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Sam Harris Photographs From ‘The Middle of Somewhere’

| Photography | 19 hours ago

Sam Harris Photograph Of Girl And Parakeet

Middle Of Somewhere In Western Australia

Birthday Party Reflections In Window

Australian Sky With Oncoming Storm

Girl Cycling In Shadows

Girls Playing In Tree

Rabbit Hutch In Perth

Sam Harris‘ photographs from ‘The Middle of Somewhere’ are a continuation of his previous award winning series ‘Postcards from Home’, an ongoing diary that revolves around the lives of his two daughters living in a remote part of Western Australia.

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Lisa Sorgini’s ‘Toska – Reimagining Memories’ Photographs Attempt To Exorcise Love Lost

| Photography | 21 hours ago

Lisa Sorgini Photograph Of Woman On Bed

Pigeon Walking In Public Square

Toska Reimagining Memories Of French Hotel

Busker Playing Accordion On French Street

French Public Statue In Paris

Man Looking Into Fountain In Courtyard

Cat Walking On Garden Path

Viewfinder On Pier Looking Out On Atlantic

Lisa Sorgini‘s photographs from ‘Toska – Reimagining Memories’ are an exorcism of sorts, an attempt by the artist to reinvent the past, to remould the pictures of a loving memory into an alternative world devoid of pain and love lost.

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Vigintas Stankus Abstract Paintings Of A Textured City

| Art and design | November 26, 2014

Vigintas Stankus Painting Of Lithuania

Busy Town At Sunset

City Lights At Sunset

Tropical Port City

Urban Lithuania Near Forest

Vigintas Stankus abstract paintings are rich, heavily textured and spontaneous pictures that rejoice in colour and rhythm, his ‘City’ series taking us on a musical journey through the streets of a bright urbanscape, his compositions suggesting a busy world of fast moving people and lives running without breath.

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Madison Dinelle’s Photographs Are Beguiling Pictures

| Photography | November 25, 2014

Madison Dinelle Photograph Of Mans Armpit

Angled Trees In Forest

Foot And Finger On Table

Geometric Poles Intersecting Legs

Hills Of Knees

View Of Building Through Reflective Window

Woman Standing In Shadows

Madison Dinelle‘s photographs are simply remarkable. Utterly beguiling pictures born out of a unique vision of the world and a discerning eye that sees magic in the ordinary, each image revealing a formal organisation in the chaos of nature and a humour in the banal.

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Samantha Ylva Beasley’s Portrait Photographs Are Sublime

| Photography | November 25, 2014

Samantha Ylva Beasley Photograph Of Blue Eyes

Romantic Thoughts In Victorian Era

Girl With Flower In Hair

Man Wearing Maoist Shirt

Woman Having Contemplative Moment

Dreamy Girl With Green Eyes And Pearl Earing

I don’t often post up portraits but Samantha Ylva Beasley‘s photographs are sublime. There is an enigmatic quality to her pictures, her lens drawing out a mystery we can’t untangle, a knot of human emotions that remain out of reach.

Beasley has a passion for 19th and early 20th Century photographic techniques and uses 4 x 5 and 8 x 10 vintage cameras and expired film to make these pictures, each one developed by hand, the colour sensitive, the men and women in her photographs peering out at us through a diffused light, each of them wallowing in a story without words. Her approach could be considered poetic in the sense that she’s looking to express the essence of humanity through a familiar visual language, bringing us beyond the picture, giving us a face, a mirror into which we can see the reflection of our own soul.

They are beautiful photographs made by a young artist who has a long journey ahead of her and I wish her all the best. Here’s what she has to say about her work:

Deeply inspired by the art of portraiture, she seeks to understand and draw out the subject’s raw emotion and sense of self in a way that is both ambiguous and highly personal.


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Borg De Nobel’s Paintings Riff Off The Modern World

| Art and design | November 25, 2014

Borg De Nobel Painting Of Dutch Street

Twitter Blues With Green Man

Bird Pose On Mans Head

Birds Have Nests

Praying For Rain Under Red Sky

Red Dot Means Painting Sold

Borg De Nobel‘s paintings echo the works of Jean Michel Basquiat, Willem de Kooning, Cy Twombly and George Baselitz, her Neo-Expressionist aesthetic a riff off the modern world, a series of signposts that lead us into her fervent imagination, her dreams and her wanderings.

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Yigit Uygur’s Photographs Are Drawn From Classical Art

| Photography | November 24, 2014

Yigit Uygur Photograph Of Nude Woman

Renaissance Woman Reflected In Mirror

Drowning Girl In Lace Dress

Goddess Figure On Velvet Sheet

Ghostly Presence By Window

Naked Man Looking Through Glass

Woman Working In Shadows

Yigit Uygur‘s photographs are only part of his artistic journey, his digital pictures drawn from both a passion for photography and a deep understanding of philosophy, sociology, literature, music and art. His pictures a visual marker of an all encompassing desire to seek knowledge and to understand the essence of humanity behind the prosaic reality of life.

There is a mythic quality to these photographs, a yearning for a more romantic, intensely emotional life that’s bound inextricably with the natural world. A mystic connection that goes beyond the intellect and into intuition, a fleeting moment that all artists seek to capture forever in paint, in words, in an image.

And while his pictures echo the work of young fashion pioneering photographers such as Shae Detar, Amanda Charchian and Claire Oring they remain very much an articulation of his own personal vision, an aesthetic that’s rooted in the classical past while being wholly intertwined with contemporary writing, music and poetry.

I have been able to find out very little about Uygur except that he’s a Turkish artist and has spent his life playing and scoring music, writing poetry, publishing articles on philosophy and sociology while working as a radio director, news reader, columnist and editor for several newspapers and magazines.

His portfolio is a beautiful evocation of times past, his images intensely romantic and passionate, each picture giving you the space to wander off into the dreamscapes of your imagination.

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Sanjin Hadzalic’s Photographs From ‘Snapshots After The War’

| Photography | November 24, 2014

Sanjin Hadzalic Photograph Of Mother And Daughter On Beach

Snapshots After War Of Family

Bosnian Farmer In Tulip Field

Family Bike Holiday In Netherlands

Teenagers Relaxing In Woods

Girl Sniffing Flowers

Brother And Sister Playing Cowboys And Indians

Boy Swimming In Adriatic Sea

Sanjin Hadzalic‘s photographs from ‘Snapshots After the War’ are a visual document that seek peace of mind, are the attempt of a young artist to rekindle long lost memories, evoke his childhood self, a moment in his life before the darkness of war descended on his family and his country. Before everything changed irrevocably.

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Jacquie Gouveia’s Paintings Of Abstract Landscapes Touch On The Divine

| Art and design | November 24, 2014

Jacquie Gouveia Painting Of Red Sky

Irish Bog In Mist

Coastal Rendezvous In New England

Standing Next To Fire

Secret Vermont Oasis

Misty View From Mountains

Soft Morning Song

Jacquie Gouveia‘s abstract paintings take us into a pristine landscape in which the colours of the earth, sky and water reflect a divine space of stillness and quiet, a universe of peace that asks us to contemplate the world around us.

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Nick Turpin’s Street Photography Revels In Satirical Humour

| Photography | November 21, 2014

Nick Turpin Photograph Of National Portrait Gallery Painting

Airplane Shadow Flying Across Office Wall

Office Workers Walking Past Construction Workers

Colour Coded Tourist And Bus

Exploding Drink Can In Public Park

Office Worker Sleeping On Wall

Man Sunbathing On Street

Nick Turpin‘s street photography reveals much about him and his sense of humour – light hearted and tinged with satire – his eye focussing on the incongruity of daily life, the madness of urban routine, the interaction between people on the street and the ironic truth that we both conform to stereotypes while remaining individualistic, idiosyncratic and mad in all its glory.

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Lorena Ros ‘Heroin Russia’ Photographs Highlight The Growing Drug Problem In Russia

| Photography | November 21, 2014

Lorena Ros Photograph Of Drug Users

Buying Drugs On Russian Street

Injecting Heroin Into Vein

Drug Addict With Injection

St.Petersburg Needle Exchange

Russian Heroin Addicts Waiting For Fix

St Petersburg Prostitution For Drugs

Lorena Ros photographs from ‘Heroin Russia’ highlight one of the largest social issues in Russia today namely the growing problem of drug abuse with the numbers of users ranging from 3 – 6 million people. Most of them young. A whole generation victim to an addiction that is not being dealt with by the government who in turn refuse to allow users to be treated with methadone.

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Reo Rauch’s Paintings Play Between Social Realism And An American Comic Book Aesthetic

| Art and design | November 21, 2014

Neo Rauch Painting Of Men Wearing Dinner Jackets

Burning Sky Above Socialist Industrial Landscape

East German Farming Family

Mountain On Fire While Children Are Playing

Nude Sitting In River Reeds

Jesters And Musicians On Sage

Men Painting And Writing Outside

Neo Rauch’s idiosyncratic paintings seem out of step in our brave new world of corporate art, rather they hark back to social realism and in particular an East German aesthetic. His pictures full of heroic and romantic characters, Northern European landscapes, propaganda posters, a subdued colour palette, nostalgic colour schemes and clean design elements, all of which combine to engender a strange surrealism, a vision of a political entity that no longer exists but is interwoven into the psyche of German consciousness.

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Katharina Poblotzki’s Photographs From ‘I Can See You When My Eyes Are Closed’

| Photography | November 20, 2014

Katharina Poblotzki Photograph Of Woman Waking Up

I See You When My Eyes Are Closed

Couple Hiding Behind Leaves

Hand Between Tights And Legs

Woman Wearing Towel After Bath

Funfair In Winter Snow

Girl Screaming With Glass Of Drink

Katharina Poblotzki‘s photographs from ‘I can see you when my eyes are closed’ take us through inbetween spaces of inconsequentiality, the everyday moments of waking up, whispering, showering, shouting, being oneself as we pass through life. As it is.

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Monika Merva’s ‘Origins Of Emotions’ Photographs Search For Meaning In The Ordinary

| Photography | November 20, 2014

Monika Merva Photograph Of Old Hand

Origins Of Emotions With Two Bloody Knives

Man Gutting Fish On Plastic Table

Glass Bowl Of Peaches

Fried Eggs Sitting On Red Plate

Woman Lying In Bath

Dead Rabbit Lying In Hole

Broken Egg Splattered On Floor

Monika Merva‘s photographs from ‘Origins of Emotions’ search for meaning in the most ordinary of places; in family and friends and household objects, routines and daily rituals and the beauty of nature in its all encompassing form. Each picture an attempt to capture the beauty in the ordinary and the surprises found in the commonplace.

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Diary Of An Irish Performance Artist: That Was Summer That Was…

| Life in a cultural petri dish | November 20, 2014

Irish Performance Artist In Tinfoil Mask

This was one of the most beautiful Summers we ever had weather wise, many sunny warm days where one could imagine oneself tripping across sunlit beaches towards gentle wavelets. Feeling the warm glow of heat on your back…
So don’t think I am going to give you such a scene…no way…

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