetter Photograph Of Man Sleeping

Woman And Man Playing Piano

Loveland Hateland With Man And Dog Resting

Saw Holding Window Open

Dilapidated Kitchen Cellar

Bone On Floor In Shadows

Turkey Claw In Grass

Megan C Ledbetter‘s photographs from ‘Loveland/Hateland’ represent a journey through a fleeting and tenuous relationship. Not with real people or an actual place but rather an imagined landscape in which she encounters objects and people who represent her loves and hates, desires and fears. It’s a diary about her. And how she relates to the world around her.

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Erin Morrison’s Paintings Embrace The Plasticity And Physicality Of Materials

| Art and design | August 18, 2014

Erin Morrison Painting Of Geometric Shape

Head of Gauguin On Shelf

Table Setting With Bottle And Cup

Avocados On Orange Table

Objects On Evening Window

Black Bottle On Criss Cross Pattern

Still Life With Tiles Vase And Wine

Erin Morrison‘s paintings eschew the form and embrace the plasticity of making pictures, her work a series of experiments using materials as disparate as plaster, quilt making, printmaking and paint. Each rooted in classical art history yet wholly new and informed by a deep interest in the physicality and limitations of the material.

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Daryl Peveto’s Photographs From ‘American Nomads’ Take Us Into A Desert Community In California

| Photography | August 15, 2014

Daryl Peveto Photograph Of Old Man Smoking

Smoking Crack In Desert

American Nomads Paddling Pool

Couple In The Salton Sea Camp

Nude Dancing In Californian Desert

Woman At Peace In Water

Man Blowing Candle On Melted Birthday Cake

Daryl Peveto‘s photographs from ‘American Nomads’ take us into the Salton Sea in Southern California and a place called the Slabs – an abandoned World War II Marine barracks called Camp Dunlap and named after the concrete slabs that remain there – where the photographer Erin Hoffstetter visited a number of years ago. Both Peveto and Hoffstetter were searching for the quintessential American ideal, the founding dream of the millions of migrants who have traversed this great continent in the hope of finding a new life in a new world. An America of freedom, possibility and self determination.

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Guido Gazzilli’s Photographs From ‘Fisnik’ Are Haunting Pictures From Kosovo

| Photography | August 15, 2014

Guido Gazzilli Photograph Of Kosovo

Kosovo Fields At Night

Fisnik Carved Cross With Knife

Baby Sleeping In Sunlight

Blowing Snow Drop In Wind

Horses Standing In Snow Field

Tea Cups Infront Of Photograph

Woman In Campervan Window

Guido Gazzilli‘s photographs from ‘Fisnik’ take us into Kosovo a year after its independence from Serbia in 2009. The country remains a partially recognised state in Southeastern Europe – Serbia continues to regard it as an autonomous province – and has been deeply scarred by the bloodshed and ethnic cleansing of its muslim minorities by the Serbian army under Milosevic during the Kosovo war between 1998 – 1999. It is was a conflict in which many war crimes were committed. The largest atrocities since WWII. The mass killings still being investigated 15 years later. My father was there in 1999 with NATO. He will never forget it.

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