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Alex Crétey Systermans Photographs From ‘Familiar’ Seek A Universal Beauty In The Everyday

| Photography | 14 hours ago

Alex Crétey Systermans Photograph

Familiar Rooms In France

Couple In Back Seat Car

Floured Fish On Table

Portrait Of Girl In Kitchen

Mother Looking Out Window

Farmer Bathroom In Rural France

Girl In Backyard At Sunset

Alex Crétey Systermans photographs from ‘Familiar’ traverse the known world of personal history; memories, friends and family. His pictures attempt to capture a collective unconscious, a beauty in the everyday, of our need for the familiar; family gatherings, a quiet moment, staring out the window, watching a child play in the backyard. All of these small, seemingly insignificant details becoming a signifer, a singular moment that encompasses a lifetime.

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Jesse Marlow’s Photographs From ‘Centre Bounce’ Take Us Into The World Of Aboriginal Aussie Rules

| Photography | 16 hours ago

Alice Springs Football In Australia

Jesse Marlow Photograph

Aboriginal Boy Creating Pitch

Australian Football Match

Changing Room After Match

Fans Screaming On Sideline

Kids Playing Games

Boys Play Aussie Rules In Northern Territories

Jesse Marlow‘s photographs from ‘Centre Bounce’ take us into the Northern Territories and Central Australia and reveal the rich tradition of indigenous Australian football. This series of pictures echoes the foundations of all sports across the world, from soccer in the favelas of Brazil to hurling in the fields of rural Ireland, each image capturing the energy and desire to play, to enjoy, improve and to hone natural skills despite the lack of resources, training pitches or stadia.

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Benjamin Constantine’s Bizarre Comic Series Called ‘Plump Oyster’

| Art and design | 18 hours ago

Benjamin Constantine Comics

Drinking And Fucking Underwater

Happy Cartoon Brain And Crabs

Oysterface Australian Alternative Comic

Intermission Between Couples

Under The Sea In Cave

Not Here And All Alone

Benjamin Constantine‘s disturbing comic series, ‘Plump Oyster’, pictures a strange world, one created by a man whose artwork is surreal, dark and has echoes of the wonderful American comic artist James Kochalka, whose work opened my eyes to a whole new form of alternative comics.

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Bob Hoke’s Outsider Art PaintIngs Are Lively Portraits

| Art and design | 20 hours ago

Bob Hoke Painting

American Outsider Art

Circus Bingo With Lion

Game Of Thrones Portrait

Memory Landscape Of People

Screaming Man In Primary Colours

Snake Mistake In Missouri

Bob Hoke‘s paintings are immediate, bizarre and rich in colour, lively portraits that live in the Outsider art world, a place outside the cultural mainstream, that are compelled to exist because the maker has to make, scratch, mark, bring colour to live without regard to art history and the gallery system.

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Masahito Agake’s Photographs Border On The Surreal

| Photography | April 15, 2014

Masahito Agake Photograph

Couple Laughing In Subway

Drinking And Laughing At Bar

Mother And Kids In Sand Pit

Man In Underpants On Street

Scary Doll In Park

Sleeping In Train Station

Dark Alley With Black Cat In Tokyo

Masahito Agake is an architect who also happens to be a photographer with a quirky sense of humour. His vision of the everyday is enlightening, acute, he manages to capture the idiosyncrasies of us, of everyone, of everyday life. He turns the ordinary into the mythical, the innocent into the sexual, the brightness of reality into the darkness of our most feared dreams.

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Brian Shumway’s Photographs From ‘Suburban Splendor’ Take Us On A Journey Into His Mormon Upbringing

| Photography | April 15, 2014

Brian Shumway Photograph

Suburban Splendor In Mormon Community

Child Crying On Street

Kids Playing In Estate

Happy Valley In Utah

Sisters On Street In America

Pleasant Grove In Utah

Brian Shumway has been working on this series of photographs for over 10 years. ‘Suburban Splendor’ is both an historical document; a journey through his Mormon upbringing in Happy Valley, Utah as well as a common ground on which he can reconcile the differences with his family while coming to terms with his roots that grew out of this Orthodoxy and led him to leave both his faith and home.

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Matthew Dibble’s Paintings Live In A Cubist World Of Domestic Purgatory

| Art and design | April 15, 2014

Matthew Dibble Painting

Archery Tournament With Ancient Greeks

Brilliantine Figures In Space

Donnybrook Near Rabbit Hutch

Orchestral Warehouse In Greece

Pale Convicts Floating In Room

Public Letter Writer

Matthew Dibble‘s paintings live in a cubist world of ancient Greece, his mythical figures floating through a monochromatic landscape, a geometric blueprint of domesticity, a purgatory, their restlessness creating a tension, a desire to move on and tell their story.

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Kathe Fraga’s Paintings Have A Romantic Chinoiserie Aesthetic

| Art and design | April 15, 2014

Rococo Singing Birds

Kathe Fraga Painting

Blue Birds With Flowers

Chinoiserie Style Fresco Paintings

French 17th Century Wallpaper

Love Birds And Flowers

Secret Garden With Red Flowers

Whisper of Love

Kathe Fraga‘s romantic paintings aren’t a style I’d normally be enamoured with. The Rococo was a period in Art History I’d happily skip over, take no heed of, its overtly highly decorative aesthetic too rich for my proletarian palette.

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Matthew Gamber’s Photograms From ‘This Is (Still) The Golden Age’ Are Made On A Cathode Ray Tube

| Photography | April 14, 2014

Matthew Gamber Photograph

Blurry Traces Of Man

Ghostly Object Floating In The Ether

Golden Age Of TV

Man Playing Golf On Screen

Photogram Of Television

Shadow Portrait Of Woman

Matthew Gamber is a conceptual photographer who explores the relationship between the physical world and the photographic image. In ‘This is (still) the Golden Age’ he uses photograms – one of the first photographic methods and made most famous by Man Ray – to capture the ghost of time past, a picture that is witness to an image lost in the broadcasting ether of television.

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Julieta Sans Photographs From ‘A Long Adolescence’ Explore the Expectations Of A New Generation

| Photography | April 14, 2014

Julieta Sans Photograph

Long Adolescence Portrait Of Girl

Girl Having Breakfast On Floor

Girl Making Joint On Laptop

Naked Man Shouting At Aeroplane

Man Smoking While Waiting

Girl In Bikini Standing Under Lamp

Julieta Sans‘ photographs from her series ‘A Long Adolescence’ are about a generational shift, about the expectations of a previous generation failing to have traction in a brave new world of precarity and impermanence.

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Ray Morimura’s Woodblock Prints Are Glorious Evocations Of The Japanese Landscape

| Art and design | April 14, 2014

Fields Covered In Snow

Ray Morimura Print

Cherry Blossom Woodblock Print

Japanese Farm House

Japanese Landscape In Summer

Shinto Ceremony In Temple

Wooden Bridge In Ornamental Garden

Rei (Ray) Morimura’s woodprints are glorious evocations of the Japanese landscape, his graphic images rooted in a traditional Japanese aesthetic of minimalism and balance yet inherently modern in his use of meticulous geometric forms to describe what’s before him.

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Bernard Bahr’s Paintings Riff Off A Colourful Beat

| Art and design | April 14, 2014

Bernard Bahr Painting

Boogie Nights In Blue

Last Chance Dance On Night Out

Jive Blue In America

Violet Roses In Summer

Yellow Abstract Landscape

Jukebox Waltz In Green

Bernard Bahr‘s paintings riff off a beat, a syncopated rhythm that dances across the picture plane with a bold palette and a vibrant energy, a collision of marks and gestures all pumped up on a desire to express themselves, awaken in a world that is full of joy and wonder and sound and happiness that they exist.

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Camilla De Maffei’s Photographs From ‘The Invisible Mountain’ Reflect On The Bosnian Conflict

| Photography | April 11, 2014

Destroyed Forest Building

Camilla De Maffei Photograph In Bosnia

Man Behind Window Pane

Man Having Balkan Lunch

Man Sitting On Horse

War Torn Buildings In Snow

Windows On Sarajevo

Bosnian Woman In Kitchen

Camilla De Maffei‘s photographs from ‘The Invisible Mountain’ reflect on one of the many tragic consequences of the Bosnian conflict in the early 1990s.

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Takuma Nakahira’s Photographs Represent A Radical Shift In The Aesthetics Of the Medium

| Photography | April 11, 2014

Takuma Nakahira Photograph

Posters On Wall In Circulation Date Place Events

Fluorescent Lights In Subway

Paris Street Life In Spring

Paris Typography On Poster

Man Reading Newspaper In French Cafe

Japanese Hotel Breakfast In 1970s

Underground Metro

Takuma Nakahira, a contemporary of Shōmei Tōmatsu, Shūji Terayama and Daidō Moriyama began taking photographs in the late 1960s after Tomatsu encouraged him to quit his job as the editor of an arts magazine and start taking his own pictures. The following year Nakahira co-founded a short lived photo jounral called ‘Provoke’ – with critic Kōji Taki, photographers Yutaka Takanashi and Daido Moriyama and poet Takahiko Okada – which, despite its short lived existence, was to start a revolution in photogrpahy and influenced generations of artists to come.

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Daniel Horowitz’s Illustrations From ’365′ And ‘Metamorphosis’ Are A Daily Riff On Media Consumption

| Art and design | April 11, 2014

White Horse With Wings

Vintage Car Spider On Graph Paper

Daniel Horowitz Illustration

American Civil War Soldier With Flag

Oil Slick In Living Room

Man Eating Twins Collage

Waterfall Metamorphosis 365

Wiggly Toes On Mutant Foot

Daniel Horowitz‘s illustrations from his ‘Metamorphosis’ and ’365′ projects are a free association surge through the visual world, an attempt to produce at the same rate he consumes, to make sense of a world that chews up and spits out re-appropriated images in order to sell us, buy us, keep us ordered and submissive.

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