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Julien Pebrel ‘Les Migrants De Calais’ Photographs Are A Searing Document Of Misery And Hope

| Photography | 22 mins ago

Julien Pebrel Photograph Of Boys On French Hill

Afghan Refugee In France

Calais Migrant Walking On Beach

Fleeing Migrants To England

Refugees Crawling Under Fence

Refugee In Migrant Camp

Julien Pebrel‘s photographs from ‘Les Migrants De Calais’ are a searing document of human misery and hope, a momentary look at a catastrophe that seems neverending and to which there is no solution as people flood into Europe fleeing from war, poverty, death. Like Gianni Cipriano‘s photographs of migrant life on the small Italian island of Lampedusa – that lies halfway between North Africa and Sicily – where up to 53,000 North African and Sub-Saharan migrants arrive every year in the search for a better life, Pebrel travelled to Calais, the last port of call for many looking for a new start in England.

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Taku Onoda’s Photographs From ‘Nebulous’ Are Wonderfully Atmospheric

| Photography | 2 hours ago

Taku Onoda Photograph Road Shadows

Car Parked In Deserted Parking Lot

Luminous Petals At Night

Nebulous Fish Eyes

Bright Sparks In Waterfall

Concrete Jungle Of Apartments

Japanese Neon City

Sometimes you come across photographs online that immediately grab your attention and you go looking, mining for more information, searching for the artist, wanting to know more. But to no avail. Taku Onoda is one such photographer. He remains an enigma despite his work for various commercial clients in New York City. But these are not commercial images rather they come from his first book called, ‘Nebulous’, which is full of wonderful abstract and atmospheric pictures.

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Marta Utsler’s Paintings Are Atmospheric Pictures

| Art and design | 5 hours ago

Marta Utsler Painting Bruised Twilight

Violent End In Storm

Yellow Light In Typhoon

Moon Tour Through Vortex

Bloody Hell Through Trees

Red Lines On Industrial Building

Marta Utsler‘s paintings are expressive pictures that burst into life out of a frisson of dynamic energy. An elemental force that is both primal and atmospheric, the whirling, dizzying, aggressive lines and forms pulling us out of our comfort zone of gentility and forcing us to recognise our own emotional capabilities and the innate power of nature.

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Rachel Barrett’s ‘Bolinas’ Photographs Take Us Into An Off Grid Community In California

| Photography | March 5, 2015

Rachel Barrett Photograph Seaweed Low Tide

Woman In Bikini On Beach

Girl In Bra Looking Out Window

Lady Reading Book In Sun

Bolinas Beach In California

Wood Shed In Northern California

Naked Woman In Orchard

Rachel Barrett’s photographs from ‘Bolinas’ take us into the small unincorporated community of Bolinas in northern California, a place in which a group of disparate people, with a rich cultural and agricultural history, got together after the Summer of Love in 1968 to clean up after an oil spill in the area. From these small collective beginnings a place was born, a home in which families grew and lived off the land, off grid and on their own terms.

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Matthew Crowther’s ‘The Darkness Beyond Tomorrow’ Photographs Seek To Articulate Life

| Photography | March 5, 2015

Matthew Crowther Photograph Car Mirror With Air Fresheners

Darkness Beyond Tomorrow With Bottle Of Piss

Man Drinking Beer By Fire

Dead Rabbit Lying In Grass

Bare Chested Man With Butterfly Tattoos

Autumnal Tree By Lake

Smashed Glass On Car Seat

Matthew Crowther‘s photographs from ‘The Darkness Beyond Tomorrow’ are opaque pictures. They don’t give us anything to latch onto rather they suggest, leave clues to their intent, small narrative elements, like notes that may or may not guide us through his essay. And an essay it is. An attempt to articulate the story of his life – and by extension ours – in any given moment. To unknot all the complications and strands that make up the complex tapestry of our story and give it clarity. A narrative that we can make sense of.

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William LaChance’s Paintings Are Inspired By Vintage Graphic Design

| Art and design | March 5, 2015

William LaChance Painting Raw

Green Plants With Abstract Colour

Womans Profile In Graphic Style

Black Dog In Rainbow

Black Snake In Grass

Red Wolves With Lotus Flower

William LaChance‘s paintings are inspired by vintage graphic design and illustration that combine realism and abstraction, his pictures a bright pop commingling of letters, graphic images, bright colours and hard geometrical forms.

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Robin Lambert’s Photographs From ‘Fugue State’

| Photography | March 4, 2015

Robin Lambert Photograph Driving Night

Fugue State On Road At Night

Seated Woman In Dark

Void In Foggy Field

Cloudy Lake In England

Sublime Concrete Corner On Street

Robin Lambert‘s photographs from ‘Fugue State’ look to encapsulate a visual experience of a psychiatric disorder, a singular moment that has no form, is in some ways without time, an altered state of consciousness in which a person may move about purposely and even speak but is not fully aware of who they are or their relationship to reality.

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Aleksei Kazantsev’s Photographs From ‘Light Forms Grey Forms Dark Forms’

| Photography | March 4, 2015

Man Hiding Behind Forest Tree

Man Sitting On Dark Forest Floor

Light Forms Grey Forms Dark Forms Dancing Under Tree

Aleksei Kazantsev Photograph Man Moving In Field

Human Movement Behind Trees

Hiding In Muddy Hole

Black Shadow Dancing Under Cherry Blossom

Aleksei Kazantsev‘s photographs from ‘Light Forms Grey Forms Dark Forms’ are dark mysterious pictures that draw us into the mythos of nature. The woods and forests of our imagination.

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Erik Hudson’s Paintings Are A Primitive Expression Of Contemporary Culture

| Art and design | March 4, 2015

Erik Hudson Painting Disappear People

Dark Half Of The City

Demons Desire In American Football

Empty Space On City Street

Jump Start Life In Amsterdam

Sell Yourself And Your Brain

Erik Hudson’s paintings follow a familiar aesthetic, one that is bound up in contemporary culture, graffiti art, Neo-expressionism and Primitivism, his pictures rooted in the work of Basquiat, Enzo Cucchi and other painters of the 1970’s and 1980’s who came out of the New York scene.

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Anastasia Tailakova’s Photographs From ‘In Vain’ Reveal The Truth Behind Our Digital Lives

| Photography | March 3, 2015

Anastasia Tailakova Photograph Day Dreaming

Girl In Vain Infront Of Wallpaper

Naked Man Bored And Waiting

Girl Sitting At Table

Woman Hiding Behind Laundry

Man Waiting For Breakfast At Table

Girl Sitting And Dreaming On Chair

Anastasia Tailakova‘s photographs from ‘In Vain’ explore a subject not often broached. A negative situation that we are all aware of yet chose not to articulate, particularly in a social media age where everyone is apparently positive and beautiful and leading wonderful and exciting lives.

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Jamie Carayiannis Photographs From ‘Power’ Highlight The Impact Of Mining On The Landscape

| Photography | March 3, 2015

Jamie Carayiannis Photograph Coal Train America

Lone Tree In West Virginia

Marsh Fork School Virginia

Strip Mining Mountaintop Site

Power Plant In America

Strip Mine Landscape

Toxic Landscape With Lake

Jamie Carayiannis landscape photographs from ‘Power’ highlight the impact of mountaintop removal mining in her home state of Virginia and the devastation the industry has had on the environment.

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Alex Shaeffer’s Paintings Of Burning Banks From His ‘Disaster Capitalism’ Series

| Art and design | March 3, 2015

Alex Shaeffer Painting Bank Burning

Disaster Capitalism In America

Cabernet Beer Bongs For Bankers

Burning Skyscrapers In LA

Chase Bank Fire

Fuck 80s Advertisement

House Sale And Foreclosure In America

Alex Shaeffer‘s ‘Disaster Capitalism’ paintings came to prominence in the wake of the Occupy protests in 2011 and aroused fury, indignation and police heavy handedness in what was to become a farce and a indictment of the system we continue to live in.

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Tomas Jakobsson’s Minimal Photographs From ‘South’ Are Brooding Pictures

| Photography | March 2, 2015

Tomas Jakobsson Photograph Face Close Up

Field Of Wheat At Dawn

Foggy Road With Telegraph Pole

Dead Bird Decaying On Gorund

Nordic Farmer Outside House

Open Window Of Apartment

Fairground Ride In Sweden

When I came across Tomas Jakobsson‘s photographs from ‘South’ I was intrigued. They are minimal. Strange. Dark. Brooding. You can barely see what he’s looking at. What interests him. His photographs are enigmatic. All one can ask is why?

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Joel Sternfeld’s Large Format Colour Photographs Of America Are Seminal Pictures

| Photography | March 2, 2015

Joel Sternfeld Photograph Farm Market Virginia

American Prospect Rooming House For Men

Couple Driving In Cadillac

Police Call At Home

Shopping Cart Collector At Shopping Mall

Sweetie Face New Orleans Blues Bar

Woman Carrying Child In Laundry Basket

Woman Crossing New York Street

Joel Sternfeld‘s large format photographs are some of the most important documentary pictures taken in the latter half of the 20th Century in America and were to establish colour photography as a respected artistic medium in its own right.

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Chloë Danielle Marson’s Paintings Look To Articulate Colour And Energy

| Art and design | March 2, 2015

Chloë Danielle Marson Painting Caged Illusions


Coming Together

Circle life

Escape City

Hiding Green

Chloë Danielle Marson‘s paintings are part of her enquiry into the energy contained within us and the colours we emit. What she calls our ‘biography of colour’. This idea that we, as sentient beings, are part of a universal cycle – that moves from one form of energy to another – constitutes the basis for all her pictures.

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