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Bear Kirkpatrick’s ‘Hierophanies’ Photographs Explore The Sacred In The Profane

| Photography | 3 hours ago

Bear Kirkpatrick Photograph Naked Woman And Stag

Hierophanies Of Sirens By Moonlight

Woman Lying In Flowers

Women Playing In Grass

Truth And God In Wilderness

Figures Holding Hands In Gorge

Deer Sitting With Woman

Bear Kirkpatrick‘s photographs from ‘Hierophanies’ are a search for the sacred in the profane, an attempt to capture the space between myth and reality, to reveal the glory of god within nature. A world of the eternal without time. Beyond life and death.

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Petros Koublis ‘Lamenta’ Photographs Explore The Social Collapse Of The Greek Landscape

| Photography | 5 hours ago

Petros Koublis Photograph Of Fish In Sink

Lamenta Of Pink Sunset In Car Mirror

Abandoned Boat In Bushes

Striped Garage Doors And Palm Tree

Rusted Truck At Sunset

Fluttering Silver Curtains In Greece

Greek Flag

Petros Koublis‘ photographs from ‘Lamenta’ are part of a project from The Depression Era Collective, a loose group of artists, photographers, writers, curators, designers and researchers who are cataloguing, re-interpreting, distilling and expressing the collapse of urban and social landscapes of Greece after the economic crash of 2008.

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Katie Trick’s Paintings Are Rooted In Our Collective Culture

| Art and design | 8 hours ago

Katie Trick Painting Of Pink Sunset

Yellow Swimming Pool

Shrubs In Manicured Garden

Frozen Path In Night Garden

Pink Window With Hanging Flowers

Dark Trees Behind Wall

Katie Trick‘s paintings of gardens in manicured suburbia are rooted in our shared cultural knowledge, each picture tantalising our memory, living in that mind space we believe is ours but in truth belongs in a history of film imagery that we have re-appropriated and made our own.

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Jaejin Hwang’s ‘Asleep’ Photographs Look At The Commonalities Between Sleep And Death

| Photography | October 29, 2014

Jaejin Hwang Photograph Of Woman Lying On Bed

Dead Bird On Grass

Cat Sitting On Window Sill

Dead Furry Animal Under Tree

Bed Of Rocks In Grass Lawn

Shallow Water Reflecting Sunlight

Broken Hub Cap InShadow Of Pole

Jaejin Hwang‘s photographs from ‘Asleep’ are inspired by a song of the same name from ‘The Smiths’ and look to capture, to express, the commonality between a peaceful death and falling asleep.

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Nadine Fraczkowski’s Photographs Of A Strange American Reality

| Photography | October 29, 2014

Nadine Fraczkowski Photograph Of Lotto Guns And Beer

Tyranny Of The Urgent Billboard

Anti Obama Sign On Shack

Bleeding Dog Sniffing In Dirt

Black Shack With Graffiti

Gorilla Sign For Wrestling

Vietnam Vet Drinking In Bar

Dirty Mobile Home With Dog

Nadine Fraczkowski‘s photographs delve into the strange world of America and places we never see. Are far removed from as we glare into the TV set. Plugged into mainstream life. This is the space that Fraczkowski occupies, travels through, walking along the marginal borders of life, peering into sub cultures and groups of people, communities, who exist on the fringes of society, unnoticed, ignored, left to their own devices.

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Giorgia Siriaco’s Paintings Are Life Affirming And Optimistic

| Art and design | October 29, 2014

Giorgia Siriaco Painting Of Blue Flowers

Connected Orange Line

Journey Into The Unknown Through Aboriginal Dreamtime

Summer Days Of Hot Slumber

Summer Flowers With Sun High In The Sky

Pretty In Pink Flower In The Garden

Balanced Still Life In Blue

Giorgia Siriaco‘s paintings are life affirming, optimistic pictures that caress the eyes, speak of brighter days as the darkness of winter closes in.

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Alessandro Penso’s ‘Lost Generation’ Photographs Take Us Into The Lives Of Illegal Immigrants In Greece

| Photography | October 28, 2014

Alessandro Penso Photograph Of Illegal Immigrants At Border Fence

Lost Generation Of Refugees In Greece

Afghan Migrant Living In Disused Factory

Afghan Migrants Jumping On Container Truck

Refugees Living In Train Carriage

Men Skimming Stones Outside Athens

North African Refugees Living On Abandoned Train Wagon

Immigrants Playing By Sea

Alessandro Penso‘s photographs from ‘Lost Generation’ bring to light a reality that many of us refuse to acknowledge in Europe. A situation that has ignited extremist right wing violence, xenophobia and a growing chasm in societal attitudes towards those most in need in countries on the periphery of Europe. Namely Greece. A country which is generally the first stop for North African and Afghan refugees fleeing war, religious persecution and economic deprivation.

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Michal Dabrowski’s ‘The North Wind And The Sun’ Photographs Re-interpret One Of Aesop’s Fables

| Photography | October 28, 2014

Michal Dabrowski Photograph Of Shifting Sands

North Wind Fighting The Sun

Broken Ground After Storm

Plastic Bottle Shadow In Sun

Sunlight Shadows Of Shrubs In Desert

Water Flow Into Vortex

Flooded Field After Rain

Michal Dabrowski‘s photographs from ‘The North Wind and the Sun’ are rooted in an ancient story – a parable many of us know from Aesop’s Fables – that was born much further back in time, to ancient Greece and Rome.

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Eithne Roberts Still Life Paintings Are Beautiful Zen Like Pictures

| Art and design | October 28, 2014

Eithne Roberts Painting Of Spring Time Table

Pears Crocus Flowers And Ceramic Bowl

Shelf Life In Irish Kitchen

Sugar Peas Bowl And Bottle On Table

Cups Glass Bottles And Bowls On Kitchen Table

Teatime In Ireland

Eithne Roberts still life paintings are contemplative minimal compositions that seek out the quiet in all of us, that take us into their Zen like existence and make us see the banal, the ordinary in a divine way.

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Paul Kwiatkowski’s ‘Eat, Prey, Drug’ Photographs Take Us On A Psychedelic Trip Across America

| Photography | October 24, 2014

Paul Kwiatkowski Photograph Of Girl With Wolf Head

American Desolation Road In Dakota

Eat Pray Drug With Naked Girl On Toilet

Man Smoking Joint Under No Drug Sign

Car Overtaking Mobile Home On HIghway

Pain Sign Behind Woman Holding Fruit

Girl In Reflected Sunlight

Woman Putting On Bra In Car

I don’t know where to start with Paul Kwiatkowski’s new online photography series ‘Eat, Prey, Drug’. Its inexplicable. Its form is both intoxicating and deranged, a maniacal road trip through America, a psychological journey that takes us into a heart of darkness at the bottom of a dream, into a place that seems to be lost, scrabbling around for meaning in a country that has come to represent the epitome of materialism, a supreme capitalist state that has lost all sense of itself.

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Fred Huening’s ‘Drei’ Photographs Are A Paean To Familial Love

| Photography | October 24, 2014

Fred Huening Photograph Of Mother And Son Swimming

Mother And Child In Shower

Boy Playing With Toy Gun

Family Lying Down In Bath

Mother And Child Taking Photographs

Boy Running Out Of River

Portrait Of Young  Boy

Fred Huening‘s photographs from ‘Drei’ are a searingly honest and open series of pictures, part of a trilogy, a familial love story that begins with one, becomes two and ends with three.

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Golriz Rezvani’s Expressionistic Paintings Are Rooted In Iran

| Art and design | October 24, 2014

Golriz Rezvani Painting Of Man With Sparkling Eyes

Woman Looking Into Mirror

Hands On Sneakers On Carpet

Pigeon Sitting In Red Landscape

Old Man Sleeping In Bed

People Sitting Under Roof

White Scream From Woman On Couch

Golriz Rezvani‘s paintings are rooted in her homeland of Iran, in the social and political war that is ongoing, unrelenting and creating a new culture of defiance in this theocratic state.

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Zsolt Kadar’s ‘A Life Worth Living’ Photographs Take Us Into The Lives Of A Single Mother And Her Daughters Over A 22 Year Period

| Photography | October 23, 2014

Zsolt Kadar Photograph Of Woman In Bath With Cat

Kids Lying On Bed In Messy Room

Life Worth Living In One Bedroom Apartment

Woman Sunbathing In New York Bushes

Woman On Phone Smoking Cigarette

Sisters Playing With Teddy Bear

Girl Wearing Star Shirt In Alley

Zsolt Kadar‘s photographs from ‘A Life Worth Living’ give us a fascinating insight into the life of a single mother bringing up her two daughters, in Brooklyn, over a period of 22 years.

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Carolyn Lefley’s ‘Realm’ Photographs Explore The Meaning Of Home

| Photography | October 23, 2014

Carolyn Lefley Photograph Of Fireplace

Forest Of Flowers Indoors

Nature Realm Projected On Barn Walls

Tree Growing In Bedroom

Lake Digitally Imposed On Wall

Window To Freedom

Nature Wall In Dilapidated House

Carolyn Lefley‘s photographs from ‘Realm’ are a continuation of her exploration of home, what it means to us and how we articulate the desire for a place to belong through art.

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Carolyn Cole’s Abstract Paintings Shimmer With Colour

| Art and design | October 23, 2014

Carolyn Cole Painting Of Green Fields

Burning Bush In Desert

Blue Sky Reflected In Water

Green Fields In Oregon

American Abstract Desert

Shimmering Dawn Through Window

Carolyn Cole‘s paintings shimmer as if we’re looking through a rain strewn window out into the world; separate, alone, pondering and hovering between consciousness and intuition, dreams and reality, twilight and dawn.

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