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Alexander Gronsky’s ‘Pastoral: Moscow Suburbs’ Photographs Explore The Liminal Space Between City And Countryside

| Photography | 2 hours ago

Alexander Gronsky Photograph Of Rubbish Dump

Pastoral Moscow Suburbs With Woman Walking

Kids Playing On Construction Waste

People Sunbathing On Moscow River Bank

Couple Having Picnic In Suburban Forest

Kids Playing Around High Rise Building Site

Sunset Over Russian Suburb

Alexander Gronsky‘s photographs from ‘Pastoral: Moscow Suburbs’ garnered much attention when they first appeared in a book of the same name in 2013. Like many contemporary landscape photographers – in particular Chinese artists such as Bo Wang – Gronsky explores the liminal space between the city and the countryside, his pictures taking us into the ever expanding Moscow suburbs and its environs, a place in which people re-imagine the future by hanging onto pastoral activities of the past; picnicking, swimming, playing and walking.

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Marja Pirilä’s Camera Obscura Photographs Bring The Exterior Into The Interior

| Photography | 4 hours ago

Marja Pirilä Photograph Of Boy Sleeping

Interior Exterior Of Finland

Camera Obscura Sleeping With Books

Girl Sleeping And Dreaming Of Car

Boys Sitting In Bedroom

Inside Laundry Outside Town

Upside Down Roof Inside Room

Girl Wearing Princess Dress

Marja Pirilä‘s camera obscura photographs from ‘Interior/Exterior’ are magical images that bring the personal into the public, physical reality into a dream world, and turn an ordinary room into a surreal space in which everything is possible.

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Jenny Hager’s Paintings Coerce Us Into An Alternate Universe

| Art and design | 7 hours ago

Jenny Hager Painting Of Full Lunar Eclipse

Citizen Athena Lost In Space

Moment In Time While Floating In Universe

Watch Tower Deconstructed In Geometric Plane

Phoenix Rising Out Of Broken Glass

Architectural Abstraction In Red

Indian King On Blue Horizon

Jenny Hager‘s paintings invite us, coerce us, into an alternate universe, her slashing dizzy geometric forms opening up a path an unknown world of our own making, each picture a visual precipice onto which we make a stark choice; leave the safety of our viewing platform or jump into a universe in which anything is possible.

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Yiannis Kostavaras Photographs From ‘After Hours’ Take Us Into The Darkness Of Athens

| Photography | January 23, 2015

Yiannis Kostavaras Photograph Of Newspaper Printer

After Hours Fish Market

Bored Taxi Driver Sitting In Car

Athens Baker Making Bread

Kitchen Porter Working At Midnight

Weighing Dough In Greek Bakery

Butchers In Meat Market

Yiannis Kostavaras photographs from ‘After Hours’ – a co-project with fellow artist Pavlos Tsigas – take us into the night time world of Athens and introduce us to the world of newspaper printers, meat market workers, fishmongers, wholesale flower sellers, taxi drivers, bakers and all those who make their living while the rest of us are asleep or partying. The unseen, the unknown, the people who keep the world ticking, moving 24 hours a day.

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Dominic Bugatto’s Photographs From ‘The Unreliability Of Memory’

| Everything about music, Photography | January 23, 2015

Dominic Bugatto Photograph Of Wooden Fence

Unreliability Of Memory Of Parked Car

Road Work Cones In Backyard

Snowy Street Reflection In Water

Tram In Snowy Toronto

Tights On Mannequins On Canadian Street

Plastic Bag Lying In Leaves

Dominic Bugatto‘s photographs from ‘The Unreliability Of Memory’ play with the nature of the medium and the falsity that underlies every image we capture of space and time, every picture that signposts our life.

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Andrea Patrie’s Figurative Paintings Are Rooted In Her Life Experience

| Art and design | January 23, 2015

Andrea Patrie Painting Of Naked Woman

Man Eating Child On Floor

Woman Resting Legs On Wall

Lying Down Naked On Foam Mattress

Skeletal Figure Sitting On Box

Trying To Be Good

Ballerina On Red Background

Andrea Patrie‘s paintings are very much rooted in her life experiences and the tenacity and strength she found to leave behind the ghosts of her past and find a cathartic space in which to express herself, externalise her energy and desires. A place that gives her power to let go of the many issues that afflict her; rape, domestic violence and addiction.

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Gianni Cipriano’s ‘Limbo’ Photographs Of The Socio-Political Crisis On Lampedusa

| Photography | January 22, 2015

Gianni Cipriano Photograph Of Drowning Man

Illegal Refugees In Lampedusa Limbo

Migrant Round Up By Police

Man Hiding From Police In Car

Immigrant Shelter In Rubbish Dump On Hill Of Shame

Migrant Home In Abandoned Fishing Boat

Migrants Sitting On Bus

Lampedusa Refugees Sitting By Barriers

Gianni Cipriano‘s photographs from ‘Limbo’ are a visual journey through the political mire and social catastrophe that’s ongoing on the small Italian island of Lampedusa – that lies halfway between North Africa and Sicily – where up to 53,000 North African and Sub-Saharan migrants arrive every year in the search for a better life. However this is no Ellis island. The holding centres are overcrowded and many of the new arrivals end up sleeping in abandoned boats and under trucks while others build temporary shelters on the so-called Hill of Shame using bits of sticks, sheets, clothes and mattresses in a public dump full of plastic bags, dishes and bottles used as urinals.

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Scott Hardy’s Photographs From ‘Sense Of Place’

| Photography | January 22, 2015

Scott Hardy Photograph Of American Car

Sense Of Place In New Zealand

Palm Tree Growing In City

Volcanic Rocks On Pavements

Black Fabric Hanging On White Wall

Plants Reflected In Window Pane

Shadow Of Photographer On Tiled Floor

Scott Hardy‘s photographs from ‘Sense of Place’ are a quiet meditation on New Zealand and focus on the dichotomy, that’s born in its colonial history, that exists between this lush verdant Pacific island and the western European influence on its architecture.

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Denise Duong’s Mixed Media Paintings Are Naive And Innocent

| Art and design | January 22, 2015

Denise Duong Painting Of American Indian

Band Eating In Paris

Man And Woman On Horse

Music Band On Boat

Umbrella Full Of Musical Instruments

Singing On Seine In Paris

Woman Singing With Bird In Hand

Denise Duong‘s mixed media paintings are sweet, naive and innocent, her world one without rancour, war, poverty or pestilence, rather they’are a pictorial adventure through her imagination, a mind inspired by her travels and life in Oklahoma.

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Martijn van de Griendt’s Photographs Are Insightful Portraits

| Photography | January 21, 2015

Martijn Van De Griendt Photograph Of Emo Teenager

Ballymun Chip Van In Dublin

Stripper Preparing For Show

Women Eating McDonalds In Drive Thru

Girl Taking Shower

Street Beggar On American Street

Amish Teenagers On Date

Martijn van de Griendt‘s photographs take us on a portrait adventure; from teenagers to a housing project in Ireland, sex fair workers to fast food munching Americans. And while they seem to be at odds with each other, disparate subjects along a social spectrum, they are bound together by their humanity, by Van de Griendt’s unerring ability to capture people as themselves, at ease with the camera, with him. For while these pictures appear to be candid snaps the truth is that they’re the product of a long process, of meeting and talking to people, of gaining their trust before pointing the camera in their direction.

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Christian Neuenschwander’s Photographs Elevate The Ordinary To The Extraordinary

| Photography | January 21, 2015

Christian Neuenschwander Photograph Of Sculpture Model

Dinosaur Park In American Desert

Smashed Mirror In LA Car Crash

Back Of Hollywood Sign

Rope Hanging On Fishing Boat

Backyard Neon Sign Of Subtraction

Dust Trail In American Desert

Woman Posing In Autumn Leaves

Although Christian Neuenschwander‘s photographs are some of the best pictures I’ve happened across over the last few months I can find out nothing about him. Even his website lacks information. There is nothing. He is Swiss. I think. He works as an editorial photographer. He travels alot and has a love of America as can be judged by his many pictures of the road, cars, deserts, city streets, musicians and so on. The dream we Europeans always associate with that great bastion of western culture. That myth. The American dream that shuddered to a halt towards the end of the last century.    

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Catherine Connolly Hudson’s Paintings From ‘Gadgetry’

| Art and design | January 21, 2015

Catherine Connolly Hudson Painting Enforced Leisure

Naked Woman On Blue Mattress

Greek Goddess In Lace Dress

Disease Of Boredom In Digital World

Man Floating On Yellow Lilo In Pool

Catherine Connolly Hudson‘s paintings are drawn from an essay, by the science fiction author Isaac Asimov on the 1964 World’s Fair, in which he speculated on the future 50 years hence. In 2014. Entitled ‘Gadgetry’ Hudson uses oil painting on wood panels with cold wax and dry pigments to create a series of portraits of men and women connected to the digital world, their dependencies and the integration of technology in their lives – and by association in ours – redefining their relationships and their perception of the environment around them.

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Johan Nieuwenburg’s Photographs Are Provocative Images Of His Friends

| Photography | January 20, 2015

Johan Nieuwenburg Photograph Of Girl Infront American Flag

Girl In Sparkly Pants Climbing Over Fence

Fan Blowing On Knickers

Topless Girl Burning Wall With Spray Can

Light Shining Through Pyjama Bottoms

Naked Girl With Paper Bag Mask On Head

Sitting Under Fairy Christmas Lights

Hand Hanging Onto Railing

I’m not sure how I came across Johan Nieuwenburg’s photographs particularly as there is so little about him online, no digital footprint, only a flickr account and a series of candid pictures taken in Argentina where he lives and works.

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Wendy Bevan’s Photographs Take Us Into A Burlesque World

| Photography | January 20, 2015

Wendy Bevan Photograph Of Woman With Bowler Hat And Startled Eyes

Mysterious Girl With Blond Curly Hair

Woman Wearing Burlesque Make Up

Ballerinas Sitting On Steps Of Ancient Greek Temple

Woman Wearing Large Fur Coat And Stripy Tights

Woman With Pearl Necklace

Girls Playing With Butterflies

Sometimes fashion photography transcends its form and becomes a work of art and in the pictures of Wendy Bevan we get a glimpse of that. Of an artist with a unique aesthetic who brings her idiosyncratic vision into the commercial world. Gives a luminosity and surreality to her subjects. Her images taking us by the hand and into a burlesque universe populated by circus performers and beautiful women who looked like they’ve stepped out of another era. A more innocent and romantic time.

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Jodi Hays Paintings Take Us Through A Fragmented World

| Art and design | January 20, 2015

Jodi Hays Painting Of Work Force

Fence Wall And Blue Door

Futuristic City In Cardboard

Hustle Indoors With Yellow Window

Home Base In Rainbow Colours

Noise Averse In Geometric Time

Dance Moves In Black

Jodi Hays paintings take us through spaces and urbanscapes that exist simultaneously in the past, present and future with fragments of fences, festoons and caution tape de-marking the world she creates, the forms ontop of one another leaving us only a glimpse of her structured universe, the colour scraped and layered, her use of palette knives and silk screening squeegees giving a sense of dynamic motion and vibrancy to the work.

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