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Patrick Willocq’s ‘I Am Walé Respect Me’ Photographs Celebrate The Rituals Of The Ekonda Pygmies Of The Congo

| Photography | 17 hours ago

I am Walé Respect Me

Patrick Willocq Photograph Of Congolese Tribe

Congo Parade In Forest

Ekonda Pygmies With Ritual Props

Rowing Boat On Leaves

Congolese Actors Pretending To Be Bats

Congolese Arts And Crafts

Tribal Games Congo

Patrick Willocq‘s photographs from ‘I am Walé Respect Me’ are utterly unique, give us a different view, an artistic vision of life in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A place only known for its corruption, conflict and savagery.

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Chris Poppos Photographs Have A Mythical Quality

| Photography | 19 hours ago

Chris Poppos Photograph Of Naked Woman On Bed

Black Staring Eyes From Strange Birds

Woman Sitting In Forest

Barefoot Under Blanket On Bed

Naked Dancing On Velvet

Walking On Log In Brogues

Woman Writhing On Ground

Chris Poppos photographs are online under the moniker ‘Strange Birds’. A suitable name for an artist who creates mysterious images. There is nothing about him anywhere. Only these pictures. These incredibly atmospheric black and white images of a woman in a forest, a room, on a bed.

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Peter Vahlefeld’s Paintings Subvert Artworld Advertisements

| Art and design | 22 hours ago

Auction Catalogue With Silkscreen Woman Portrait

Peter Vahlefeld Painting Of Art Action Ticket

Contemporary Art Evening Auction

Metropolitan Museum Ticket Digital Collage

Vanilla Aromatic Picasso Candle

Digital Photography Painting With Collage

I Am As You Will Be

Peter Vahlefeld‘s paintings combine analog and digital photographs and paint on canvas, each picture a subversion, a riposte to the rampant consumerism that engulfs society and in particular the art world. By re-appropriating gallery and auction house advertisements as well as gift shop souvenirs found in museums Vahlefeld destroys the meaning of the materials, sucks out the content and form of these consumerist tokens and regurgitates them in a style that lies somewhere between abstract expressionism and pop art.

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Shawne Brown’s Photographs From ‘Sensabaugh Hollow’ Explore The Mythical Qualities Of Place

| Photography | August 29, 2014

Shawne Brown Photograph Of Swimming Pool

Sensabaugh Hollow Tennessee Creek

Brothers In East Tennessee Cabin

Winter Woods In Tennessee

Man Holding Dog At Sunset

Woman By Holston River

Wooden Church Pew

Shawne Brown‘s photographs from ‘Sensabaugh Hollow’ give us an interesting insight into the notion of place. What it is, how we articulate a particular location, a space that has resonance for us, is imbued with memories and stories, history and emotions.

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Paulina Otylie Surys Photographs Are Wonderfully Gothic

| Photography | August 29, 2014

Paulina Surys Photograph Of Boys Kissing

Sun Goddess With Blank Eyes

Gothic Art And Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Phantom Wysteria Underwater

Woman Having Picnic With Flowers

Poem Of Ecstasy About Woman In Gold

Screaming Lady By Fruit Tree

Woman In Fur Stole

Paulina Otylie Surys photographs are sumptuous Gothic images rooted in classical painting, 19th Century photographic techniques, such as wet plate collodion, and her passion for fashion, literature, history, religion and mythology.

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Stephen Thorpe’s Paintings Are Theatrical Pictures

| Art and design | August 29, 2014

Red Chair And Rope In Wooden Cabin

Stephen Thorpe Painting Of Caravan Site

Deviant Forest With Tiled Floor

False Histories And Confusions Of Time 1886

Phenomenology Of Roundness In Sci Fi Tunnel

Void In Holiday Camp

House Of God With Neon Sign

Stephen Thorpe‘s paintings are intensely physical pictures of imaginary places. They bend physics, displace us, disorient us as we try to make sense of the interior we’re looking into, staring at. Using oil, canvas and expanding foam he builds immaculate images that are rooted in ancient friezes, fragments of murals whose roughly hewn edges seem incongruous when viewed in relation to the exquisite rendering of the objects within the paintings.

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David Kasnic’s ‘Columbia Collection’ Photographs Begin With Woody Guthrie

| Photography | August 28, 2014

David Kasnic Photograph Kissing Couple

Feeding Deer Cherries In Forest

Jumping Into Columbia River

Dead Fish On Floor

Red Apples Lying On Grass

Neon Street Lights In Washington

Walking Along Columbia River

David Kasnic‘s photographs from ‘Columbia Collection’ start with Woody Guthrie who moved to Oregon to write 26 songs about the Columbia river and the building of the Grand Coulee Dam in 1941. The songs came out of a frustration with his own career in New York and the censorship laws that prevented his music from reaching an audience who longed for the truth in a censored America gripped by war.

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Brian Pescador’s Photographs Take Us Tripping With The ‘Kings Of The Canyon’

| Photography | August 28, 2014

Brian Pescador Photograph Of Mans Chest

Taking Magic Mushrooms

Drinking Beer On Rock

Lovers Asleep In Grass

Kings Of The Canyon With Girl In Red Bikini

Girl Walking Thorugh Meadow

Man Sleeping On Rock In River

Man Spaced Out On Mushrooms

Brian Pescador‘s photographs from ‘Kings Of The Canyon’ are beautiful; a series of pictures of people tripping on mushrooms, having fun, drinking beer, camping, swimming and dozing in eternal bliss. 

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Hosni Radwan’s Paintings Are Rooted In Ramallah In Palestine

| Art and design | August 28, 2014

Iraq At War With Citizens

Hosni Radwan Painting Of Ramallah

Blue Face In Occupied Territories

Couple Waiting For Peace In Middle East

Palestinian Territory Abstract Art

Part Architecture Of Jerusalem

Hosni Radwan’s paintings are rooted in the West Bank, in the history of the Palestinian Territories and his home city of Ramallah that has been systematically destroyed by the Israeli Defence Forces over the last 30 years.

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Nadia Lee Cohen’s ‘Mr & Mrs Teavee’ Photographs Celebrate Americana

| Photography | August 27, 2014

Nadia Lee Cohen Photograph Of Tropical Oven

Mr Mrs Teavee Tranny On Bed

Americana Fashion In 1950s Cinema

Woman Watching Television In Leopardskin High Heels

Hair Dryer With Flamingoes

Fashion Olympics With Rose Petals

Fat Woman Wearing Pink Fur

Nadia Lee Cohen’s photographs from ‘Mr & Mrs Teavee’ wallow in Americana, her pictures celebrating bright saturated pop colours, set hair, loud make-up, garish patterns and television surreality of the 1950′s, 60′s and 70′s. Her playful appropriation of advertising and cinematic tropes colluding to entrap us in an overblown fantasy. A construction we all know but have never touched, a flat surface we all understand through mass media.

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Justin Kimball’s ‘Dreamers’ Photographs Fall Into A Timeless Space

| Photography | August 27, 2014

Justin Kimball Photograph Of Friends Showing Knickers

Two Girls Eating Celebration Lunch On Porch

Family Swimming In Lake

Father And Child Dozing On Couch

Students Smoking Cigars At Party

People Having Picnic In Park

Man Dreaming With Motorbike

Women With Feet In Sand On Beach

Justin Kimball‘s photographs from ‘Dreamers’ are a beautiful study in lost thought, in those wonderful small moments we occasionally fall into, when time falls away and we’re left in the moment, oblivious to the pressures of the everyday, the stresses of the mundanity of life.

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Joe Gegan’s Vibrant Paintings Are Physical Pictures Made By The Collaging Of Old Pictures

| Art and design | August 27, 2014

Wake In Fright

Joe Gegan Painting Of Man In Chair

Anarchy In Abstract Space

Man Sitting In Chair

Shiva In Rocky Landscape

Rock And Shale Collage In Paint

Man Walking Through Abstract Space

Joe Gegan‘s paintings are physical pictures, an assault on the eyes, a building up of form, colour and texture, each a re-appropriation of old pictures – of his and other artists – that are collaged to create something new; a mutation, a second coming, a rebirth of an old image.

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Lara Shipley And Antone Dolezal’s ‘The Devils Promenade’ Photographs Take Us Into The Ozarks

| Photography | August 26, 2014

Lara Shipley Photograph Of Ozark Man

Antone Dolezal Photograph Of Night Driving

Bush Drinking In Forest

Ghostly Girl On Dark Street

Two Women In Bikinis In Ozarks

Spooklight In Ozarks

Woman On Devils Promenade

Young Mennonites Swimming In Forest Pool

Lara Shipley and Antone Dolezal‘s photographs from ‘The Devils Promenade’ take us on a spooky adventure into the Ozark mountains – that covers much of the southern half of Missouri, Arkansas, north-eastern Oklahoma and south-eastern Kansas – into a region that’s both rooted in religion and folklore and blighted by poverty and drugs.

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Stefanie Schneider’s ’29 Palms, CA’ Polaroids Are Part Of An Incredible Project In The Californian Desert

| Photography | August 26, 2014

Stefanie Schneider Photograph Of Red Hair Woman

Motel Neon Sign In Californian Desert

Girl Getting Make Up Put On

Woman Doing Nails By Pool

29 Palms CA Film Of Preacher Man

Girl Behind White Picket Fence

Trailer Park Dreams In Desert Sun

Stefanie Schneider‘s photographs from ‘29 Palms, CA‘ are part of an ongoing project that takes place in a trailer park community in the Californian desert. It’s a long term project that combines still Polaroid images and voice overs and to date Schneider has made six films in the desert including; ‘Hitchhiker’, ‘Rene’s dream’, ‘Sidewinder’, ‘Till death do us part’, ‘Heather’s dream’ and ‘The girl behind the white picket fence’. It’s an incredible story and a fascinating portrait of the American West that’s filled with characters revealing their innermost thoughts, their ambitions, memories, hopes, fears and dreams.

The Polaroid stills are beautiful images, the expired film creating an aesthetic that is truly emblematic of the hot searing climate of the desert, each picture giving us a sense of the surreal atmosphere of an American culture that is indelibly intertwined with contemporary film, literature, music and art. A culture that we all know, believe we know, the landscape of our collective imagination.

There is something inherently ephemeral about these pictures, as if they’re temporary, on the edge of reality only to fade away into a distant memory, the characters captured on the edge of oblivion only to disappear into the light of cinematic history. It’s a romantic statement rooted in Schneider’s love of Americana, of coming from a congested Europe into the open spaces of the desert through the classic films of Hollywood; ‘Badlands’, ‘Red Desert’, ‘Zabriskie Point’, ‘The Last Picture Show’ and ‘Thelma And Louise’.

This love of American culture combined with her use of expired Polaroid instant film – which she enlarges by hand in her studio – gives us a glimpse into this land of excitement, danger and romance. It’s the synthesis of a dream, of a cultural landscape that only exists within our minds, a place we desire, want to escape to, the endless horizon of possibility and hope. On her project website she has this to say about her work:

The world depicted in the film combines the notions of reality and fantasy and explores the resonance of both within a desert landscape and a transient culture. The characters depicted in the film, (an actress, a singer, a DJ, a motel owner and his wife, an US army soldier, a mystic, a princess, a recluse, a movie ticket seller, two hitchhikers, a doctor, a director, etc.), are played by both actors and non-actors. The story is constructed through the interpretation of real life communications (i.e. phone calls, emails, conversations) that have taken place as the individuals depicted in the story try to make sense of events that have occurred in real life. In this sense the story is, in part, a biography and social commentary, and the characters are the exaggerated alter egos of the individuals who play them.

This is a complex project. Is deeply rooted in various art forms, has longevity, is a set within itself, an ongoing narrative which Schneider is always returning too. It’s well worth your while having a look at it. There is alot to take in, to see, to get involved in.



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Jennifer May Reiland’s Illustrations From ‘Florence Farmborough’s Dream’ Explore The Horror Of War

| Art and design | August 26, 2014

Jennifer May Reiland Illustration Of Woman Cutting Hair

Florence Farmborough Dream With Three Heads

Huntress In World War Horror

Sorrow And Beauty With Death Heads

World War One Skulls And Grenades

Jennifer May Reiland‘s illustrations from ‘Florence Farmborough’s Dream’ are typical of this young artists deep love of history and the deep primal connections we seek to make between each other. Connections we call supernatural, religious, spiritual.

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