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Paul Kwiatkowski’s ‘Eat, Prey, Drug’ Photographs Take Us On A Psychedelic Trip Across America

| Photography | 21 hours ago

Paul Kwiatkowski Photograph Of Girl With Wolf Head

American Desolation Road In Dakota

Eat Pray Drug With Naked Girl On Toilet

Man Smoking Joint Under No Drug Sign

Car Overtaking Mobile Home On HIghway

Pain Sign Behind Woman Holding Fruit

Girl In Reflected Sunlight

Woman Putting On Bra In Car

I don’t know where to start with Paul Kwiatkowski’s new online photography series ‘Eat, Prey, Drug’. Its inexplicable. Its form is both intoxicating and deranged, a maniacal road trip through America, a psychological journey that takes us into a heart of darkness at the bottom of a dream, into a place that seems to be lost, scrabbling around for meaning in a country that has come to represent the epitome of materialism, a supreme capitalist state that has lost all sense of itself.

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Fred Huening’s ‘Drei’ Photographs Are A Paean To Familial Love

| Photography | 23 hours ago

Fred Huening Photograph Of Mother And Son Swimming

Mother And Child In Shower

Boy Playing With Toy Gun

Family Lying Down In Bath

Mother And Child Taking Photographs

Boy Running Out Of River

Portrait Of Young  Boy

Fred Huening‘s photographs from ‘Drei’ are a searingly honest and open series of pictures, part of a trilogy, a familial love story that begins with one, becomes two and ends with three.

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Golriz Rezvani’s Expressionistic Paintings Are Rooted In Iran

| Art and design | October 24, 2014

Golriz Rezvani Painting Of Man With Sparkling Eyes

Woman Looking Into Mirror

Hands On Sneakers On Carpet

Pigeon Sitting In Red Landscape

Old Man Sleeping In Bed

People Sitting Under Roof

White Scream From Woman On Couch

Golriz Rezvani‘s paintings are rooted in her homeland of Iran, in the social and political war that is ongoing, unrelenting and creating a new culture of defiance in this theocratic state.

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Zsolt Kadar’s ‘A Life Worth Living’ Photographs Take Us Into The Lives Of A Single Mother And Her Daughters Over A 22 Year Period

| Photography | October 23, 2014

Zsolt Kadar Photograph Of Woman In Bath With Cat

Kids Lying On Bed In Messy Room

Life Worth Living In One Bedroom Apartment

Woman Sunbathing In New York Bushes

Woman On Phone Smoking Cigarette

Sisters Playing With Teddy Bear

Girl Wearing Star Shirt In Alley

Zsolt Kadar‘s photographs from ‘A Life Worth Living’ give us a fascinating insight into the life of a single mother bringing up her two daughters, in Brooklyn, over a period of 22 years.

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Carolyn Lefley’s ‘Realm’ Photographs Explore The Meaning Of Home

| Photography | October 23, 2014

Carolyn Lefley Photograph Of Fireplace

Forest Of Flowers Indoors

Nature Realm Projected On Barn Walls

Tree Growing In Bedroom

Lake Digitally Imposed On Wall

Window To Freedom

Nature Wall In Dilapidated House

Carolyn Lefley‘s photographs from ‘Realm’ are a continuation of her exploration of home, what it means to us and how we articulate the desire for a place to belong through art.

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Carolyn Cole’s Abstract Paintings Shimmer With Colour

| Art and design | October 23, 2014

Carolyn Cole Painting Of Green Fields

Burning Bush In Desert

Blue Sky Reflected In Water

Green Fields In Oregon

American Abstract Desert

Shimmering Dawn Through Window

Carolyn Cole‘s paintings shimmer as if we’re looking through a rain strewn window out into the world; separate, alone, pondering and hovering between consciousness and intuition, dreams and reality, twilight and dawn.

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Shahria Sharmin’s Photographs From ‘Presence Of Absence’ Capture The Residue Of Lives On Trains In Bangladesh

| Photography | October 22, 2014

Shahria Sharmin Photograph Of Apple On Seat

Man Looking Through Window

Glass Of Tea In Sunlight

Oil Tankers On Tracks In Bangladesh

Shadows Of People On Train

Shadows On Train Carriage

Train Controls And Buttons

Shahria Sharmin‘s photographs from ‘Presence Of Absence’ use the metaphor of a train to reflect on the stories and lives of people who travel across the Indian sub continent and in her native Bangladesh.

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Clara Vannucci’s ‘Crime And Redemption’ Photographs Take Us Into An Incredible Prison Theatre Project

| Photography | October 22, 2014

Clara Vannucci Photograph Of Sad Clown

Putting On Make up In Theatre Wardrobe

Crime And Redemption In Italian Prison

Cigarette Break Between Act On Stage

Italian Travelling Actors On Street

Theatre Rehearsal In Prison Cell

Tattooed Prisoners Acting On Stage

Clara Vannucci‘s photographs from ‘Crime And Redemption’ bring us into one of Italy’s most notorious prisons, Prison Volerra in Tuscany, and introduce us to an incredible theatre project that’s been in place there for over 25 years.

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Kent Ambler’s Beautiful Woodcut Prints Are Rooted In The Folk Art Tradition

| Art and design | October 22, 2014

Kent Ambler Print Of Dogs Sleeping On Bed

Bird Picking At Berries

Goldfinches Sitting On Tree Branches

Birds In Bush With Pink Flowers

Crow Sitting On Deer Head

Dog Sleeping In Basket

Fish Swimming In Aquarium

Kent Ambler‘s woodcut prints are rooted in the folk art tradition, his inspiration drawn from his surroundings, from a life that fills him with birdsong, the trees and tangled bushes,woods and lakes, his dogs, cats, chickens and goats, the seasons and vibrant countryside of South Carolina. His life with his wife. Those small things that seep into our consciousness at a moments whisper, the feelings we cannot grasp yet intuitively understand.

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Bronia Stewart’s ‘Pepe’ Photographs Tell The Tale Of A Mexican Gang

| Photography | October 21, 2014

Bronia Stewart Photograph Of Mexican Gang Member

Mexican Gang Girls In Chalco

Gang Members In American Classic Car

Men And Women Hanging Out In Mexico City

Man Eating Cake Outside Garage

Couple Kissing On Street

Man Holding Bottle Of Beer

Bronia Stewart‘s photographs from ‘Pepe’ are a continuation of her ongoing work into communities and sub cultures that are hard to infiltrate. Her first, called ‘Babe Station’, was a behind-the-scenes look at an adult-television channel and phone-sex hotline. This one is an immersive project that took her onto the streets of Chalco, a town on the outskirts of Mexico City.

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Seung-Woo Yang ‘The Best Days’ Photographs Take Us Into The South Korean Criminal Underworld

| Photography | October 21, 2014

Seung Woo Yang Photograph Of Couple Asleep

Korean Brothel And Party Of Men

Korean Gang Members Having Lunch

Prostitute Wages Being Counted

Illegal Gambling Den In Korea

Man Blowing Bubbles At Table

Sex Worker With Long Hair Asleep

Seung-Woo Yang‘s photographs from ‘The Best Days’ are both a lament for a dead friend and a fascinating insight into the Korean Kkangpae, the organised crime gangs of South Korea.

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Bridgette Guerzon Mills Encaustic Paintings Are Of The Earth

| Art and design | October 21, 2014

Bridgette Guerzon Mills Painting Of Small Plant

Earth Remembered In Beeswax

Encaustic Time On Earth

Lead Me To Water

Single Tree In Blue

Valley Sunset Over Forest

Bridgette Guerzon Mills encaustic paintings from ‘Of The Earth’ are almost sculptural, their tactile quality and luminous surfaces sink us into a world of divinity, as if each picture is looking to grow out of the natural world and express itself through a human touch.

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Lucas Foglia ‘Frontcountry’ Photographs Take Us On Tour Of The Mining Boom In The American West

| Photography | October 20, 2014

Lucas Foglia Photograph Of Girl Cooling Down

Baling Hay In Nevada

Coal Storage In Wyoming

Moving Cattle With Truck

Naked Man Walking In Snow

Open Pit Surface Mining In Amecia

Shooting Coyotes On Top Of Fence

Lucas Foglia‘s photographs from ‘Frontcountry’ explore a mining boom along one of the last domestic frontiers in some of the least populated areas of America; Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming. They are places of immense beauty, pictures of a landscape that has seeped into our consciousness, through film, art and photography, over the past 150 years but is now being dramatically changed due to a mining boom over the past decade.

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Konstancja Nowina Konopka’s ‘A Thousand And One Evil Deeds’ Photographs Take Us Into The World Of A Gang Of Kids In Poland

| Photography | October 20, 2014

Boys Walking On Train Tracks

Konstancja Nowina Konopka Photograph Of Young Gang

Thousand And One Evil Deeds In Poland

Polish Sausages On Barbecue

Young Boy Looking In Car Window

Two Friends Pushing Tyre Through Window

Boys Relaxing On Seat In Sun

Young Polish Gang Playing In Zabrze

Konstancja Nowina Konopka‘s photographs from ‘A Thousand and One Evil Deeds’ bring us into the world of a gang of friends who roam the parks, playgrounds and derelict houses – in an industrial town in Southern Poland called Zabrze – creating havoc and mayhem wherever they go.

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Joy Munt’s Paintings Take Us Onto The Docks And Industrial Wasteland Of The City

| Art and design | October 20, 2014

Joy Munt Painting Of Fisherman Wish

Ship Side With Depth Numbes

Canadian Road Sign

Running Scared In Industrial Estate

Old Kentucky Home On Prairie

Fixing Holes On Side Of Ship

Joy Munt‘s paintings are big, physical, solid pictures that take us onto the docks and into industrial wastelands of the city, her surfaces textured with a physicality that creates its own time, as if she’s intent on showing us the bare structure, the very process out of which they are born.

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