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Thomas Rousset And Raphaël Verona’s ‘Waska Tatay’ Photographs Take Us On A Magical Journey Through Bolivia

| Photography | 10 hours ago

Fish Head Mask For Pre Christian Ritual

Waska Tatay In Bolivia

Thomas Rousset And Raphaël Verona Photograph Of Girls In Witch Costumes

Bolivian Indian In Medicine Doctor Costume

Witch Doctors In Furry Costumes

Man Wearing Cow Skull

Woman Standing In Tree With Mobile Phone

Spiritual Fire With Ritualistic Objects

Thomas Rousset and Raphaël Verona’s photographs from ‘Waska Tatay’ take us into the pre-Christian world of the Altiplano region in Bolivia, a magical land of witch doctors, spiritual healers and medicine men, of ancient rites and rituals that go back millennia, that are deeply ingrained in Bolivian culture. Are part of their mythology.

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Ilya Shtutsa’s Photographs From ‘Dreammaker’s Apprentice’ Take Us Into A Dream Reality

| Photography | 12 hours ago

Ilya Shtutsa Photograph Of Rally Driver

Dreammakers Apprentice Asleep In Coffee Shop

Border Patrol In Russia

Frozen Soup In Snow

Rolling Tree Trunk Through Petersburg

Walking Down Road With Chair On Head

Yoga Group Practicing In Park

Ilya Shtutsa‘s photographs from ‘Dreammaker’s Apprentice’ take on dreams, in particular our perception of them and how different cultures relate the dream world to their reality.

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Beata Wehr’s Paintings Reflect The Heat Of The Sonoran Desert

| Art and design | 15 hours ago

Beata Wehr Painting Of Cone On Blue

Landscape In Orange

Blue Seascape With Red

Desert Coffee Mirage

Light From Behind

Sonoran Desert Landscape

Orange Hills In Arizona

Beata Wehr‘s paintings soak up the heat of the Sonoran desert in Arizona, reflect the light shimmering on the arid landscape, hot, hard and inescapable, each picture reflecting time spent in the wilderness of America and the rich land of her native Poland, both places, countries, serving up cultural metaphors from which she is set apart. A migrant in a new land. Caught in between time, place and memory.

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Jason Penner’s Photographs Have An Energetic Street Aesthetic

| Photography | July 31, 2014

Jason Penner Photograph Of Street Protesters

Old Man In G String

Couple Having Sex On Street

Old Bunny Girl In Small Dress

Nudists Playing Fussball

Punk At Asian Car Wash

Crowd Surfing At Punk Gig

Jason Penner‘s photographs have a street aesthetic; they are candid, fast, shot from the hip, yet his pictures are much more, they go beyond the limitations of street photography and engender a depth of feeling, of connection in every picture.

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Jeremy Liebman’s ‘Optimal Enchantment’ Photographs Examine The Way We See

| Photography | July 31, 2014

Jeremy Liebman Photograph Of Suicidal Kitchen

Bagged Flowers In Garden

Dilapidated House With Graffiti

Platonic Thinker Sculpture

Motel Swimming Pool

Optimal Enchantment Sign Above Door

Jeremy Liebman’s photographs from ‘Optimal Enchantment’ deliberately steer away from familiar photographic tropes in order to jar our sensibilities, our familiar way of looking at an image, seek to present us with a picture that asks us to relook, re-examine, question our relationship between what we see and what we think. They refute the accepted language of photography and demand that we create our own.

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Fotini Hamidieli’s Paintings, Drawings And Collages Explore The Female Psyche

| Art and design | July 31, 2014

Fotini Hamidieli Painting Of Bird Feeding Woman

Drawing Little Boat On Table

Couple In Red Clothes

Poetic Woman In Pose

Naked Woman In Hidden Garden

Nude In Blue In Watercolour

Picking Golden Flowers

Fotini Hamidieli‘s paintings, drawings and collages all revolve around the human figure and the power of colour. Each artwork part of an ongoing exploration of the female psyche, learning what it is to be a woman, existing within and without; the struggles, joys and sadness that is part of growing, of nurturing, of being. Existing.

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Lorenzo Vitturi’s ‘Dalston Anatomy’ Photographs Docuemt The Diverse Culture Of Ridley Street Market In London

| Photography | July 30, 2014

Lorenzo Vitturi Photograph Of Ridley Road Market

Dalston Anatomy In London

Snail On Fruit Sculpture

Yams And Exotic Fruit

Blue Woman And Fruit Sculpture

African Braids And Fabric At Ridley Street Market

Road Closed Sign In Dalston

Lorenzo Vitturi’s photographs from ‘Dalston Anatomy’ are, on the surface, a rich and vibrant design project. Yet scrape a little deeper, think a little harder, and you’ll quickly realise that this is a social document, is political in nature, that stands against the growing gentrification of an area of East London called Dalston where the Ridley Market is situated.

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Corinne Mercadier’s ‘Longue Distance’ Photographs Take Us Into A Surreal Universe

| Photography | July 30, 2014

Corinne Mercadier Photograph Of Dog By Swimming Pool

Womans Neck By Water

Beach Party At Night

Curtains Blowing In Wind Infront Of Couple

Longue Distance With Woman

Fishing Net Flying By Shore

People Looking At Lunar Seascape

Man Looking Out Of Courtyard

Corinne Mercadier‘s sublime photographs from ‘Longue Distance’ look at the familiar world in a new way. The past, present and future melt away, are captured in a single image, a surreal picture of an ordinary day.

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Richard Patterson’s Paintings Are Steeped In American And British Pop Culture

| Art and design | July 30, 2014

Richard Patterson Painting Of Yellow Cat

Blue Minotaur On Window Sill

Las Vegas Model Collector

Woman Behind Painted Glass

Come To Mama At Night

Model Minotaur In Paint

Portrait Of Artist As Older Man

Richard Patterson’s paintings are steeped in British and American pop culture, his dense multilayered pictures drawn from film, magazines, music and advertising. And while you might consider his re-appropriation of cultural imagery a skin deep play on contemporary tropes they mine deeper, have a more melancholic disposition, as if the weariness of a European sensibility can’t help but take an ironic swing at the incessant brightness of infinite American consumer happiness.

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Cody Bratt’s Cinematic Photographs Of The American Dream

| Photography | July 29, 2014

Mobile Home Behind Wire Fence

Naked Girl Smoking On Motel Bed

Cody Bratt Photograph Of Old Petrol Station

Woman On Colourful Hammock

Old Cinema Sign

Woman With Panda Bear Head On

Naked Girl Sitting

Cody Bratt‘s photographs make you want to get up and move, are deliberately emotive, tug at the heart strings, put you in a cinematic aspect from which you gaze out of at the world and come to slowly realise that its more exciting, accessible and possible than you ever thought before.

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Lukasz Wierzbowski’s Extraordinary Photographs Of A Parallel Universe

| Photography | July 29, 2014

Lukasz Wierzbowski Photograph Of Party Girls

Girl On Carpet With Fan

Girl Lying In Suit Bag

Women With Pattern Faces

Girls Playing In Car

Polish Tree Hugger With Long Hair

Mountain View Behind Steel Wall

Lukasz Wierzbowski‘s photographs bring us on an extraordinary trip through a parallel universe. One that we know yet is strangely out of kilter; over the top, full of explosive vibrant colours, demented patterns fighting for an audience and beautiful women mutating into their surroundings. Becoming part of the landscape rather than an element within it.

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Aini Tolonen’s Abstract Photographs Of Our Industrial World Are Beautiful

| Photography | July 29, 2014

Aini Tolonen Abstract Photograph

Black Sea Undertow

Paint Trees In Spring

Motion And Action In Futurist Expression

Melting Snowman In Finland

Typhoon At Sunset

Nesting Birds And Sounds Of Spring

Aini Tolonen‘s abstract photographs threw me. When I first came across her images I assumed they were paintings, pictures marked with a brush, expressions in oil and acrylic, watercolour and ink. How wrong. How wrong. Instead these images are of detritus, a poem to the beauty found amidst the patterns and textures of modern life; rusting metals, decaying wood and peeling paint. She turns what we disregard into a beautiful picture that goes to the heart of urban society, our throwaway culture. In Tolonen’s world the spirit and beauty of ignored and abandoned objects are revealed in all their majestic glory.

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Jen Kinney’s ‘City Under One Roof’ Photographs Take Us Into A Strange Town In Alaska

| Photography | July 28, 2014

Whittier Alaskan Town

Shop Owner In Alaska

Jen Kinney Photograph Of Alaskan Landscape

Woman With Reindeer On Street

Begich Towers In Whittier

Maynard  Tunnel North America

Salmon Cannery Employees In Alaska

Jen Kinney‘s photographs from ‘City Under One Roof’ take us into Whittier, a small town of 200 residents in Alaska, and scrape beneath its cold icy surface to reveal warm stories of a community who for one reason or another have ended up in this bizarre place. A town that’s only accessible via one of the largest tunnels in North America. A 2.6 mile tunnel through Maynard Mountain.

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Trevor Powers Wonderful Photographs Live In A Banal World

| Photography | July 28, 2014

Woman With Tattoo Legs

Burger Place In Texas

Skeleton In Shower And Bathroom

West Point Lake In Georgia

Backyard House At Dusk

Waldon Pond Taking Photographs

Trevor Powers photographs live in the world of the banal, the mundane, the beauty of everyday life, each image a fragment, a moment in a relationship, a coincidence, a window into a daily routine of work and play.

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Michel Lentz’s Drawings Take Us On An Erotic Walk

| Art and design | July 28, 2014

Michel Lentz Drawing Of Naked Woman

German Life Model

Monotype Of Woman With Steel Girder

Naked Woman Reclining Chair

Nude Woman Sitting Cross Legged

Red And Black Lady Without Clothes

Woman In Underwear And Corset

Michel Lentz is an enigma but his drawings are not. They are beautiful. He takes us on a walk through erotic art, art deco and into a quick, expressive mood that echoes the figurative work of Egon Schiele, his playful line exaggerating, having fun with ink, each monotype a joyous ode to life drawing and the female form.

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